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It looks like the leaked picture of Williams’ 2009 livery was accurate after all. These new photographs from Williams sponsor Allianz show the FW31 in what looks very much like a combination of the colour scheme seen on the leaked picture plus the sponsors layout shown on the interim car.

By my reckoning this makes the third consecutive year the Williams livery has been spotted ahead of its official unveiling. Or maybe they’re just toying with us. Either way, I reckon this is one of the best-looking cars on the 2009 grid, though I did prefer the all-dark blue look of the interim car.

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37 comments on “Pictures: Williams FW31 livery revealed”

  1. eurgh, why does Williams always have a better livery during testing :( I think their car is the best looking out of them all but keep the dark blue one!

    1. Yeah I preferred the interim one too, but at least it doesn’t look like this.

  2. still looks like an interim car, the airbox that was used in recent testing is smaller, this one is the same size as the 08 cars, the brake ducts are the same at the older cars, the wing is the same as the first one they used at their private airfield test…

    1. edit… duh it has to be an 08 car since the filming would have counted as testing :P

  3. Same as last year then. Oh well, hopefully 2010 will be a better year for new and interesting car liveries.

  4. should have used all blue.

  5. I liked! :)

    The new sponsos at the nose reveals that it is really the new livery!

  6. It’s gorgeous. Really like it. Although I’m worried it’s so gorgeous because it doesn’t seem to be overflowing with logos breaking up the dark blue.

  7. The new sponsos at the nose reveals that it is really the new livery!

    The Thomson Reuters logo? They sponsored the team last year, but their logo was on the side and top of the monocoque headrest thingies.

  8. Best looking car by far!!

  9. StrFerrari4Ever
    20th February 2009, 20:31

    i prefered the interim livery but who knows Williams could be just building some tension so us fans can be edging to know what the final livery is one of the best looking cars though but STR4 livery will be the best muhuhaha

  10. Cool, I like it…

  11. They kept the last years one – looks nice and I think Air Asia looks great on rear wing. Williams got an upgrade in sponsorship from several of their sponsors – a great effort given the current financial climate…

  12. Very elegant ! I hope that the blue is a deep intense metallic, and the white areas could be fluorescent white. The wheels, chromed. And if they also chromed the suspension components, the car would look like those beautiful old Lotus racers with the gorgeous chromed pieces all over the car.
    Good luck to Williams ! they are the heart and soul of F1

  13. williams need to change , they have had that style since 2006. I liked williams when they were williams BMW. i would have prefered the interim desighn.

  14. The car is looking nice.

    The new sponsos at the nose reveals that it is really the new livery!

    I cant see clearly about which sponser u r talking about

  15. I like the livery, although the interim one was better… And I really hope Williams does well this year.

  16. it really looks awfull
    so dull…like an office in Reading
    or a grey roundabout!!
    that nose is drooping like a wet willi…

  17. I agree with the above poster, it’s really rather dull, it’s almost exactly the same as last year’s. I very much liked their 2006 and 2007 liveries… and also, when they were still with BMW their livery looked awesome. But this one isn’t anything to get excited about.

  18. Not quite as good as the all blue, but still looks great. Best looking car of 09!

  19. There’s one “mistake” I hate.
    The two white lines that go along the nose’s main contours (from the cockpit down to the nosecone’s tip) should’ve gone in parrarel or gradually narrower and narrower, so it looks the proper way.
    With those lines going away from each other, the nose looks like a duck’s beak. Ugly.

    Apart from that, it’s still the best looking car this year. :] Low noses for the win!

    Too bad it’s prolly be a backmarker this season. Again.

    1. I don’t think it’s gonna be a backmarker , everybody consider williams as the silent force for the upcoming season, they have done a terrific job in aerodynamics and kers performance(no batteries).

