2008 Formula 1 race statistics – and those quiz answers in full…

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All the lap time data from 2007 is available as well

Congratulations to Steffen, who was not only the first person to correctly identify all of the 2008 F1 season lap charts, but he also corrected one of them as well…

All the finished lap charts in full are below – including Steffen’s correction of course!

Lap charts and analysis for each race

2008 Australian Grand Prix
2008 Malaysian Grand Prix
2008 Bahrain Grand Prix
2008 Spanish Grand Prix
2008 Turkish Grand Prix
2008 Monaco Grand Prix
2008 Canadian Grand Prix
2008 French Grand Prix
2008 British Grand Prix
2008 German Grand Prix
2008 Hungarian Grand Prix
2008 European Grand Prix
2008 Belgian Grand Prix
2008 Italian Grand Prix
2008 Shanghai Grand Prix
2008 Japanese Grand Prix
2008 Chinese Grand Prix
2008 Brazilian Grand Prix

More data from last year on the 2008 F1 statistics page.

NB. Timing charts show the actual position of the cars on the track and do not take post-race penalties into account.

Get all the lap time data

If you want to edit the lap time data yourself you can find all the original files in Excel format on the F1 Fanatic drop.io. Each sheet contains loads more chart templates that haven’t been used here. If you create anything of your own with them, feel free to share them with everyone via the drop.io.

Also on the drop.io are files containing all the lap time data from the 2007 season which you can use.

Quiz answers

Congratulations to everyone who figures out which races the lap charts were from – without cheating! Here are the answers:

1. Singapore
2. Belgium
3. Brazil
4. China
5. France
6. Spain
7. Malaysia
8. Japan
9. Hungary
10. Australia
11. Monaco
12. Bahrain
13. Italy
14. Britain
15. Turkey
16. Germany
17. Canada
18. Europe

More F1 statistics

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  1. fantastic blog! The serie lost nations shows how bernie will wronger to leave the f1 to bahrein malaysia…

  2. Ah, I see that besides Steffen’s suggested correction, you also fixed the Malaysian chart like I suggested.

    BTW I really like the lap charts that also show the time differences between the drivers. I liked the ones you did based on the average lap time of the race winner, slightly better.

    Maybe someone could create a web applet that can create these things automatically and that you can choose which presentation you’d like and that you can click on a driver to highlight his line.

    1. I was thinking of doing something along those lines Patrick

      Keith – were do you get your raw data from? The only official times I can find are the PDF files on the FIA website. Did you sit there and type all these in ?!?

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