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Singapore has announced another competition for fans to win tickets to its 2009 F1 race.

Unusually, the competition entry is limited to people who visited last year’s race. Whoever sends in the best photograph from the 2008 event gets Paddock Club tickets for this year.

Singapore is also offering tickets to the 2009 race to whoever comes up with the best name for three of its’ turns. Its great to see an F1 venue reaching out to fans in this way.

Here’s the details of the new competition. Good luck to everyone who’s entering!

Press release


Top Contest Prize: A Pair of Exclusive Formula One Paddock Club Tickets for 2009 Race

Singapore, 20 February 2009 – Photographers who captured the spectacular 2008 FORMULA 1?? SingTel Singapore Grand Prix through their lenses now have a chance to take part in the Singapore Grand Prix Photo Competition by simply submitting their best photographs online at

"Set against a backdrop of historical monuments and modern iconic buildings, the 2008 FORMULA 1?? SingTel Singapore Grand Prix was a race high on suspense and full of nail-biting moments that provided great photo opportunities. Many race fans were well-equipped with cameras to photograph their favourite teams in action. With this photo competition, we hope to uncover some picture perfect shots that will celebrate the spirit of Formula One?? in our vibrant and cosmopolitan city," said Mr Chang Chee Pey, Director of Brand, Singapore Tourism Board.

Jointly organised by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Singapore GP Pte Ltd (Singapore GP), this online competition gives participants a chance to win the top prize of a pair of tickets to the exclusive Formula One Paddock Club?? during the 2009 FORMULA 1?? SingTel Singapore Grand Prix.

“The world’s first Formula One?? night race was a visual feast for spectators, media, and television viewers alike. This was clearly evident in all the thousands of stunning images published around the world. By showcasing our spectators’ best photos we all have a great opportunity to share their unique perspectives and experiences in and around the Marina Bay Street Circuit," said Mr Jonathan Hallett, Media and Communications Director of Singapore GP.

Participants in the Singapore Grand Prix Photo Competition can upload their photos and captions on the web portal. There is no limit to the number of entries per participant.

A panel of judges from the STB and Singapore GP will assess the entries based on criteria including relevancy to the race, composition, creativity and artistic expression. Aside from the winning entry, judges will award the first runner-up with a pair of Pit Grandstand tickets, and seven winners of the second runner-up will each receive a pair of three-day passes to the Padang Grandstand. In all, nine pairs of 2009 FORMULA 1?? SingTel Singapore Grand Prix tickets will be given away.

The month-long photo competition will run from 18 February to 20 March 2009. Winners will be announced on on 15 April 2009.

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  1. Really encouraging to see F1 venue being in touch with the fans! – Wake up Silverstone, Spa, Barclelona etc…

  2. Yeah, I am quite impressed with Singapore trying to incorporate the fans into things too. A lot of the other circuits could do with taking a leaf..

  3. It is suprising that they are actually encouraging people to take photos … In the original terms and conditions for 2008 Singapore GP there were quite tough restrictions on photo equipment one could take to the grandstands. These were removed few weeks before the race and now they even run a contest for the best fan photo :-)

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