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Red Bull’s RB5 won’t be launched until Monday but a video released today hints at what we can expect from their 2009 F1 car.

Sebastian Vettel narrates the video, but Mark Webber is expected to return to the cockpit next Wednesday.

The rendering of the RB5 seen in this video has flow deflectors ahead of the side pods just as the Ferrari F60, Toyota TF109 and Williams FW31 do.

Other than that, the car shown in this video doesn’t look especially radical. Whether this shows the final car in any great detail or not we’ll have to wait until Monday to find out.

Pictures and video from the 2009 F1 car launches.

Red Bull RB5 video still (click to enlarge)

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33 comments on “Red Bull RB5 sneak preview in video”

  1. I’m not so sure Webber was right in calling it the most beautiful F1 car. I’ll have to see some photos later to judge it compared to the other 2009 cars.

  2. I really think, the car looks beautiful if its anywhere close to the final spec car we will see at Melbourne.

  3. I’m not so sure Webber was right in calling it the most beautiful F1 car

    Whereas I’m convinced he was wrong. The noses are ugly – way too high.

  4. I like the one on the left, hopefully they’ll turn up in Melbourne in that :-D

    1. Driving backwards?

      This was actually a pretty popular type of racing in The Netherlands during the eighties.

      These DAF cars had CVT so they could go as fast (or rather as slow) in reverse as forwards.

      Williams tried to get CVT into Formula 1, but it was banned. Otherwise we could have seen these things do 300km/h in reverse. Or whatever speed it takes for them to lift off :)

  5. I really like the slight groove on the top of the nose, in the video version, extra downforce???, Adrian Newey has made a good looking car here i think.

  6. With the video being made available just a few days ahead of the cars launch, I’d suggest that could be pretty much what we can expect.

    I quite like it. The nose looks sharp and aggressive and I like the shoulders where it arcs over the front suspension line. The BMW Sauber’s nose looks like a duckbill platypus by comparison.

    Typical Newey to come up with something rather striking. :)

  7. I would like to see an F1 PC game on that engine ;)

  8. Webber didn’t just claim that it was the best looking car, but also that it was very different.

    I guess he’s talking about a “very different” nose then? The rest of the car (in the clip) doesn’t look all that different.

  9. Webber was right. Best looking car so far this year.

  10. What a great video, sums up all the new changes for this coming season visually.

    Very well animated, especially how the car evolves into the new one.

    They advertise KERS too, seems like they have theirs on board.

    1. They’re using Renault’s KERS, so I’d guess it’s more of putting an optimistic view on the video — it’s supposed to feature the car fully functional, not as it is.

  11. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. I like aesthetics, but for a team and driver if the car wins, it’s beautiful. And in turn, if it wins then I will perceive it to be more beautiful.

    Except, as of yet anyway, I cannot say any 2009 car is beautiful – least of all this mockup.

  12. nice video, wonder how much they spent on that !

  13. I wonder why the FIA never thought of making a film like that to explain the rule changes. Clear , non technical, fun to watch.
    I think the car on monday will not look identically to the one in the film because making a 3D movie like that you need a lot of time and the car is only just read. or did they wait 3 weeks with the launch just to create the movie ?

  14. Yorricksfriend
    7th February 2009, 8:20

    heres the youtube link to the vid if you want to embed it keith,

  15. What a great video. Shows all the (major) rule changes in an understandable way. And beautifully made, too.

    I like the RB5… if this is indeed what it’s going to look like. Surely a rival for the MP4-24 regarding looks.

  16. Just a computer generated vidoe, thus it need not be accurate with detail.

    By the way Keith, I’d so love to have some of your cookies :-)

  17. From the picture and the video would have to say it is a very good looking car and would put along with the mclaren as the best looking so far. The colour scheme also makes it look very striking. Lets hope the car is actually very good so we can see how good Vettel really is. Hamilton v Vettel season long battle would be great, roll on Melbourne.

  18. Is it me or are those wheelbase at the back very short??
    Looks like they are much closer to the wings then with other 09 cars… could be the picture :)

  19. Right, that settles it. Vettel is my driver to follow for this season if Button doesn’t find a way to be on the grid…

  20. What a great video!!!

  21. Just shows how much crap has been got rid off last year’s car.

  22. “Hi, I’m Sebastian Vettel. In 2009 the biggest rule changes in the history of Formula 1 will spice up the racing…but we’ll still drive cars”.

    Erm, that’s good to know Seb. Not Wipeout 2097 just yet then is it :-D

    1. Cor… would be good if it was though, wouldn’t it?

      I like the front end on this rendering of the new Red Bull, nice shapes on the wings and winglets,

  23. Can’t say very much about the car, but the video contains incredible amounts of WIN. :D

  24. Nice video
    Very well explained by Vettel
    I think we are all in for a good 2009 season

  25. I have to say, I’m quite taken by Red Bull. I love that they come across as loving the sport. They’re a non-manufacturer team that’s willing to spend quite a bit of money marketing, even in tight financial times. It’s refreshing.

  26. I didn’t think it would happen, but looking at 2008 cars now, they just look ridiculous with all those appendages. I’m really digging the clean lines on the 2009 cars – and even the front and rear wings don’t look as bad as they did before.

    1. I hate to say I told you all so, but…

      The new cars have really grown on me – I reckon the rear wings and new sidepods are awesome.

  27. Hugo Bourgeois
    7th February 2009, 23:47

    Most positive approach to the new rules so far! Good one RB!

  28. That was excellent – typical of Red Bull to release a hip promo like this. Their cars have always looked good and they’re certainly a team I have massive respect for, and hope both drivers do really well this year.

    The start of the aseason is always exciting for me – but this year seems a it more special for some reason. There are so many unknown factors. The waiting is killing me!!

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