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Some time ago Becken suggested on Skribit that I write a profile of Mario Theissen. I’d been meaning to dor it during the off-season and with BMW revealing their 2009 car last week now seemed the time to get around to it.

You can find the Mario Theissen biography in the Who?s who section here:

Mario Theissen biography

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5 comments on “Mario Theissen: a profile”

  1. Keith, you may want to correct “Pacidic” in the bio. ;)

    1. Done – ta!

  2. Very good. I suggest we also have bios of historical team managers such as Alfred Neubauer of Mercedes, with more lengh of text and good looking old photos.

  3. “Theissen’s determination for success showed through when he ousted driver Jacques Villeneuve in 2007” Wasn’t Jacques last GP in germany 06?

  4. Hey, Keith — Thanks, mate! I think this article will be a worth read this year…

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