Ferrari tests 3 Italian racers (Pictures)

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Ferrari gave three young Italian drivers an F1 test at its Fiorano circuit

It’s been 14 years since an Italian last started a Grand Prix for Ferrari, but that could change in the near future.

Among the changes introduced by the new management at Ferrari is a young driver scheme and yesterday at Fiorano three up-and-coming Italian racers got a chance to sample a Ferrari F1 car. Here’s a selection of pictures of Edoardo Piscopo, Salvatore Cicatelli and Mirko Bortolotti in action.

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8 comments on “Ferrari tests 3 Italian racers (Pictures)”

  1. Great pictures Keith.

    Is it true Santander have moved their sponsorship away from McLaren across to Ferrari now (or perhaps from 2010 onwards)? What does this mean for Alonso as I bet we will see Alonso in a Ferrari sooner rather than later.

  2. Chaz – I saw a report on that which originated in a Spanish newspaper called AS which I’ve been warned not to trust in the past. The Santander rumours had been around for a while and it was originally connected to Alonso joining the team. I’m playing ‘wait and see’ for now on that one.

  3. Keith – do you think this story from could be considered reputable as they seem to quote Santander’s boss – see

  4. Chaz – this touches on the debate we were having earlier this week about whether I should use GMM’s news reports on the site. I was offered the same story as F1-Live (see the credit at the bottom of their story) but I chose not to use it on the basis of where the story had come from originally.

  5. Isn’t it amazing that Ferrari, who have been in Motorsport since Enzo drove for ALFA, do not already have a young driver scheme for Italian hopefuls? You would think it would be part of the nation’s heritage, with dozens of young Italians in every racing series wearing a prancing horse.
    Not that the Brits have done any better in the past….

  6. DG, Enzo was always hesitant to hire Italians. No one was sure why. Some say it was because he didn’t want a driver with a fiery, Italian attitude. Others say it was because he did not want Italian blood to spill in a Ferrari if one of his driver got hurt, or worse…

  7. I think that the ‘official history’ says that after the last Italian was killed in a Ferrari (I don’t remember who) Enzo swore that not anymore an Italian driver would die in one of his cars.

  8. hi keith, whatever you do just don’t ever trust any information coming from ‘diario AS’ at least not regarding racing… not a single formula one fan does in Spain.. they usually announce the greatest deals in motorsport.. happenning just in their football-shaped heads.

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