Robert Kubica drives LMR V12 Le Mans winner at BMW World Final

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Robert Kubica had the chance to sample a very special BMW last weekend: the V12 LMR which won the 1999 Le Mans 24 Hours.

Kubica demonstrated the car along with a 2007 F1.07 racer at Mexico’s former F1 venue, the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, which last held a round of the world championship in 1992.

It was part of the entertainment at the 2008 Formula BMW world finals which was attended by several drivers who had participated in rounds of the series that supported this year’s F1 championship. Pictures from the weekend below.

Esteban Gutierrez, winner of the inaugural Formula BMW Europe championship which supported several F1 rounds this year, and Daniel Juncadella each scored a first and a third place in the two heats. But Jim Pla beat them to pole position for the final after a single lap qualifying shoot-out.

But Formula BMW Americas champion Alexander Rossi came out on top in the final, edging out Michael Christensen by 0.655s, with Gutierrez third.

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2 comments on “Robert Kubica drives LMR V12 Le Mans winner at BMW World Final”

  1. Now i look those pictures of the old BMW tourers i wondering.

    Why they don’t use the old (and really cool) red blue and light blue racing stripes insted of just blue and red on their F1 car?

  2. My favorite race car on my old Grand Turismo 4 game is the LMR BMW V12.

    Great pics.

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