50 years of British champions in pictures (Autosport International 2009)

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Cars from Lewis Hamilton, Nigel Mansell and other British world champions

One of the first exhibitions I wanted to see at the Autosport International show today was the celebration of 50 years of British world champions.

Sadly there was no car belonging to Mike Hawthorn, the first British world champion in 1958, because many early Ferrari F1 cars were used to build later racing machines.

But there were cars raced by Nigel Mansell, Jim Clark, James Hunt, Graham Hill, Damon Hill, Jackie Stewart and, of course, Lewis Hamilton. Here’s over 100 pictures from the collection.

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14 comments on “50 years of British champions in pictures (Autosport International 2009)”

  1. mmmmm..lots of tasty pics,I am looking at them while I have my supper,I will download them for dessert.Thanks Keith!

    1. You’re welcome! Working on another batch at the moment which will be up in the next half hour, and there’ll be more up later on tomorrow.

  2. Good set of pictures Keith!

    I bet it will be incredibly difficult to take any decent snaps on Sunday when I go when it’s open to the general public :-(

  3. Just curious why Hunt’s car displayed number 21. During his championship year it was #11.

    Thanks for th great photos by the way, I’d love to be there.

    1. Hmm – very good question. I have no idea but if I’m over by the car tomorrow I’ll see if I can find out.

  4. Now that is what I can eye candy!! Seeing many of those cars brings back alot of memories. Thankyou Keith.

  5. Wha….that’s not Lewis’s championship-winning MP4-23! That’s a launch-spec MP4-22, as evidenced by the airbox horns and non-bridge wing. Also, Heikki never raced the MP4-22. And worst of all…they’ve fitted the inexcusably ugly green Fuji 2008 tires to it.
    Nice car, but I’m not sure why it gets to be on a pedestal when the championship winners are sitting on the floor.

    1. Unfortunately quite a few of the cars on the 2008 grid aren’t 2008 spec, they’re just 2008 liveries. Will have pictures of them up later.

  6. Interesting to see how some of the earlier multiple champions, such as G Hill and Sir Jackie, how their first and last winning cars differ so much in shape and design.

    You look at the differences between Damon’s and Lewis’ cars, and yes, they are different, but not nearly so much as the difference between Jackie’s first and last championship winning cars.

  7. Did they have to use those ugly tyres for Lewis’s car in the display? Otherwise very nice :)

    1. Funy they should choose to mark a race where he had an absolute shocker, isn’t it?

  8. Yeah Lewis Hamiltons McLaren looks a good bit different to the on that won the championship.

    Anyway I have to say that Graham Hill’s BRM is stunning. What a beautiful car!

  9. Great great great pictures. Thank you. (I still loathe those green stripes on the tyres though… what a daft con trick)

  10. I agree Les, the BRM is stunning – I love the 8 pipes in the air.

    What camera do you use Keith ?

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