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Williams to fire test team?

"Several mechanics of the test team declared to f1today.nl that they are already searching for a new job as from January the race team will take over the test sessions."

Trulli says he will win a race in 2009

Jarno Trulli: "I can feel it: 2009 will be the year of my first victory with Toyota"

More details about Donington Park

"Gillett says that the aim is for Donington to become an entertainment destination first and foremost, with the racing providing the main theme, although the circuit also enjoys much success as a concert venue and for its weekly Sunday market, which boasts more than 300 stalls each week, offers free parking, a small entrance fee and generates considerable income for the track. The funding of the work is going to be achieved by a variety of different means, including the leasing of houses that will be built next to the track, with four-car garages for collectors and direct access to the circuit. There will also be a debenture scheme which will not only guarantee seating at big events but will also give access to an impressive new clubhouse and to VIP parking at the F1 event."

Clear favourite emerges for French GP venue in 2011

"The project at Flins, close to one of the major Renault factories, has the support of Prime Minister Francois Fillon. Tenders for the design and constuction have been requested and a decision is due to be made in March or April next year. Construction is planned to begin in April 2010 and the circuit should be finished in March 2011, in time for a Grand Prix later that summer."

Hamilton’s track record not enough to secure Sports Personality award

"Technology determines who can win the F1 title and who is doomed to being no more than an also-ran. You can be the best driver in the world, but if you do not have the best car you will find it almost impossible to be a contender in even the odd race, never mind over the course of the whole championship… Hamilton had the best car – but the claim he was the best driver is at best disputable, as a couple of statistics show. There were 18 Grands Prix this season. Hamilton won five: Felipe Massa won six."
I don’t agree the McLaren was the better car this year: the Ferrari set more fastest laps and won more races. They were both very good cars, but the MP4/23 wasn’t an FW15 or an F2004…

Honda pulls out of AMA Road Racing

"Just about a week ago, Honda announced that it was dropping out of Formula 1, but in subsequent reports Honda confirmed that it was not planning to pull support from other motorsports endeavors. That doesn't quite seem to be the case. Yesterday, Honda announced that it will be removing factory support from AMA road racing."

Hoy v Hamilton contest scrapped

Saturday's heavy rain combined with oil spills made the temporary track inside Wembley Stadium too slippery.

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  1. This should be the site of the new Paris circuit, by the way. Just right from the Renault site.

    Grotere kaart weergeven

  2. Sorry for the Dutch link. I can’t edit it, it seems.

  3. Try these coordinates:


  4. Donington Park – it all sounds a wonderful idea, and the non-car ideas sound very feasable, and I am fully in support, honest!
    But I can still see Bernie turning up in January to look at the progress and saying ’15 months to go and they haven’t got planning permission? What a load of amateurs!’.
    Good luck to all involved – you need it!

  5. DG, completely agree, what Bernie should be doing (given that Donnington have no doubt agreed to pay him lots of money) is helping to get the planning permission through…

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