Singapore after the Grand Prix (pictures)

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Pictures from around the Singapore F1 track after the Grand Prix

Having held its first Grand Prix Singapore is adjusting to having grandstands and other racing construction dotted around its harbour front all year long.

One fan took a look around the track to see what evidence he could find of the night race that captivated out attention two months ago. Here are some of his pictures:

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Thanks to Rahul Nair for the tip and to Michael Schrock for allowing me to use his photographs.

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9 comments on “Singapore after the Grand Prix (pictures)”

  1. HounslowBusGarage
    8th December 2008, 11:20

    Excellent pics. Thanks to Rahul and Michael.
    How long did it take to return the city centre to normal use after the race?

  2. hmm, quite different to Monaco where a month after the race one can only find a few curbs here and there …

    any such sights from Valencia?

  3. I saw a TV program before the Singapore race which explained that the ‘swimming pool’ chicane area (where the cars dive under the stand) was a huge arena, designed for staging concerts etc, so has the stand disappeared now?
    Also, with the ‘fixed’ area around the Pits Straight, they should design a karting circuit around it, to keep the interest going before the next race….

  4. I am surprised as said above most cities leave little trace afterwards, I have even driven around some of the track in melbourne and you wouldn’t even know that was a f1 track. Good review and great pictures though and interesting to see the difference.

  5. the huge arena is actually a permanent feature along the river. it was built primarily to host the national day celebrations when the old (and the only) sports stadium in singapore was to be torn down. the photos dont show you but there is actually a soccer field on the floating platform in front of the seats. they havent used it for soccer yet though lol.

  6. When were these pictures captured !? within 2-3 weeks after the race or in recent weeks :-? Singapore Admin is famous for quick response, so it is very unlikely that they will leave traces of the GP ,specially in daily public use area …..

  7. Terry Fabulous
    8th December 2008, 21:11

    Great photos, thanks guys

  8. i visited for a couple of days in june last year, a good couple of months prior to the race. i have almost identical pictures of of the road-side and marina bay area… the only difference is the pit structure wasn’t complete yet, and the curbing wasn’t in place.

    just keep in mind, i live in adelaide – australia, who last hosted a g.p. in 1995. we still have curbing on a few sections of the track, and it isn’t an area that the v8 supercars use on their track. i think it’s a nice reminder that there was a g.p. once held on those streets.

    also, being able to recognise the track in some form when it’s not being used is great for enthusiasts to be able to ‘walk the track’ and recognise land marks the you have seen during the race.

  9. I live in Singapore.

    If you happen to drive by on the expressway (or to be more precise Benjamin Sheares Bridge portion) and peer down, the surroundings of the pit complex and pit straight look rather unkempt.

    There are puddles of muddy water lying around everywhere to the extent that the public has written in to raise concerns over mosquito breeding. (mosquitoes breed in water puddles and spread the dreaded dengue fever which i caught once and for sure, it is no laughing matter when you are a victim)

    It seems that the organisers have left the place as it is till the next race. I am not sure whether there are housekeepers on hand to keep the place clean but on first impression, it appears to be no.

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