2 comments on “Ferrari F60 and F2008”

  1. Actually, I think the new cars look a lot better, simply because you can actually see the shape of the car when it’s not cluttered up with all the barge boards, winglets, chimneys and other gubbins. The McLaren looks fantastic, even the Ferrari looks good, except for the front wing and the dodgy mirrors. You can really see the curves now.

  2. I don’t like the new changes. Granted, sure the ’08 livery was overboard as far as aerodynamics, but these ugly ducklings look like 1980 models. Shouldn’t F1 be progressing? I understand with the world economy like it is that steps should be taken to save money, cut development costs, and promote “green” ideas…but these models are UGLY! They look more like go-carts than top-off-the-line F1 machines! Is this F1, or F2 and F3 :D? The front wing is WAY too large, and the back wing is WAY too small and high. The McLaren seems to have survived and remain dignified…I’m a Ferrari man, but boy…that red on silver looks sharp regardless of the ’09 regulations. The flat front nose of the Renault, BMW, and Force India cars looks HORRIBLE! It will be interesting to see the drivers adjust the wings during a lap…lower them for the straights and raise them for the twisties…Also, the addition and use of KERS could be interesting. Still, it should be a fun season ahead. Just ugly cars to look at :D. Go Kimi! Go Felipe! Too bad Michael still isn’t driving!! ):

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