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I’d not seen Gurmit’s cartoons in a while – have had a good rummage through the archive and a chuckle :-)

Dodgy driving standards in GP2 Asia (Video)

“GP2 racers are supposed to be the Formula 1 drivers of tomorrow (although, in Yamamoto’s case, he’s a Formula 1 driver of yesterday).They and F1 drivers should be held to a much higher standard than this. Everyone wants to see close, exciting racing. But allowing single seater racers to bang wheels and force each other off the track is dangerous and will end with someone getting hurt – or worse.”

Bernie Ecclestone ‘hires Guy Ritchie’s divorce lawyer’

“Lady Ward, wife of Court of Appeal judge Sir Alan Ward, has reportedly been brought in to advise on how Mr Ecclestone, 78, can recoup hundreds of millions of pounds from his businesses that he had put in her name. Much of the money was put in off-shore Jersey bank accounts in the name of Slavica for tax reasons.”

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7 comments on “F1 links: Cartoons”

  1. Umm, those cartoons were particularly unfunny.

  2. Wow, Ive been looking to find those comics for ages, I’ve seen them pop up now and again on different places but never knew there was a complete series – thanks!

    Just finished reading 1997-2001, some memories well illustrated, haha!

  3. Wow thost GP2 videos were something else. Imagine if F1 drivers acted like that? With last seasons harsh punishments, that sort of driving would have merited jail time!

    The difference being of course that the drivers in the video should have gotten a penalty AT LEAST

  4. Those GP2 racing tactics cross a line. However, I do see some Senna and Schumacher tactics in there.

  5. lol great cartoons…

  6. Thanks for this cool informations.

  7. A lot of cartoons here: http://www.f1db.ru/
    Thay are on Russian both :(

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