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Red Bull RB5: in interesting take on the rules

“From all launched cars, the RB5 is without doubt the most interesting.”

Another Sponsor in Total

“On the day the covers came off Red Bull Racing’s 2009 Formula One car, the RB5, we are pleased to announce Total is joining as a Team Supplier.” Presumably because they use Renault engines and the factory team has a Total deal too.

Red Bull hits the track..for a bit

“Mark Webber drives the car on Wednesday. I’m told that he is well ahead of schedule on his rehab because he’s very fit and because he’s done all the right things to get it to heal as well as possible. It’s the right leg, so not the load bearing leg for braking.”

Renault gets French taxpayers’ money

“The French government has agreed to loan Renault and Peugeot $3.8bn apiece to help them through the credit crisis. The loan is being justified as a way of helping the two companies to finance the development of vehicles with zero or very low CO2 emissions. This should turn Renault F1 into a fan of KERS overnight.”

More problems for Donington?

Donington boss denies debt reports

Simon Gillett: “Our 2008 financial report has not been filed with Companies House, which leaves me confused as to where certain publications have sourced their ‘facts’ and figures from.”

Bourdais set to race at Le Mans

“Sebastien Bourdais is set to become the first active Formula 1 driver to contest the Le Mans 24 Hours for many years.” Good for him! The last was Franck Montagny in 2006.

Formula One news: Cost cuts saved my seat

Sebastien Bourdais: “The driver choice was initially linked with needing to find sponsorship and then it wasn’t. Initially sponsorship was essential, but after all the cost-cutting measures came into force it was clear Red Bull could save $100million across both teams. Then the sponsorship wasn’t as big an issue and I was back at the top of the list.”

F1 to say goodbye to Turkey?

“The Formula 1 teams could enjoy a Turkish Grand Prix for the last time in 2011 according to Istanbul Park’s general director Mr. Can G?????l???…: “There is serious competition from such countries as South Africa, Russia, Bulgaria and South Korea. South Korea has a highly developed economy and they place importance on sporting events. The (football) world cup was held in there in 2002. And Russia has already started constructing a race course.”

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10 comments on “F1 links: More on the RB5 – and Renault”

  1. RB5 looks pretty, also looks fast… but gearbox problem after 14 laps!?
    cmon, not again for newey’s realibility issue

  2. Red Bull and Total are already joint sponsors of the Citroen WRC cars, so this may be deals within deals….
    Also, nice of the French government to support the car industry, although Peugeot/Citroen have had hybrid/zero emission cars in development for a while – Renault are already supported by the French taxpayer to a larger extent then Peugeot, but seem to get away with not doing anything else apart from make boring cars!

  3. I would have thought that seeing as Total are providing Renault with their fuel and lubricants, then a customer engine team would use the same company. I assume Toro Rosso will use Shell because of Ferrari, and FI will use Mobil because of Mercedes.

  4. It’s disappointing to see that Turkey is likely to be the first of the recent ‘Tilkedromes’ to go. That was one of his best creations!

    I would have preferred something like Bahrain…

  5. Maybe they could dig Istanbul Park up in one big chunk and transplant it into Bahrain, then turn the Bahrain track back into far more useful desert.

  6. Adrian Newey seems to have really pushed the envelope with the new Red Bull…

    1. Slightly off subject – the tick box option to receive subsequent comment (usually located under the comment box) posting appears to have been disabled on all my browsers. I therefore don’t get emails with other fans comments. Does anybody else have this issue?

  7. I guess they’re right when they say Red Bull gives you wings :)

  8. Doesn’t Bernie own or part-own the Turkey Circuit? If I’m right it is highly unlikely to be dropped or he’d blow his investment.

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