    2. Chicken McNuggets
      21st February 2009, 16:17

      I agree about those white lines. I just don’t understand that. Surely, sponsors would be much happier to be associated with a car of no-compromise good looks as well, so even “making more room for logos” wouldn’t really cut it as an excuse for me. Such is the nature of aesthetics, that once you’re educated and aware enough about that, then it potentially ruins the car’s entire appearance. The livery is one area where there is no potential (as far as I’m aware!) of making the car slower, so they can do better than that. Maybe it WAS actually related to sponsor pressure, so they are who I ought to blame. If anything, it just leads me to admire McLaren all the more for their arrangement of having the Vodafone red/orange extending onto the inside of their rear wing endplates in order to offset the embarrassingly obvious narrowness of the ’09 wings. It’s a titchy little change, but just the kind of thing which is doing the rule makers a favour if you ask me, lol.

      If anything I’ve always liked the appearance of the blue/white Williams which have prevailed since 2000, particularly since 2006, so I’m not personally hankering for change. All-blue, white-blue… whatever, you can see the lineage and this one looks very clean. Livery-wise, Williams have traditionally treated their car as a blank canvas for major sponsors, so I can only presume that the present ones must have simply not put any obvious pressure on them to make any drastic changes to it since the split with BMW? If the opposite was true, then it would’ve been very unWilliamsesque to have stuck with the status quo like this…

  20. Why… Why… Why ?????????????

  21. I agree … the new livery changed the look of the car. It looks good!

  22. Looks like old F1 car.
    I think the best is MP4-24

  23. The best looking car of 09, just edges the McLaren. The wide nose suits the immensely wide front wing. It even manages to make those thinned rear wings look good.

  24. nice paint, but the cars underneath are heinous.

  25. considering “sneak peaks” usually get more public attention than the “official unveiling”, i’d say they don’t give a hoot who snaps pics as along as the logos are prominently displayed.

    i have to admit, at first glance i thought it was going to take me longer to warm up to the new designs than it has. i think the williams may be the cleanest looking design but the mclaren appeals more to my own taste just on the basis of asthetics.

  26. Personally I prefered the interim paint job, the deep blue suited the car better. That said, its still one of the most aesthetically pleasing cars on the grid, along with the Mclaren and Red Bull.

    What is a worry to me though is the amount of empty advertising space. Yes it stops the car looking overcrowded, which is good. But as the leading independent with such a rich history, it does make me wonder about their financial security. Are they really earning enough?

  27. Looks like they’ve had a pre-arranged sponsorship shoot for Allianz, so put the ’08 livery onto the interim car. These photos were probably taken last year. I don’t think this can be called the “final livery”, but we can probably only expect minimal changes from last year’s livery.

    While I do love the ’06, ’07 and ’08 liveries ( aswell as the BMW years’ schemes), the testing livery is better, at least for the moment. An almost midnight blue colour scheme with white sponsor logo’s would be a breath of fresh air on the current grid. With the Renault, McLaren, Force India (it seems), Red Bull and Toro Rosso’s all being a confusing array of colours, how cool to be a negative to the simple scheme of the Beamers. Go Williams, either way!!!

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  29. maybe you should try WWWF marnio,wrestling should be fake enough for you…or maybe a Silvester Stallone movie??

  30. Bloomberg is reporting the Royal Bank of Scotland is going to be splitting itself into two.

    I wonder how much longer they will be sponsoring Williams.

    And… I wonder how long they will be sponsoring Sir Jackie Stewart.

  31. If this really is the final spec car and livery, then for me it comes a very close second to the McLaren in the looks department. I think the low wide nose is defiantly the best looking of the 2009 cars. I prefer the blue and white livery to the interim one also. The problem with the interim livery for me was because it was dark blue in most pictures it looked black, I agree the pictures where it does look dark blue are good.

    This reminds me of when Ford brought Jaguar into F1, people complained that the British Racing Green paint scheme they were using was too light a shade (something I agreed with). An article I read at the time explained that if they had used proper British Racing Green it would have appeared black on TV.

    I would have thought this affects most other colours as well. The McLaren livery is probably my favourite of the current cars, though the shade of red they use seems more like orange (just like when they had the Marlboro livery from the 80s and 90s) and to my eye the car looks a lot better when in pictures it appears silver/red rather than silver/orange.

  32. prefered the interim livery, especially when it looked black rather than dark blue! why hasn’t a team gone for a sexy black car for so long?

    but it still looks one of the better cars in the new livery.

    that rear wing still looks ridiculous =P

  33. I like the blue white combination. Than red & white combo.

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