Alguersuari vs Turvey, round two (WSR)

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Last year’s British F3 championship was decided in a thrilling finale at Donington Park. Jaime Alguersuari overcame a points deficit to beat Carlin team mate Oliver Turvey to the crown.

This year the pair are set to resume their battle in the World Series by Renault. Both are still with Carlin and the inter-team rivalry promises to make the championship a must-watch series this year.

After GP2, WSR is the next-best place to watch up-and-coming F1 drivers of the future try to grab the attention of top team bosses.

While the Carlin duo will be desperate to beat each other, both will surely be glad that the other is there, as there’s no better way to prove your worth as a driver by beating the best of the opposition.

This could be one of the most fascinating driver rivalries of the year, with the fact that they drive for the same team making the battle even more delicious.

WSR was broadcast live on Setanta last year. Hopefully British viewers will get to see the Alguersuari vs Turvey battle in full in 2009.

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