Massa in Ferrari ice kart race (Pictures)

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Felipe Massa in an ice kart race at Ferrari's Madonna di Campiglio event

Felipe Massa and Luca Badoer joined in the ice karting race at Ferrari’s annual Madonna di Campiglio ‘Wrooom’ ski event in Italy. But both the F1 drivers were beaten to victory by Ducati MotoGP star Casey Stoner, who passed Massa one lap before the chequered flag.

See below for some great pictures from the kart race, plus Kimi Raikkonen looking painfully cool on a snowboard and more of the Ferrari team relaxing in the snow. Raikkonen missed the kart race due to his tonsil problem.

Other karting event Massa has joined in during the off-season include the 500 Milhas de Kart Granja Viana 2008 and the International Challenge of Kart Champs.

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10 comments on “Massa in Ferrari ice kart race (Pictures)”

  1. fantastic pics keith more on youtube but i dont understand italien!

  2. That second picture is so great but strange- Massa is drifting wildly while Badoer is understeering! How cool. Must not be used to driving without aero!

    I didn’t even know ice karting existed! Not exactly something you’d find in Texas. Great pics Keith!

  3. Would have loved to see Kimi in the race… And would have maybe given him some practice ahead of the Arctic rally maybe???

  4. That does look like so much fun, we don’t even get to hire outdoor Karts in the wet, nevermind the ice!

    Will, I think there’s a small window of understeer on ice when turning in (Badoer) before it goes into oversteer (Massa).

  5. Was the Iceman not allowed to race because he has an unfair advantage?

  6. Where are the Stoner pics, he won didn’t he?

    1. Not been able to find any pics of Stoner racing yet :-(

  7. Surprising, Stoner beat both of them to victory.
    BTW Nice post and good pictures.

  8. Interestingly no sign of a Ferrari F430 4×4 or similar beasty. Don’t these people have any imagination? :-)

  9. Awesome pictures; Nice fun!!

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