2009 F1 drivers and teams

Here is the latest information on how the F1 drivers and teams will line up in 2009.

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Race drivers

1. Lewis Hamilton (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles
2. Heikki Kovalainen (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles

Test drivers

Pedro de la Rosa (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles
Gary Paffett (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles

McLaren F1 team information

Scuderia Ferrari

Race drivers

3. Felipe Massa (Austrlia – Hungary) | biography | articles
3. Luca Badoer (from Europe, also third driver) | biography | articles
4. Kimi Raikkonen | biography | articles

Test drivers

Marc Gen?? (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles

Ferrari F1 team information

BMW Sauber F1 Team

5. Robert Kubica (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles
6. Nick Heidfeld (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles

Test drivers

Christian Klien (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles

BMW Sauber F1 Team information

Renault F1 Team

Race drivers

7. Fernando Alonso | biography | articles
8. Nelson Piquet Jnr. (Australia – Hungary) | biography | articles
8. Romain Grosjean (from Europe, previously third driverr) | biography | articles

Renault F1 team information

Toyota Racing

Race drivers

9. Jarno Trulli (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles
10. Timo Glock (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles

Test drivers

Kamui Kobayashi (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles

Toyota F1 team information

Scuderia Toro Rosso

Race drivers

11. Sebastien Bourdais (from Australia to Germany) | biography | articles
11. Jaime Alguersuari (from Hungary) | biography | articles
12. Sebastien Buemi (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles

Test drivers

Brendon Hartley (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles

Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 team information

Red Bull Racing

Race drivers

14. Mark Webber (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles
15. Sebastian Vettel (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles

Test drivers

Brendon Hartley (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles

Red Bull F1 team information


Race drivers

16. Nico Rosberg (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles
17. Kazuki Nakajima (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles

Test drivers

Nico Hulkenberg (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles

Williams F1 team information

Force India F1 Team

Race drivers

20. Adrian Sutil (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles
21. Giancarlo Fisichella (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles

Test drivers

Vitantonio Liuzzi (2008) | biography | articles

Force India F1 Team information

Brawn GP

Race drivers

22. Jenson Button (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles
23. Rubens Barrichello (has 2009 contract) | biography | articles

Test drivers


Brawn GP F1 team information

Other drivers

Alexander Wurz (Honda test driver, 2008) | biography | articles

Mike Conway (Honda test driver, 2008) | biography | articles

Luca Filippi (Honda test driver, 2008) | biography | articles

Marko Asmer (BMW test driver, 2008) | biography | articles

Sakon Yamamoto (Renault test driver, 2008) | biography | articles
Lucas di Grassi (Renault test driver, 2008) | biography | articles

David Coulthard (retiring after 2008) | biography | articles

43 comments on “2009 F1 drivers and teams”

  1. sChUmAcHeRtHeGrEaTeStEvEr
    23rd July 2008, 12:51

    didnt realise kovalaeinen only had a 1 year contract

  2. Yep but he’s had an extension to 2009 now.

  3. Keith, I think you’ve forgotten Lucas di Grassi at Renault.
    He’s up the order from Grosjean, I’m certain..

  4. Good point – I’ve added him in, although I have no idea about any plans for him for 2009. It’s not as if they’ve kept him busy this year – he’s gone back to GP2.

  5. Diacho – you’re right about Di Grassi, the guys quality and has shown so after going back to GP2 and in 2/3 rounds has leaped up to 4th in the championship.

    I wonder if Buemi/Liuzzi might get a gig for Toro Rosso in 2009 to partner Sebby B.

  6. what about Bruno Senna hes gonna have a spot at F1 surely!

  7. Man, just want to say nice site. Also I have been watching F1 for 4 years now (Might start GP2 next year) but there is a lot of turn over in F1, seems like most drivers are gone after a year or two. What a shame.

  8. Doesn’t Timo Glock have a 2009 contract? I’m sure I read something earlier in the year that there was less pressure on him than Piquet becuase he had a 2 year deal from the start?

  9. Paul – It’s widely expected, but I don’t think it’s been formally announced yet. See here.

  10. I think Honda should give Bruno a shot, but if you asked me i’d preffered he got at least one full season of testing and them unleash him.
    He has the talent but i don’t think he’s F1 ready.

  11. i think that people should take their eye of hamilton and massa and take time to admire some other drivers. i think they are over rated and do not compare to drivers such as mansell and so on, and i also would like to hear your view about this subject

    1. i think in his era Mansell was great alongside Hill.but realistically speaking Lewis and Massa are the top class at the moment,you have to admit it was very exciting watching last season.roll on 2009 already.Hamilton is only going to get even better,Hamilton World champion 2009.

