2008 F1 season in 99 pictures

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Raikkonen meets Kiss, Coulthard & Button have one, and 97 more...

With 2008 drawing to a close, here’s a look back at 12 months of Formula 1 in pictures.

From the launch of the 2008 cars, to the first glimpses of the strange creations we’ll watch in 2009, here’s 99 pictures that I think capture some of the most exciting, controversial, and funny moments of 2008. As ever, post links to your favourites below…

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More pictures of the 2008 season

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9 comments on “2008 F1 season in 99 pictures”

  1. Lovely pics Keith! Just curious, where do you manage to get these images from? Couldn’t find hi-res images of F1 anywhere.. Or do you pay to get these images from freelance photographers?

  2. Thanks Keith!!! absolutely amazing job KEEP ON !!!

  3. Great pictures!

    My season highs were the last race in Brazil with Lewis winning the championship, and Vettel’s win in Italy. My season lows were the Spa robbery, and Sutil being shunted by Kimi at Monaco.

  4. Beautiful photography. I love it. :D

  5. Thanks guys. Cyanide, the teams make some pics available for the media to use, although you tend not to get many pics of things like crashes!

  6. Wow, great post!! I’m so glad you included my favorite photo of the year, Bourdais’ opposite-lock powerslide through the wet grass and mud at Interlagos! He recovered very nicely after being pushed off.

  7. Thanks for the great pics Keith!…… the Canadian GP podium is my fav!

  8. It’s somewhat refreshing to see so many pictures of the season, and not have a crash in every single one!

    as you wrote some Teams make images available but what I MISS and what is recommended is the COPYRIGHTS get displayed with the images… as you follow so long F1 you should know that this is the minmum to put on each image the copyright of the “producer or owner” / / Thorsten

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