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Final 2009 F1 championship standings

2009 F1 drivers and teams

Here are full details of the 2009 F1 drivers and teams plus biographies and team profiles: 2009 F1 drivers and teams.

You can read about the latest F1 driver line-up changes for 2009 here:
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2009 F1 calendar

The official 2009 F1 calendar has been published and can be viewed here along with details of all the circuits: 2009 F1 calendar.

You can read about the latest developments on the 2009 F1 calendar here:
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2009 F1 cars

Pictures of all the 2009 F1 cars:

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33 comments on “2009 F1 season”

  1. Alonso will drive for ferrari in the near future, he has kept his head down and not caused ferrari any embarrassing moments.seat safe at ferrari

  2. I just read on The Standard (Hong Kong) that the FIA has DROPPED Canada from 09.


    Can anyone confirm this? Nothing on Autosport/PlanetF1 etc.
    God I hope this is a joke.

  3. Is it me or did ferrari run 2 different bodystyles in the shanghai gp??? thought this was illegal , both cars must run identical bodies and paintwork i thought , and as you can clearly see during the race one of the ferrari’s ran with the extended bodywork from the air intake to the rear of the car and the other had the normal downward facing rear wing …….wrong also i thought it was illegal to let your team-mate thru in order to improve his race position , what is the f.i.a playing at , max mosely needs to go and now or far too many people will stop watching.

  4. yeah ferrari did run two different bodystyles in shanghai, not sure if it was illegal tho. if it was i doubt they would have risked it. cant see anything in the links below



  5. neil h

    It is illegal in F1 for a team to order one of it’s drivers to let his team mate past. It is not illegal for a driver to let a team mate past. There is a subtle difference between the two. From my understanding most teams will let their two drivers sort it out between themselves until it is obvious that one is going to finish higer in the points than the other. That’s when I am sure it is sorted out behind closed doors well before race weekends how the lower driver will support the higher driver. The exception to that a few years ago was Ferrari who clearly ranked Schumi as no. 1 and Barrichello as no. 2.

  6. Just saw the picture of the 2009 williams at its first shakedown……..

    I suppose next season we can call it.. Diet Formula 1!!

    I’m sure they will grow on us, but that front wing looks so flimsy.

    And they say that the driver can only adjust the wing twice in one lap is that correct?

    How will they stop them from adjusting it 10 times if he wants to???

    As i said I’d say we’ll get used to it, but as long as the racing is close and the grid is mixed up a bit more, I think the changes will be better in the long run.

    And what about KERS??

    I’ve heard in the news recently that some teams KERS systems wont be ready?

    So does that mean some will have an advantage over others??

    One last question. I know its only been a couple of weeks since the season finished but is anyone suffering withdrawal symptoms yet??

    My sundays are so boring!!!



  9. Massa and Ferrari wins seasone 2009!

  10. I think Alonso will win the Formula 1 2009

  11. get a live reanalt is the best

  12. eugene andretti
    21st February 2009, 4:12


    1. im sorry but i think lewis will win again this year

  13. come on LEWIS, because of u thousands like myself started watching f1 and even got myself a laptop 4 the first time.

    the only thing i look 4ward 2 on tv now is the f1. i’ve got a 2yr old son who’s mad about racing cars looking 4ward 2 bring him go carting in the furture

    love most of the drivers but lewis has got 2 b top. can’t wait 4 the 2009 f1 to start.

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