No GP2 on BBC in 2009

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The BBC’s comprehensive F1 coverage plan will sadly not extend to GP2 race coverage, or any of the other usual support races at F1 weekends.

This was confirmed by interactive TV editor Matt Millington on the Sport Editors’ Blog, who offered no reason why the decision had been taken:

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer coverage of the support races.

It’s very disappointing, and I hope BBC’s decision not to show GP2 will not stop some other broadcaster picking it up.

Thanks to Vee8 for the tip

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One comment on “No GP2 on BBC in 2009”

  1. Aaron Shearer
    3rd April 2009, 2:14

    That’s a real shame. I was looking forward to watching some GP2 action before the F1 comes on if I get up in time. I’ll hopefully be able to pick up a feed on the internet somewhere maybe?

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