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Nascar’s sponsors hit by sticker shock

"Automakers aren’t the only ones pulling out. Longtime sponsors — including Kodak, Texaco and Domino’s Pizza — are abandoning Nascar. Even Craftsman, the Sears brand that has been the title sponsor of the truck series since it started in 1995, is cutting its ties."

Honda facing £100 million bill for withdrawal unless buyer is found

"Industry watchers say that Honda will be lucky to get away with spending £100 million to back out of the sport. But the company is also leaving turmoil in its wake, with sponsors left in the lurch. Petrobras, the Brazilian petrol producer, had dumped Williams to join Honda in what was believed to be a deal worth $20 million a year (now about £13.5 million). Executives discovered that the Honda team were out of business just hours before they were due to join them." (Thanks to Hounslow Bus Garage for the tip)

James Allen’s verdict

"I remember a situation not long ago when Renault, for example, used to bring 10 engines to a grand prix, and each driver would use probably three over the course of the weekend. Now we’re talking about each driver using eight over the whole season plus four across the whole team for testing."

Toyota tests young Dutchman in Bahrain

"Young Dutch driver Henki Waldschmidt completed his first Formula 1 test with Toyota during the team’s private outing in Bahrain this week."

Byrne book wins Irish prize

"Crashed and Byrned, the story of Tommy Byrne, co-written by Mark Hughes, has been named William Hill Irish Sports Book of the Year for 2008."

FIA pulls back from the brink

"The FIA and the teams concluded an elegant compromise that could be seen as a partial victory for both sides."

Sato upbeat after Toro Rosso test

Takuma Sato: "I feel that I am satisfied with the whole working process with engineers, mechanics and of course in the cockpit during the test – even after my long absence from F1, so hope it will be enough to convince the management for their decision."

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