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Another door closes for Bourdais

"Sebastien Bourdais has one fewer options open to him if he does not get another year with Scuderia Toro Rosso."

Will 2009 Be The First Time Only One Briton Competes?

"We are still awaiting for Scuderia Toro Rosso to fill their final seat, and Jenson Button may still make it if Honda are purchased. But so far, the signs don’t look too optimistic."

More from behind the scenes at Ferrari

"Apparently the car is a subtly different colour (they call it Rosso Perlato) and this is because the paint saves 1kg in weight."

Steward ‘sorry’ for F1 boss slur

'After legal discussions by both parties, engineering graduate Mr Boland read out a prepared statement to the hearing in which he withdrew the action against [Ron] Dennis and all respondents in the case. The statement said: "I unreservedly apologise to Mr Dennis and all respondents, and to the tribunal, for wasting their time with what I now realise were unfounded allegations. In particular, I apologise to Mr Dennis for suggesting that he is, or was, either racist or homophobic, or that he ever made any remarks or performed any actions that would suggest that he was. I feel great remorse for the upset that I now realise I have needlessly caused to him, to his family and to his colleagues. I consider this matter now closed and will not be taking further action, or making further comments, in connection with it in the future."'

New Ferrari, New Name

"In the past two seasons we have witnessed a gradual decay in Ferrari's legendary reliability, the team suffering several engine failures, most notably Massa's in Hungary. With the engines now having to last twice as long in 2009, further problems could very easily erupt in this area."

Formula1.com welcomes technical illustrator Giorgio Piola

"A veteran of over 600 Grands Prix, Giorgio Piola is one of Formula One racing’s most highly-respected technical illustrators – and for the 2009 season we are pleased to announce that he is joining the Formula1.com team to bring you news of the latest design developments up and down the grid." Piola's work is excellent and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it on F1.com.

Buemi staying realistic for debut season

"Winning in F1 is very difficult and that is part of the game. But you cannot just settle for aiming for a twelfth place; that would be absurd. You have to set yourself a very high standard, but without exaggerating. I won't be world champion in my first year!" Hardened realist Buemi speaks.

Ferrari emphasize the old, while unveiling the new

"I have a feeling that Montezemolo sees a potentially redrawn F1 landscape, with the teams far more in control of things, as his legacy. And this battle between two titans will make 2009 a fascinating year. Which side will Max Mosley come down on?"

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6 comments on “F1 links: few options for Bourdais”

  1. I love Allen’s line about the colour of paint used on the Ferrari. As if I didn’t need to be dragged into another Ferrari-red debate! :D Although it reminds me of the 1996 season when the Jordan went through several shades of gold/yellow before they landed on the right one.

  2. I was quiet surprised to read the point that the new engine agreement says that teams must use no more than 8 engines per driver in a season. How they use them is their business… Also they can save engines from getting operated in consecutive races and can change engines after qualifying with no penalty this year.

    1. I find that interesting too. How is the FIA going to monitor which engines are used when, and how will the teams be able to prove that it isn’t a brand new engine straight out of the factory, instead of an old one? And how much work will they be allowed to do on the engines between races?
      Also, the comment that Old Schuey, instead of helping teach Massa and Kimi about slick tyres, will have a less ‘hands-on’ role during 2009. There wasn’t much to show he was ‘hands-on’ during 2008!

  3. How is the FIA going to monitor which engines are used when

    Aren’t the engines barcoded and various serial numbers for parts recorded and covered in seals that if broken, cannot be mended easily etc… Also, I presume mileage is recorded by the on-board computer/ECU. Perhaps somebody who knows could provide a definite answer, but that’s how I would do it.

  4. Keith, just a small thing I wanted to point out. Your links to James Allen blog entries always go to page two of his post. I guess this is not intentional?

  5. Looking at responses here looks like Sebass is already a page in history :-(

    Thanks to team management indecision, Bourdais maybe out of job next season, Hope he was paid well while he was with STR

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