2009 F1 testing dates and tracks

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Ferrari has been doing 2009 testing at its Fiorano circuit

2009 F1 testing is under way and we’ve already seen most of the F1 teams in action.

Here’s a summary of the known dates for 2009 testing, along with maps of the tracks they will be visiting.

Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

Dates: November 17-19th (see pictures from this test)

One of at least two Grand Prix circuits regularly used for testing. (Clockwise)

Read more about the Circuit de Catalunya: Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona – circuit information

Mugello Circuit, Italy

Dates: November 20th-21st (see pictures from this test)

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A favoured testing destination of Ferrari. (Clockwise)

Pista di Fiorano, Italy

Dates: November 26th (see pictures from this test)

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Ferrari’s own testing facility. (Clockwise)

Circuito Permanante de Jerez, Spain

Dates: December 9-11th

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An ex-Grand Prix venue which held races from 1986-1997. Its location in southern Spain means the teams can expect warmer weather conditions during the European winter. (Clockwise)

Bahrain International Circuit

Dates: December 10-12th

The testing venue of choice for teams less concerned about budget implications. Step forwards Toyota, F1’s biggest spenders. With fewer teams testing there (Ferrari sometimes come along as well) they can expect fewer red flags and traffic as well. (Clockwise)

Read more about the Bahrain International Circuit: Bahrain International Circuit – track information

Autodromo Internacional do Algarve, Portugal

Dates: January 20th-22nd

Algarve International Circuit

(Aerial photograph not available yet)

A brand new F1 circuit in Portugal which some teams will be visiting in 2009. (Clockwise)

Read more about the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve.

Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo, Spain

Dates: January 20th

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Another Spanish circuit largely used for motorbike racing which often welcomes F1 teams during the winter as they seek a warm, nearby place to go testing. It’s outside the city of Valencia which hosts the European Grand Prix at the Circuito Urbano Valencia. (Anti-clockwise)

Read about every F1 track to be used for a world championship Grand Prix: F1 circuits history

Latest updates to when and where 2009 F1 testing is taking place will be posted here: F1 Fanatic calendar

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