Bernie Ecclestone mocks Max Mosley with a ‘Spankgate’ Christmas card

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Bernie Ecclestone's Christmas card mocks Mosley and the 'Spankgate' saga

Bernie Ecclestone’s annual comedy Christmas cards poke fun at the ‘Spankgate’ affair Max Mosley was embroiled in earlier this year. The cards (click above to enlarge) show Mosley lashing F1 bosses with a whip while Ecclestone hands out sticking plasters.

I have to say I thought the idea was a lot funnier before I saw the execution (in the Daily Star) which is a bit humourless.

Some of the team principal caricatures aren’t bad – not sure about the Nick Fry one though.

Thanks to Mark for the tip and Tom for the scan.

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16 comments on “Bernie Ecclestone mocks Max Mosley with a ‘Spankgate’ Christmas card”

  1. I had read about this in the wires and tried to find it on internet. Thanks for sharing.

    Interesting to see the victim of Max’s Lashes is Briatore, wonder there is some hidden message in the picture here :-?

    Is the paddock really Private Gentleman’s club for the elites in the world :-?

    Nick looks like to have been earlier receipient of Spanky’s lashes , hence the look ;-)

  2. Diplomatic as ever !

  3. lol oh dear… seems like any type of psychological games will do lol…

  4. Well – just after I said thats what Max would do to keep them in line – wife wants the lottery numbers now – very funny Bernie

  5. Score one for Bernie. That’s cute.

  6. Max and Flavio? Hmmm…

  7. Notice Domenicalli, fry and theissen touching their butts while Williams and Mallya were safe, not sure about the toyota guy (¿Vasselon?) but it seems to be in pain
    But for me the best are flav´s slippers from singapur

  8. ScuderiaToroFerrari4Eva
    23rd December 2008, 2:53

    xD this is classic well mad max and flavio mmm i wonder if something is brewing as we speak nick fry aswell doesnt look like him look at those awful teeth my oh my and gerhard berger lol pointing at the ladies legs on the screen

  9. ninguen:
    that’s mr. john howett for toyota

  10. Does this not display for all the fact that Bernie loves all of the off-track shenanigans of F1?

  11. In reply, prehaps Mosley should out 2 cards, one for Bern & one for Bern’s soon to be ex-wife….

  12. Has Bernie completely lost his mind?

    o Yes
    o No
    o Don’t know

  13. The man is now clearly barking and incapable of managing F1 in a crisis

  14. HounslowBusGarage
    23rd December 2008, 21:14

    Dubious taste but . . .
    do you remember Bernie saying that F1 needed a good sex scandal?
    Is Bernie secretly pleased as punch that Spanky Max has raised the profile of Formula One to heights unimaginable this time last year?

  15. not only bad taste
    but sooo badly done!
    did he draw that himself?

  16. better late than never. i’m not sure how i missed this one! i’m laughing but, really it’s because you really do have to wonder what the people involved in f1 really think of those two jacka**es.

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