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David Coulthard exclusive

"We’re seeing a vast change in the regulations. The last time we had such a big change was 1998 when we went to narrow track cars with the grooved tyres and it was Adrian Newey’s design team that stole the march on the new regs back then so this could well be one of those opportunities again."

Coulthard to work with Red Bull juniors

"I will be doing a number of things for the team. Essentially using my experience as a driver to help with the young driver programme, to test the Formula One car as and when that might be necessary if the race drivers are not available – there's probably not going to be much of that, if any, now that the testing regulations have been changed."

Davidson: I was close to Honda deal

"I was in serious talks of not only trying to get a race drive for this year with [Honda], but as the bare minimum as the reserve driver."

Donington, Buemi and more

"The lease on factory was recently extended for four years and it’s all ready to go. The team is due around £30 million a year from Bernie Ecclestone’s pot, but the team will need to raise at least that much again in sponsorship to have even a basic operation with 200 staff."

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2 comments on “F1 links: Davidson was set for Honda”

  1. Once again luck is too hard for Ant…I hope one day to see him driving a competitive car.

  2. Although my heart goes out to Ant, and do feel he deserved more in F1, I guess there are more drivers who deserved better as well.

    However it did makes me wonder about the premises of Ant’s Claim of being closer to the “Then Honda” Deal, and again reinforces my belief that Nick Fry was indeed running a British Team at Japanese expenses. I wonder what makes Ant more eligible over other Non-Brit drivers in Fray for that driver seat :-?

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