Lewis Hamilton and Mika Hakkinen drive taxis in drinking campaign (Video)

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Lewis Hamilton at the wheel of a London taxi
Lewis Hamilton at the wheel of a London taxi

Lewis Hamilton and Mika Hakkinen drove taxis across Tower Bridge in London to promote a campaign to stop people drinking and driving today.

Here’s some video and pictures from the publicity stunt that took place this morning.

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Press release:

2008 Formula 1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton and two-time World Champion Mika Hakkinen take to the wheel of London black cabs to reinforce the Johnnie Walker anti-drink drive campaign. The champions are reminding people to designate a driver this Christmas, whether it be a taxi, bus, tube or train driver or even a friend that does not drink.

Lewis and Mika have teamed up with London Mayor Boris Johnson to help people realise the wealth of public transport and alternative options for transport home after Christmas festivities.

In the EU Drink Driving accounts for approximately 25% of all road deaths based on the European Transport Safety Council report. Last year in the UK alone, 460 people were killed and approximately 1750 seriously injured as a result of drinking and driving.

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4 comments on “Lewis Hamilton and Mika Hakkinen drive taxis in drinking campaign (Video)”

  1. Honestly, why is he still forced to wear the suit?

  2. I think the bus-driving job should’ve been given to Jeremy Clarkson. Would’ve been a lot more fun to watch :D

  3. He’s there as MacLaren/Mercedes, not Mr Hamilton, and since Diageo are corporate partners, he has to wear their logo. Also interesting that Mika is still connected to MacLaren and not just Mercedes.
    Now I understand where the interviews on TV have come from! And not one of them mentioned the Drink/Drive campaign….

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