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Bernie Ecclestone rolls out red carpet for Richard Branson’s Honda offer

“The most powerful figure in Formula One is ready to roll out the red carpet for the entrepreneur and his ??7billion Virgin Group.”

Is F1 a good idea for Virgin?

“Formula 1 in its current state offers little in terms of direct financial return. But cost-cutting measures could make F1 teams profitable by 2010 or 2011. Thus acquiring the Honda F1 team, with its state-of-the-art facilities and experienced F1 people, for a nominal sum is an investment that may pay dividends in a few years from now. It will require up-front investment to keep the team alive until the cost-cutting kicks in. However it is an obvious opportunity to add to the Virgin brand worldwide, particularly in the developing markets of Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe. F1’s high profile, particularly on the television, will provide the company with a chance to spread the word about Virgin.”

The (very brief) history of Virgin in F1

“So if a deal between the Virgin Group and Honda goes ahead, it won’t be the first time Richard Branson has been involved in F1, and it certainly won’t be the first time the Virgin brand has been in F1. But such a deal would easily eclipse the earlier forays, so it will still be momentous for F1.”

Ferrari ‘quite satisfied’ with KERS

“We used a standard configuration for the aerodynamics here in Bahrain, with just some minor updates: the complete one we’ll see at the next tests in Jerez and Barcelona, where we will conclude our preparation for the Australian GP.”

Sepang rules out night race before 2015

“Although Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has been keen for Malaysia to hold its event at night, race organisers have now confirmed that the 5pm start will now remain until 2015 at the earliest.”

Williams: Technical challenges key to F1

Frank Williams: “F1 attracts all these extraordinary people because of what it is. It features all these brilliant brains. People such as Ron Dennis, Max himself, Mario Theissen. In this building (the Williams factory) there are some very clever people, in all the F1 buildings. It’s a fantastic collection of individuals that makes the world go around. I’d hate for that to be shattered.”

Why FIA wanted to ‘please’ European F1 fans?

“And look at the grim situation in Asian Countries, If Singapore Grand prix starts at 10PM, then it shall start in Australia at about 1 morning.So isn’t FIA losing audience there. The India F1 fans also feel disappointed by the way the F1 is being telecast.” Is Bernie Ecclestone compromising potential growth in F1’s popularity in Asia by forcing them to put on Grands Prix at times that suit European audiences?

Motorsport heritage celebrated

“A charity fund-raiser is being held at the new home of the British Grand Prix to celebrate the nation’s motorsport heritage.”

Shocked by critcism? ‘It’s the British way’ says Gillett

Donington Park boss Simon Gillett: ??The criticism we get doesn’t shock me. We expect it from everything we do. If I was to give ??1000 to everyone in the local area I’d be berated for it not being ??2000, it is just the way it is. It’s the British way, it’s the British press and that’s what sells newspapers.??

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  1. Shocked by critcism? ‘It’s the British way’ says Gillett, lol

  2. ‘Ferrari quiet satisfied with KERS’. Well obviously they are the best team in F1 at the time and according to them nothing goes wrong in their team! I mean they allways come out at the end fighting for the championship one way or another. even if they make loads of stupid mistakes like last year!!!

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