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Scuderia Toro Rosso make approach for Jenson Button

"Jenson Button was thrown a potential career lifeline today when it emerged that an approach had been made to him by Scuderia Toro Rosso, one of the few teams to have a vacant slot left for next season." (Thanks Andy for the link)

Honda BSB plans secure for 2009

"The head of Honda Racing, Neil Tuxworth, says Honda's decision to withdraw from Formula One will have no effect on their British Superbike team."

Villeneuve says Honda decision ‘political’

Jacques Villeneuve: "I don't think F1 is one of Honda's biggest expenses, but with the world economic climate as it is you have to be perceived to be making cuts. I think it's more of a political decision."

Senna remains hopeful on F1 deal

"Bruno Senna said: 'It's a bit of a shock, we didn't know the situation was that serious. They told us the news yesterday [Thursday] so obviously it's a difficult situation for them, but at the same time I have to thank Honda for giving me the first opportunity to test a Formula One car and I now know I'm ready for that challenge. It was a great showcase for me to go there and show what I can do in an F1 car." Senna added that his fallback position would be another season in GP2 with iSport, and that he would only settle for an F1 test deal if it had a racing element attached to it.'

An illustration of F1’s problems

"The best hope for Honda and any other team that loses manufacturer backing is for a buyer to be found in parts of the world where money is easier to come by and where there are ambitions to compete on the world stage. This basically means in the Middle East and Asia as American business has been in freefall for last six weeks. Europe was slow even before the slowdown and there are not many Dietrich Mateschitzes and Vijay Mallyas out there."

More bad news from F1 sponsors

"Williams sponsor AT&T has just announced 12,000 job cuts (4% of its workforce) in an effort to significantly reduce costs."

Men sold Grand Prix ‘forgeries’

"Two men were caught selling forged tickets at last year's sell-out British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Northampton Crown Court has heard."

ART confirm Hulkenberg for GP2

Williams F1 test driver Nico Hülkenberg to partner Pastor Maldonado at top GP2 team ART in 2009.

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