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Autosport.com to broadcast RoC live

Watch the Race of Champions live online

Donington boss sure of planning permission

Simon Gillett, boss of Donington Park: "We're confident we've got planning [permission] in the bag. We are not sitting there having not spoken to the council and not worked with them. We've been through consultation for the last few months and we are recommended for approval. We are going there on January 8 expecting to come out with a piece of paper."

The future of Formula One

"Why not set a budget for each team? It would be hard to police – especially when you consider Formula 1’s participant’s use of the word ‘rules’… Of course this is far too simplistic for the world of Formula 1, but it’s a thought that has been bouncing around for a while. What do we all think?"

I don't think this idea – one that has come up a lot on F1 Fanatic in the past week – is 'simplistic' at all. How on earth do you prove that money hasn't been spent in other areas? And how do you prove to the other teams that a given team hasn't over-spent, without giving away confidential information belonging to that team?

I think this is one of those ideas that sounds simple in theory but, in practice, is completely unworkable. Which is why the FIA dropped it.

Massa moves on from championship defeat

Felipe Massa on the 2009-spec cars: "It looks like we got back to 1995 or something! It is pretty strange the shape of the cars. To be honest, the car we are using now is much more beautiful compared to what we are going to use next year."

Hamilton opposes standard engines

Lewis Hamilton: "I don't think that [a standard engine] is ever going to happen. I can't see that happening simply because the manufacturers play such a huge role in the sport "

Fans demand more overtaking

"Speaking about their hopes for the future of F1, 96 percent of respondents said that they wanted more exciting racing and overtaking – with 81 percent saying that the cars should be modified to achieve this, and 70 percent saying the tracks must be changed."

Riding through the storm

'David Richards, Team Principal at the Subaru World Rally Team and formerly the same at BAR Honda, expressed his disappointment and his sympathy for the staff facing an uncertain future. “I gather the team has been given three months to find a buyer,” said DR, wrapped up against the Welsh winter, “and they will probably find one, be on the grid next year. I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of Honda but it might not be the only team to pull out as a result of the global slowdown.” Would he be interested in dipping into his pockets one more time? “I won’t be rushing into anything,” he said, “ their overheads are huge, there are certain problems, and I will be watching to see what happens over the next few days and weeks.”'

Heidfeld: Slicks the biggest challenge

Nick Heidfeld: "There are differences in setting up the car, but it is mainly because of the tyres, not the aerodynamics. Everyone knows that the rears will go off like crazy and that's the main thing to work on. "You have a lot less downforce that obviously gives you less grip in general, but the biggest challenge is the tyres. We seem to have proportionally too much grip on the front compared to the rear."

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