Donington Park 2010: artist’s impression

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Donington Park is beginning to reveal more detail about its plans to host the 2010 British Grand Prix. Here are four images showing an artist’s impression of the pit building on the re-designed F1 track.

Donington has already revealed changes to its track configuration to accommodate F1 cars.

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14 comments on “Donington Park 2010: artist’s impression”

  1. TommyBellingham
    6th January 2009, 21:02

    Artists impression? This is just rFactor. Check youtube and you’ll be able to see a full lap

    1. Got a link Tommy?

  2. Yeah, but I can DRIVE a full lap…. ;) lol.

  3. Maybe I should add more detail. :)

    Yes, the above “artist impressions” are from rFactor. But it was a bit naughty to call them artist impression on the Mercurty site, as in fact, it is a simulator environment. Fully rendered photo realitic “Artist Impressions” will follow in the future. But these images are from as we say in the trade “in game”…..

    You should get yourslef up to Doni and have a go in their simulator…see if you can beat my best so far, a 1:21.3…….. :)

  4. lol I see the first comments were deemed inappropriate. Anyway as far as computer games go it’s not that impressive graphics wise. Can I say that?

    1. K – no, some were posted next to one of the images, they’re all there and none have been taken down.

    2. Oh ok weird format kinda, I guess it makes sense but maybe all comments on one page would be better then.

  5. TommyBellingham
    6th January 2009, 22:56

    heres one.

    Rfactor is such a great game. I live near Donington I race it with F1 cars quite a lot so I was very happy when I heard the F1 was going to be there!

  6. Hi Tommy.

    That is of course the Old Donington circuit. These images are from a new simulation of the propsed F1 circuit.

    As for these shots not looking “tip top”, for some reason, the shots that are now public are of the early build of the Circuit. taken some month ago…..their are more recent shots which will be out soon, I hope, that show it in its full and finished “InGame” glory.

    The new infield section is a joy to drive, but very tricky indeed. And the Craner curves are legend. And some of the new buildings they are planning are awesome. Ir really is a radical change propsed for Donington, yet retaining the best bits that make it such a great circuit.

    I really hope it goes well for them, and we get this show on the road. UK needs a GP, and frankly, the jobs and business this project could create would come in damned handy for the country right now…..

  7. I really need to get rFactor.

  8. Ajokay

    As you may know, I worked on GP4……and was recently asked to make a simulation of the new Donington circuit, that which you see above, and of which Keith will soon have some new images to show….

    The plan was to use GP4, but they went with rFactor in the end, so was a steep learning curve…..but hey, I like that sort of pressure.. :)

    But what did this period teach me?…….Any person who is seriously into F1 or racing simulation, needs to get rFactor, it is the worthy, if not more than worthy succesor to Gp4…….I love it.

    Its a fantastic Sim…..

    1. Hey Anonymouse,

      I do have rFactor installed on my machine, it’s the demo trial version thingy with the Nurburgring and a fictional track. I played it but got disheartened with the fact that the BMW Sauber was so hard to control with a keyboard. I need to get a 360 controller plugged into my PC. I’m not one for steering wheels, they’re just not the same when plugged into a couputer ather than a car’s steering column.

      So I shall do that, re-try the demo, then make my mind up about buying the full game.

      Until then, I’ll carry on with Forza Motorsport 2.

      And hopefully, I, like you, will be making these things rather than just playing them.

  9. Why was my comment inappropriate – if as you give the impression these are artists impressions of the new pits then my comment that it looks like an load of shed is very appropriate. Given the architecture at other GP circuits this is pathetic – if this is the rendering from a game or simulation then it isn’t an impression of the new track.

    1. It wasn’t – read my comment above and look at the link on it.

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