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F1 Fanatic on Twitter

Update: See here for a bigger list of F1 drivers and other people on Twitter: F1 Twitter directory

I’ve been using Twitter to talk to other F1 fans for a few months now but it really seems to have taken off in popularity over the past few weeks.

If you’re just getting started using Twitter you can find links to lots of F1 people using it below, plus my various Twitter feeds.

F1 Fanatic

You can follow my updates on Twitter here: F1 Fanatic on Twitter.

I mainly using it for discussing things to do with articles on the site, having conversations with different readers, sharing new links, that sort of thing.

There is also a separate account you can follow to get a notification every time a new article appears on the site: F1 Fanatic updates on Twitter.

And if you’re into GP2, IRL, A1GP and other motor racing you can also get my updates from Maximum Motorsport: Maximum Motorsport on Twitter.

F1 Teams

Force India F1 Team
McLaren eShop – As far as I can tell, the team don’t have a Twitter profile, but their shop does. Well, it’s a start.

F1 websites


F1 bloggers

Sofa F1
Formula 1 Blog
Pod F1
F1 Wolf
BMW F1 Guy

F1 fans

This is by no means exhaustive, just a few of the F1 fans I’ve chatted to on Twitter:

F1 Badger
F1 fans
The F1 Files
F1 Solo
SM Boyce
ST Joslin

Are you using Twitter as well? If so you can post your user name below. Do share any other F1 people you’ve found on Twitter.

Look forward to seeing you all on there!

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33 comments on “F1 people on Twitter”

  1. Twitter name: WildlifePhotog

    1. Twitter is F14EV – speak to you all soon

  2. @toomuchracing

    I started using it a few weeks ago, it was useful during the Daytona 24 Hours when I was twittering with some IndyCar bloggers I’ve ‘met’.

  3. I started using it this weekend and I’m following F1Fanatic already :)

    It got some media attention this week (well, in the Daily Telegraph at least), and apparently it’s becoming the latest craze on the net

  4. You can follow me in Twitter as well. But it’s in spanish, hope you don’t mind. Thanks for this great website. :)


  5. I’m hircus on Twitter. I wonder if it’s due to this site’s readership being significantly British, and Stephen Fry appearing on the BBC and talking about Twitter there?

    1. I think that’s definitely part of it. The mainstream media in Britain seems to have woken up to Twitter because of things like the Mumbai attacks and the Hudson river plane landing, where a lot of early information came through via Twitter. And celebrties using it as well, of course.

      Also I stuck a button linking to it on the front page a few weeks ago 8-)

  6. im @danielfelice

  7. Keith,

    It’s great following you and Ollie on Twitter as well. I have found a real terrific community of F1 folks who follow our web site and community through Twitter alone. Good “tweeps”.

    Thanks so much for mentioning formula1blog.com, Keith, it is very much appreciated sir.

    1. No problem at all – hope lots of people have found their way to your Twitter feed through this!

  8. Just getting started on Twitter as RaceTripper, but I’m really more of a fan of sports car racing, especially ALMS. Used to be more hard core F1, but got tired of all constant bickering and adversity. I still watch the F1 races on TV though. I plan to post tweets live from Sebring next month when I’m there for the 12 Hours race.

  9. I “discovered” Twitter last week…

    Twitter username: AdrianJordanUK

    Please people, feel free to follow me, does anyone know if you can set it to automatically accept follow requests?

    1. I don’t think so, but I bet you’d get spammed to death if you did…

  10. zerogeewhiz is me. Follow away if you can cope with my drivel and soliciting to read my book…

  11. BaburM for me. Been following you for a while now. Best F1 site ever!

    1. Thanks Babur! 8-)

  12. My Twitter ID is SkinBintin … I’ve been there right from the very start a few years ago under various different ID’s.

  13. Can I just ask a ‘Twitter newbie’ question..? Why are some people posting their twitter ID’s when they’ve protected their updates?

  14. Thanks for the link to my twitter account (@f1_fans) :D

    I can only echo what everyone else has said, its great to get a community of F1 fans on twitter, love reading all the thoughts and comments. Its brought a new perspective for me :)

  15. I’m twittering for Formula 1 Fancast, I’ll be adding you all above.
    Only a few days to go now, very exciting!


  16. I’m @mattdaviss. I usually tweet my F1 stuff on race day but would like to get some more F1 friends. I watch the race live on SPEED, then later watching a recording of the BBC coverage, for more in-depth commentary… I chat up a lot of F1 on Facebook but don’t have too many F1 friends on twitter.

  17. One other Team on Twitter is BMW Sauber.



  18. we also do live tweeting on race weekends.

  19. I’m zw426p on Twitter!

  20. i’m @este_a

  21. iknow rubens barrichello’s twitter account: rubarrichello

  22. Been an avid Formula 1 Fanatic and i have been following this site from the very beginning days. Absolutely great source for my daily f1 dose! Got into some F1 tweeting a while ago and my id is davisjohn99 on twitter! :)

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