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Standard engine set for go-ahead

"As well as wholly independent teams Williams and Force India having shown an interest, Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso have told the FIA that they are taking the option into consideration. But the biggest surprise is that French car manufacturer Renault is believed to have told the FIA that it too is interested in the supply of standard engines."

Covers come on for the Clipsal 500

This is what the former home of the Australian Grand Prix looks like today. Anyone else miss Adelaide as an F1 venue?

Jarno Trulli Q&A

Jarno Trulli: "[Honda] brought a nuance to the paddock that would be missed. I wish them all the best in finding a new owner who will give them the chance to be on the grid in Melbourne. Do you hear this Santa Claus?"

Climate change makes fossil fools of F1

"Formula One is in dire trouble when it is no longer considered sexy and, right now, it looks as unfashionable as Peter Stringfellow in a thong."

Oris extends Williams sponsorship

"The Williams Formula 1 team announced that it extended its sponsorship deal with Swiss watch maker Oris"

Ah yes, Mr Prime Minister

"It was a feather in the cap of the BRDC that it was able to get the Prime Minister to attend. It is just a shame that his involvement in motorsport is only in relation to reflected success and that his government will not do more to help save the British GP at Silverstone and to support the country's motorsport industry in a more active way with incentives and tax breaks."

Why so negative Mr President?

"FIA President Max Mosley is reported to have said that he suspected that a manufacturer would leave Formula 1 – and that he was surprised that it turned out to be Honda. He has also said that he thinks it will be difficult for Honda to sell the team. All this is rather negative and it is not going to help the situation. Surely it would be better to be positive and to look at the fact that Honda is a brilliant bargain for a car manufacturer that is in less trouble than some of the others, particularly if the plan is for major cost-cutting in the future."

Lenovo to McLaren

"Lenovo will announce tomorrow that it is to sponsor the McLaren team next year. The company has been involved with Williams in recent years, but decided not to continue the arrangement." Lenovo saw a 78% fall in profits in the second quarter of this year: https://www.racefans.net/2008/11/08/f1-sponsors-hit-by-global-recession/

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  1. Terry Fabulous
    10th December 2008, 3:44

    McLaren are ruthless eh! Vodfaone, Santander and now Lenovo.

    He takes no prisoners the Ronster! Probably has no laughs as well.

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