Toyota TF109 launch live online

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Toyota are launching the TF109 live online
Toyota are launching the TF109 live online

Toyota launches its 2009 F1 car, the TF109, in a live online show today.

The launch will be broadcast live at and a comment thread for discussion is open below.

According to the launch site the TF109 will be unveiled in two hours’ time, but Toyota’s press site reckons it will be in three, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Will Toyota have any surprises at this year?s launch ?ǣ like an overdue update for their tired old colour scheme?

Will they reveal anything about their plan for KERS, which they?ve already said they won?t be running at Meldbourne? Will John Howett back Stefano Domenicali?s call for a delay on introducing the energy recovery systems?

If you?ve got pictures, video or other details of the TF109 to share you can upload them to the F1 Fanatic

Re-live the excitement (?) of last year’s Toyota launch here: Toyota reveal their 2008 F1 car: the TF108

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20 comments on “Toyota TF109 launch live online”

  1. When Toyota first joined F1, I was hoping for a red-green-white livery akin to their rally cars, but we got the much more dull red and white akin to their GTOne Le Mans monster, albeit more brush-strokey.

    I guess the red-green-white was more to do with Castrol being a main sponsor, so I doubt we’ll see anything like that.

    I’m not holding out though. I’m guessing white with asymmetrical red brush-strokes and paint daubs.

  2. I can just imagine we are going to have the same old red and white livery as usual.
    They haven’t changed it since they joined F1.
    Slight change of topic, but has anyone seen the new livery for the Force India car?
    It’s a lot different to last year, it dosen’t look like the Mclaren colours anymore.

    1. It’s only a rumour at the moment, nothing confirmed: Is this Force India’s 2009 livery?

  3. hopefully it looks more like the old super aguri style, i liked that livery, same colours so there’s hope!

  4. Aaargh, it keeps timing out…

  5. It’s up. Toyota F1 webpage

  6. “Out Now!” – what, that’s it?

  7. Wow… so the new car is to 2008 regs, and is painted completely black with amber speed lines.

    Rather radical for Toyota, don’t you think?

  8. Check it out at Toyota F1’s official site..

    It’s not pretty.

    The Ferrari F60 might end up being the best looking 09 car. The horror..

  9. bit of an anticlimax……

  10. Did i just wait all day for Toyota to count the timer down to zero and just display the time??Bunch of idiots at Panasonic Toyota —no wonder they suck even with all that money—only Nick Fry is more stupid!

  11. The nose on that car is very high. I thought we’d be seeing a return to lower noses…

    Oh well, McLaren launch tomorrow, hopefully theirs will be a bit more interesting.

  12. Wooow, What an exciting manufacturer! That car looks exactly the same as the 2002 One FFS!

  13. toyota just had to go through the archives to design this one…..

  14. They should have simply released the pics in their official web site… they messed up the launch with this premiere site :)

    neither the car looks so innovative / exciting!

  15. just as i thought, same old thing, nothing changed livery wise.
    Thats the same livery now since they began F1.
    Although i don’t suppose Mclaren will change much tomorrow either. I doubt they will have a drastic livery change either.

  16. I would have been more impressed if the site had loaded. I can only assume Toyota aren’t used to having lots of curious onlookers for their activities.

  17. What can I say. At least they’re better drivers than they are actors.

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