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Nick is most consistent driver of 2008

"At a gala dinner organised by the Formula 1 Reliability & Effectiveness Centre and attended by its founder and president, Prof J Knezevic, the F1 Driver Reliability Champion Award for the 2008 season was presented to Nick in his absence." I never knew there was such a thing!

Sponsors crash out of F1 racing circuit

"ING said that between 6% and 7% of the people it visited ended up buying financial products – a far higher proportion than from a regular sales push."

Lewis Hamilton: A Real Crackberry

Lewis Hamilton trying painfully hard to avoid saying "It's like an iPhone, but not as good"

My entry to Singapore GP photo contest

"What a turnaround this is. Originally all the lenses with focal length larger the 200mm were banned from grandstands. This restriction was only lifted few weeks before 2008 Singapore GP. And now there is a contest for best fan photos! Great!" Well I didn't know that. Thumbs up to them for getting it right in the end.

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3 comments on “F1 links: Heidfeld gets consistency prize”

  1. Why didnt Fisichella get the award, he consistently consistently slow :)

  2. Mahir, I think they were looking for the driver who finished the most consistently. Nick always finished somewhere and Giancarlo didn’t. Simple.

  3. Is there a most cosistent team prize?
    That would probably go to BMW too.

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