Sebastien Bourdais officially confirmed by Toro Rosso for 2009 season

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Sebastien Bourdais in the 2008 Italian Grand Prix

Sebastien Bourdais will remain in F1 in 2009 after he was finally confirmed by Toro Rosso today, as was predicted earlier this week.

The news means there will only be further open slots left on the F1 grid if a buyer is found for Honda.

It also ends Takuma Sato’s hopes of returning to Formula 1, for the time being at least.

I think this is the right decision for Toro Rosso. Bourdais showed some promise last year and I expect him to perform better on slick tyres in 2009. Sato’s had plenty of chances at F1, and I think we’ve already seen the best he’s got to give.

Of course, if F1 wasn’t stuck with such a small number of teams, there could be room for both of them.

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25 comments on “Sebastien Bourdais officially confirmed by Toro Rosso for 2009 season”

  1. Good news. I wanted to see Bourdais back on the grid.

  2. Better than Sato IMO never really rated Sato as a decent driver. Looks like no Jenson in F1 this year which is a sad, sad day for me being a Jenson/Honda fan :(

    1. I’m not so sure that even if Honda don’t get to the grid we’ll have seen the back of Button. I could see Vijay Mallya snapping him up to replace Fiscichella, or I could see him replacing an underperforming driver mid-season in any team…

    2. Good points Adrian, but I think the second option is far more likley than the first.

  3. Good news. And well-deserved, too.

  4. Great news! Now I just hope something happens to Honda so Button will be back on the grid.

  5. This is fantastic news, I’ve been hoping for this all winter. As you say Keith, Sato has had enough chances to show his worth and hasn’t really delivered.

    Bourdais on the other hand has been keeping Vettel honest. It wasn’t so obvious on the track, as Bourdais suffered from a lot of bad luck, but in race pace he was right up there with Vettel. I fear though that this could be his last year unless he regularly puts that car at the sharp end.

  6. Yorricksfriend
    6th February 2009, 10:03

    And now it seems theres an evergrowing number of Sebastian/Sebastiens in Formula One….1 in 07, 2 in 08 and 3 in 09. Im geared up for an entire grid full of Sebastiens in 2026

    1. With the amount of teams rumoured to be pulling out of F1 we might only need 1 more Seb to have a grid full of Sebs next year…

  7. Great news! But I wish there was room for Sato too – and Button, and Barrichello, and Senna!

  8. Good luck Sebs…

  9. It’s great to see at least one french driver on the grid. He might be the dark horse this season.

  10. I think he showed enough to deserve another year, though he’ll probably need to dominate Buemi to secure his longterm future. I’m hoping that the rule changes play into his hands – surely you don’t win all those Champcar titles by chance.

  11. Invasion of the Sebs. Now we just need somebody to snap up Loeb. :D

    I expect this season’s cars to suit Bourdais much more and I reckon he’ll really put some manners on Buemi, who hasn’t struck me as anything special in any formula.

    Fingers crossed Seabass has a strong 2009 and finds himself in contention to replace Piquet in 2010.

    1. If Loeb ever really wanted to switch to F1, it would be fantastic. I think he’d do really well, but I don’t know if he’d want to venture out of a sport where is is always dominant.

  12. great news… I don’t know what I would have done if both of my favorite drivers (Button being the other) were not on the grid at Melbourne.

  13. Great news!

  14. Like I said before, with his Indycar history he is the closest thing we have to a US driver to root for.
    Good luck to him.

    1. Good point- I had never thought of it that way.

  15. Great news, and something that should have been confirmed months ago. All the best to SeaBass and his family on another year in F1 :)

  16. While this is good for Seabass, I just think this is crazy. This was hey Seabass, Sato could not get funding so we are going to take you back. You are still #2 to our new driver and we expect you to be right behind him at all times. Normally I dont write like this but this is the impression I got from that team. But I could be wrong anyone else agree or disagree? Let me knwo what you think.

  17. bordais is overrated, however i do agree there are far too few teams in f1. 12-14 teams would be great, more fighting among the top mid and bottom ends of the field throughout the entire race. right now after 10 laps the race is almost done and dusted, 1-2 cars a fighting each other, but its so spread out there’s no one for them to fight with.

  18. Any chance there will be Golden Arches sponsorship in F1’s future?

  19. Great News, Go Bourdais….

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