Fans’ videos of Buurman-Yamamoto GP2 shunt

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Yelmer Buurman and Sakon Yamamoto were mercifully uninjured in this horrific smash at the start of GP2 Asia’s first night race at Losail International Circuit.

Yamamoto failed to get away from sixth on the grid and Buurman, who started 23rd, hardly caught a glimpse of the ART car before he ploughed into it. One fan sitting opposite Yamamoto’s car caught the sickening impact on video (above).

Crashes like this are always a risk in races that use standing starts, and 27 years ago Ricardo Paletti lost his life in a similar accident at Montreal. Carbon fibre and meticulous crash testing have made racing cars immensely strong, something Buurman and Yamamoto will be feeling especially grateful for.

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