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80% of F1 Fanatic readers wanted Max Mosley to resign over \'Spankgate\'
80% of F1 Fanatic readers wanted Max Mosley to resign over 'Spankgate'

If F1 Fanatic readers were in charge Max Mosley would be looking for a new job and Lewis Hamilton would have won the Belgian Grand Prix.

Here’s how the voting went in every major poll of 2008 – from adjustable wings to top rookies.

Can a budget cap work in F1? 66% said ‘No’

Early on this year Max Mosley was pushing hard for budget caps to cut costs. But how could they be enforced? Would teams believe that their rivals really were sticking to a spending limit? And it would it prevent teams making performance gains on each other?

With so many doubts, it’s no surprise two-thirds of F1 Fanatic readers voted it down.

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Should Max Mosley resign over the sex scandal? 80% said ‘Yes’

This poll was taken the day before the FIA Senate voted to keep Mosley in power.

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Should drivers get to keep their F1 car numbers? 66% said ‘Yes’

In NASCAR drivers generally keep the same number year in, year out. But in F1 since 1996 drivers have been given a number based on their teams’ finishing position in the constructors’ championship (except for the world champion, who gets number one).

Most F1 Fanatic readers prefer the NASCAR system.

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Should F1 teams test before racing? 54% said ‘No’

With in-season testing now banned, this is a moot point. Slightly more than half of F1 Fanatic readers didn’t want teams having tests at tracks in the days before racing on them, beyond the usual Grand Prix weekend practice sessions.

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Should F1 cars have adjustable wings in 2009? 59% said ‘No’

A lot of readers are sceptical about whether the adjustable wings on 2009-specification F1 cars with help make the racing better.

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Which rookie F1 drivers deserve to keep their seat in 2009? 35% said ‘Timo Glock’

Timo Glock came out on top with Nelson Piquet Jnr second and Kazuki Nakajima and Sebastien Bourdais tied in last. (Sebastian Vettel, who’d already done half a year of F1 before 2009, was not included).

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Who is the best wet weather driver in F1 today? 39% said ‘Lewis Hamilton’

This poll, shortly after the Italian Grand Prix, was won by Hamilton with Robert Kubica second and Fernando Alonso third.

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What should be the outcome of Hamilton’s appeal? 56% said ‘Hamilton should receive no penalty’

With 14% voting for ‘Hamilton should receive a lighter penalty’ the F1 Fanatic readership was largely on his side over the Spa controversy. But the World Motor Sports Council threw out the appeal on a technicality. Whichever side of this argument you were on, getting an actual verdict from the WMSC would have been more useful than a cop-out.

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Is the 2009 F1 calendar better than the 2008 F1 calendar? 31% said ‘the 2008 F1 calendar is much better’

Here the voting was very close but the prevailing opinion was that this year’s calendar was better than the 2009 schedule. This vote was taken before it was known that France would not be on the 2009 calendar.

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Should F1 teams get equal engines in 2009? 80% said ‘No’

Most people were against it, but with Renault being allowed to make certain changes to their engines for 2009, it looks as though engine performance equalisation is here.

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Who was the best F1 driver of 2008? 40% said ‘Robert Kubica’

A slightly controversial poll, as the Polish contingent always shows up to vote for their man. Of course, there’s no reason why Hamilton or Alonso’s fans can’t do the same, but Kubica seems to attract the most dedicated followers. It’s fine by me though – I picked him as my driver of 2008 anyway.

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Which is the best qualifying system? 41% said ‘2008-style qualifying’

F1 Fanatic readers prefer two different qualifying systems: the current one and the classic “12 laps, one hour, low fuel” arrangement used from 1996-2002. Given that many people who said they liked the current system added that they wanted the ‘race fuel’ component dropping, it’s safe to say a we’re mainly in favour of low fuel qualifying. With refuelling banned in 2010, hopefully it’s on the way…

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8 comments on “If we were in charge: 2008 in polls”

  1. HounslowBusGarage
    30th December 2008, 22:51

    I think the subscribers to the Blog and voters on these polls have made clear and reasoned judgements on matters of great weight and import.

    Aren’t we bleedin’ clever?
    Shouldn’t we be runnin’ F1 instead of the Poisoned Dwarf and the Pain Addict?

    A friend of mine who has worked in the vicinity of said Poisoned Dwarf for several years, swears that the gentleman wears three wigs in succession; short, medium and ‘I need a haircut’.
    Either my friend is mistaken or someone is clearly delusional.

  2. Most of my votes weren’t those of the majority, d’oh!

    Which means if I ran the show I’ll just be another Max Moseley ;)

  3. Kubica best driver in 08 never! It’s gotta be Alonso or Hamilton.

  4. Jonesracing82
    31st December 2008, 6:31

    i’d say alonso! kubica and vettel were good also

  5. Alonso should be voted the best driver as he scored more points in the last six races than anyone else. 43 points for him versus 33 for Massa and 28 for Hamilton. We all knew he had a difficult car to nurse.

  6. lol, most of my votes were these ;-)

    only the best driver of the season I disagreed
    in my opinion was it hamilton…

  7. JohnBt

    The season isn’t decided by the last six races. I don’t disagree that Alonso is worthy but you can’t just look at the last 6 races.

  8. I think there’s still plenty of room over at the original “Who was the best F1 driver of 2008?” post to state your case for driver of the year, people!

    Interesting post, Keith. Thanks for a wrap-up (I guess we all love poles….err, polls.). And thanks for all your other off-season tidbits and wraps too. Christmas/New Year’s is soooo boring in Formula 1!

    Happy New Year Keith, and best wishes for good racing and good blogging in ’09.

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