New pictures of the McLaren MP4/24

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McLaren-Mercedes MP4-24, 2009
McLaren-Mercedes MP4-24, 2009

McLaren were a bit shy about putting up images of their new MP4-24 F1 car at first.

Happily they seem to have had a change of heart and given us lots of new pictures to have a look at, including a few high-resolution ones too. Here they are:

Images (C), Daimler

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2009 Formula 1 cars

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12 comments on “New pictures of the McLaren MP4/24”

  1. I guess Santander are paying them a lot less now…

  2. Why is it that the sidepod opening (if thats the correct term) are much larger than the ones shown at launch?

  3. McLaren and Red Bull cars are by far the best so far…

    1. This is probably a silly question but why are some of the pictures expandable and others not…

  4. I can understand how people like this Mclaren (no offence :P)

    i think it’s horrid! and the RBR5 is horrible too, despite being the best looking car from all… But it’s still miiiiles away from the 2006 Mclaren, the 2006 Williams, and many others…

  5. The normal reason for sidepod openings to be bigger is to deal with high temperature but that isn’t the case. My guess would be that they were artificially small at the launch to hide something or that there is a KERS and non-KERS option. The McLaren KERS system like the Ferrari is in the right hand sidepod.

    1. Thanks for explaining

  6. These 09 cars aren’t nearly as good looking as the 2008s, but the MP4-24 is starting to grow on me a bit, especially the profile view. Clean, low-slung, simple flowing lines.

  7. Say what you want about Lewis Hamilton, Ron Dennis, and McLaren. You can’t argue that isn’t a gorgeous car.

  8. Looks like Mclaren have done it again – best looking car on the grid.

  9. Well, looks and $.50 won’t buy you a cup of coffee these days. I just like the slick tyres again- been to long. McLaren are clearly the team to beat, no question about it. Lewis is the champion until November 1st- unless he wins again. My prediction is that Alonzo will win three this year and be in the number 2 position going into the last three races. I just see the eyes, he looks very focused these days and everyone else looks ho hum. Maybe it’s to early yes, but start like a lion and finish like one no?

  10. The nose is pretty darn ugly. I would say that the 2008 McLaren is one of the best looking cars I’ve ever seen, but this one is a right ugly mess. The RB5 certainly looks better than this, but I have to say that I find it hard to choose the best looking car. I’m just so against the ugly rear wings. Maybe Williams with the interim livery had the best looks, but it’s the speed that counts, not the looks.

    The Macca has good livery colours, but the way it is ordered on the car, and the actual design of the car is not up there. But if cars win races, we tend to like them more.

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