    1. me too, does anyone know what ukyo katayama is doing these days? poor guy had bad luck in F1, knocked over by the safety car.

  12. on Timo, Glock, i have read he has a contract for next year! it was extended after Hungary i think!
    i dont see why STR would even consider Liuzzi after sacking him last year!
    i personally think he’s over-rated as is Sato! tho Sato is only around through nationality.
    and saying Massa and Hamilton are overrated, i thought at start of year that Massa wont win a race this year after his probs in the 1st 2 races, after that he he drove very well bar Silverstone!
    lets face it, over the whole year they did have best results even tho i’d say Kubica, Alonso or Vettel would be driver of the year!

  13. whats with the number 13 why doesnt anyone have it?

  14. Has anyone heard any more about who’s supplying engines to who in ’09. Rumour is Force India is gonna have Merc’s. Are Red Bull sticking with this years suppliers again for their two teams? Is Williams staying with BMW?

  15. what happened to Sato??
    i thought he went trial for Renalt and Toro Rosso.

  16. I tought Alonso would move to a bigger team !!
    Do you guys think that Renault will be more competitive in 2009 ??

    1. If you believe the rumours, Alonso is waiting for the Ferrari seat that will no doubt become available if Raikonnen has a similar year to last… or Massa a similar year to 2007.

      Although I am not a Ferrari fan, I would love to see both those drivers actually on top form at the same time. While they would not be allowed to race each other properly, it would be an exciting season if they were.

  17. Mallenz – A bigger team? Renault’s budget is definitely in the same ballpark as the top teams – they are a manufacturer, after all: F1 teams’ budgets.

  18. Keith, I agree, but this year Renault was not even close to the championship.

  19. I’ve never seen such stability in F1: one driver retiring, one moving up(!?), one vacant seat. Who will fill Vettel’s seat at Toro Rosso? Will Vettel outqualify Webber? Who will be the preseason #1 at Ferrari? Can’t wait for ’09!

  20. Don’t think there are that many overated drivers in F1, although I do feel that Nick Heidfeld certanly holds his spot due to nationality, and Sutil would proberbly not be in F1 had he not been german. This is often said about Japanese drivers, but never about european drivers, why is that? Why do you think Williams had German drivers troughout there whole collaboration with BMW? Now when they are with toyota everyone is pointing there fingers at Kazuki, although a think is doing a good job for a rookie.
    Di Grassi was great to watch in GP2, I would put him in a racecar anyday of the week ahead of Grosjean, Buemi and Senna for that matter. Although a think Senna sould have drive as well….

  21. When is Damon Hill coming back :-)

    1. Hopefully Damon Hill will NEVER come back – he was truly dull and uninteresting as a driver and personality! Now Schumacher, that’s a different thing altogether as he was (and still is) absolutely amazing…… would love to see him come back and whoop everyone else’s butts sometime soon!

  22. noua masina de formula 1 s-a numit NEWMAN FORD este facut de paul newman din anul 2000 deci culoarea rosie si verde piloti sunt michael klein din germania origine romana si Roberto Moreno din brazilia daca sunt participanti nou sezon.

  23. what does tbc mean
    and does that mean button and Barrichello are out of f1

    1. “To be confirmed” – i.e. we don’t know what’s going to happen to them or Honda. Fingers crossed though.

  24. Really hope to see Jensen with a drive this year

  25. Where is Bruno Senna ?

  26. i like f1 but i think you guys are taking it way to seriously

  27. listen we dont i take it very seriously im an f1 fanatic and i want jenson to be in 09 cause i met him and i like he is a great guy.great personality and he is british.he is a great driver

  28. who will drive for Bankrupt Honda in 2009


  30. Is there going to be a test session at Silverstone this year?

    1. Testing is supposed to be banned between the first and last races so I doubt it I’m afraid. Shame – I’ve been the last couple of years and it’s been a nice opportunity to get to see F1 cars away from the race.

  31. Cheers Keith
    Oh well I’m not a die hard fan myself and don’t fancy the bedlum of qualifying/raceday etc… I’ve been 3 years running to the Test session and camped at whittlebury Park, really enjoyed it, I’d recommend a visit to see the cars in action to anyone who’s has an interest in speed/power/noise!! As for the negative folk out there, trust me it’s an experience you’ll never forget!

  32. who thinks alonso should go to ferrari he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere with renault.hamilton to win 2009

  33. Boy, 2009 has about the least changes I can ever remember one year to another.

  34. Seems if you want to be a famous F1 Driver you have to be named Sebastien, so unusual to see so many drivers with the same first name in the one season..

  35. Brawn Gp….Amazing!!!!

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