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I was at a stag party last night so no time to do the links round-up. Here’s a bumper weekend collection of F1 reading instead!

BMW Sauber F1.09 – The countdown is on. Part 1/3.

Video teaser for the 2009 BMW launch on Tuesday.

New-look Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-24 makes debut in Portugal

“After a delayed start to the day, the test team conducted 18 laps in the MP4-24 during a private test, Pedro setting a best time of 1m 28.719s on his 13th lap.”

“Advanced front wing on new McLaren MP4-24”

“While Ferrari attempted a modest double decker wing and Toyota displayed a basic version, the new McLaren wing looks ready to be raced. The main panel features sweeping curves starting from a minimum-height horizontal leading edge. The red coloured moveable flaps are similarly curved in an attempt to improve the airflow in the inside of the front wheels, while maximising downforce ahead of it.”

Mark Hughes analyses the new cars

“Ferrari, by moving the sidepods further back, has created a narrow ??blind spot? not covered in the regulations, into which it has inserted this fin that in the process of creating more downforce will also give it a more choppy airflow wake.”

Grand Prix plans still on track

“Donington chiefs said the loss of revenue from the MotoGP will not affect the multi-million pound project to bring the track up to F1 standards. Track owner Simon Gillett said: ‘We knew before Christmas that it would be moving, and although it is a big loss it is not going to impact in any way on our plans for the Formula One Grand Prix.'”

Much work needed at Silverstone?

“The MotoGP authorities are not at all keen on the track confuguration at Bridge Corner, where the track is bounded on either side by walls. These cannot easily be moved as the bridge into the centre of the circuit crosses the track at this point. There is no room on either side of the track for run-off […] We also hear that there is controversy over Woodcote where extra run-off might be needed. This would either require moving the track or moving two grandstands…”

Aussie V8s wants Villeneuve

Villeneuve in a V8 Holden at Bathurst? Much more appealing than seeing him in trailing around in the NASCAR field on yet another oval.

Siegel the right pick, but success will take NASCAR’s support

“I hope Siegel’s appointment means that NASCAR is going to get serious about diversity. If that’s not what happens, I don’t think Siegel will stay on the job very long. I don’t think he’s going to put up with being a show pony for a program if has no real backing.” NASCAR wants a Lewis Hamilton of its own.

21st-century Britons are no longer either black or white

‘Andrew Kane, 28, an investment banker, his 26-year-old sister, Minna, a TV researcher, and friends who all described themselves as mixed race, were having a drink in the pub and talking about the success of formula one driver Lewis Hamilton and then presidential hopeful Barack Obama. “Everyone was saying, ‘Here is the first black F1 champion, here is the first black American president’ and we thought, ‘They are mixed race’,” said Andrew. “We are not saying they should not be proud of their black heritage. But we are saying we are not just black and we are not just white.”‘ More Hamilton-Obama comparisons.

Ron Dennis leaves McLaren in safe hands

“Last season was a demonstration of Dennis’s immense grit and single-mindedness, with Hamilton, Dennis’s personal protege, winning an electrifying championship and McLaren’s reputation restored. It was a fine time to hang up the pitwall headphones.”

15 Facts About Ron Dennis

“Today he only owns 15% of the McLaren group having sold shares to Mansour Ojjeh and then a 40% stake to Mercedes in 2000 for a reputed ??200m.”

Homage to Ron Dennis

“Through all the troubles that beset McLaren over the last two years, Ron remained restrained and honorable, refusing to be drawn into a slanging match with his detractors. Compare his public statements with Bernie Ecclestone’s pathetic inference this week that Sir Jackie Stewart is going senile and it can be seen how exceptional and necessary is the good example set by Ron’s common sense and restraint at times of enormous pressure.”

Kovy’s down time

Heikki Kovalainen: “One thing for sure in my approach to this year is to not stress about everything as much as I did last year. I want to have a bit more relaxed approach, still working flat out but also enjoying the year more. Hopefully that will affect the feelings that you have throughout the year, and that will give you more energy ?ǣ especially through the year.”

More on the Honda situation

“It is a fair guess that the original complaint was linked to Achilleas Kallakis, the 40-year-old scion of a Greek shipping family, who has made a name for himself recently in the London property market and as a player of TV poker. It was reported in the Daily Telegraph that he was not satisfied with the receeption his bid received from Honda.”

What gives at Honda?

BOP survey the problems at Brackley.

Ofcom will call for ITV to regain breakfast slot

What an irony. For years GMTV’s ownership of ITV’s breakfast broadcasting hours meant various bits of F1 footage couldn’t be screened live. Now, with F1 off to the BBC, ITV finally get it sorted…


Formula 1 blog I hadn’t seen until now.

Bernie Ecclestone steals Ferrari winter show

Ecclestone turned up at Ferrari’s media event – before anyone screams “bias”, he was at McLaren’s launch last year…

Whitmarsh: Engine rules still unclear

Martin Whitmarsh: “One of the points that isn’t 100 per cent clear in the regulations is if you use your ninth engine do you get a penalty once, or every time you use the ninth engine? Logically, and it’s everyone’s belief that you get the penalty once, but it isn’t explicitly clear in the regulations at the moment. There are a number of things that need to be clarified.”

Hamilton knew only minutes before that mentor Dennis was quitting McLaren

“Dennis built McLaren in his own image – and acted on occasions in an unorthodox manner. Once he tossed a coin with Ayrton Senna to draw a close to contract negotiations that had stalled. Senna called wrong – a decision that cost him $1.5million.”

Lewis Hamilton hits back at his MBE critics

Lewis Hamilton on living in Switzerland: “Because I live in Switzerland doesn’t mean I hold a different flag at any races. I still represent the country, that’s what is most important, I believe.” I am bored beyond belief with the ‘Hamilton’s not British because he lives in Switzerland’ garbage. Can we drop it please?

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    1. Thanks for the link to my blog (SpeedRead). Love your site

    2. Engine rules still unclear? I think this is one of those ‘wait and see’ situations, and find out on the day a team has to use Engine No 10…….
      And Hammy in Switzerland not being British? Isn’t that the same as David Coultard living in Monte Carlo and still being Scottish? End of story.

      1. If you use a ninth engine, you are penalised each time you use the ninth engine. If you go to ten, the penalty stacks. I do not see how Martin got confused on this one.

    3. On that second BMW Sauber teaser video the glimpse you catch of the front wing endplate almost gives the impression the new car has a FW26-style walrus nose. Doesn’t look that way with the cover on though. :)

      I guess so long as its moved on from the dog we saw in early testing, we’ll be happy.

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