Indonesian round cancelled, Mexican race moved (A1GP)

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A1 Grand Prix’s attempt to bring its brand of racing to the streets of Indonesia have failed as the Lippo did not gain FIA approval in time:

This follows notification this morning from the FIA that certain aspects of the track construction project, undertaken by the local promoter and organisers of the event, have failed to meet the requisite completion deadlines.

As a result, the FIA is not able to issue the necessary circuit licence on time for the event to proceed, and has removed the event entry from its International Series calendar.

This information was given to A1GP CEO, Pete da Silva, today and his comment was: ??Obviously it is extremely disappointing for all concerned and not the news any of us wanted. The bottom line is, for safety reasons, A1GP cannot race on a circuit that does not meet or has not received the necessary licence from the FIA, so we have no other option but to cancel all plans to bring the A1GP show to Indonesia in three weeks’ time??.

This is another blow for A1GP which kicked off its fourth series last year with a depleted field due to insufficient cars being delivered by Ferrari.

The next round of the championship is at Taupo in New Zealand next weekend. After that, with the Indonesian race now missing, the next race will be at the former F1 venue Kyalami in South Africa.

There is still one empty slot on the calendar between the Mexican and Portuguese rounds which is yet to be filled. That race may now be in jeopardy as the organisers have moved the Mexican race date back to the 20th-22nd April to avoid a clash with a concert.

It’s a clear sign the fledgling series still has organisational problems and is lacking in popular support.

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  1. But I had read last year that Sentul was all ready to take the race should the street circuit fail. So why are they now dropping the race? A1GP has so much potential but keep shooting themselves in the foot.

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