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Here’s a selection of videos from BMW’s F1.09 launch yesterday. The first video shows the new car on track at the Circuito Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Spain:

More videos from BMW’s F1.09 launch below.

Video guide to the BMW F1.09

BMW F1.09 detail video

Video of the BMW F1.09 launch

Robert Kubica interview

In English and Polish.

Nick Heidfeld interview

In English and German.

Mario Theissen interviews

In English and German.

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3 comments on “BMW F1.09 launch videos”

  1. The more I look at F1.09 the more I like it. This would probably be the case with the other cars, but nevertheless BMW looks really fast on track. I just hope it’ll stay like this with the rest of the grid around.

    Keith: Kubica speaks in English, Polish and Italian in the interview:)

  2. Dastardly Dick
    22nd January 2009, 0:45

    oh god, now i’ve seen these 09 cars on the track, i can safely say those front wings look bloomin’ awful. In fact the car looks more like a GP2 car….

  3. the sound of this car is incredible! i’ve watched the first video about a dozen times. the power and tuning of these engines is remarkable, given that they are 4 strokes….the sound (in low revs) is almost of that of what u hear from a 250cc 2stroke motor cross bike. amazing what they have done to 4 stroke engines

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