Toro Rosso STR4 to debut on Wednesday

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Toro Rosso’s 2009 car will be given its circuit debut next Wednesday, according to a report in the German specialist press.

Auto Motor und Sport claims the STR4, a Ferrari-powered version of the Adrian Newey-designed Red Bull car, is to be shaken down at the Adria circuit in northern Italy on March 4, with Sebastien Buemi at the wheel.

Team boss Franz Tost confirmed that the first single seater is nearing completion in the Faenza factory, with only the “upper arm of the rear suspension” held up due to a “problem with production”. On Thursday at Toro Rosso’s Italian base, the Ferrari engine in the rear of the STR4 will be fired up for the first time.

Tost said he is happy with how the Newey chassis performed in Red Bull Racing’s hands recently. “It looks good,” he said. “I am very satisfied with what has been done so far. We must be optimistic, but we will get a better idea at Barcelona (for the forthcoming test).”

Red Bull Racing’s team boss Christian Horner confirmed that the car was debuted successfully. “Compared with our rollouts of previous years, (this) was our best. “There we no disasters,” the Briton added.

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5 comments on “Toro Rosso STR4 to debut on Wednesday”

  1. StrFerrari4Ever
    26th February 2009, 16:31

    i cant wait ive been waiting to know when it would be realesed 4th of march you will see a car that will start the beginning of a new era of STR domination :D

  2. I’m quite keen to see if the cars look the same or if Adrian Newey has decided to try any other extra calculated design experiments…

    1. Now that would be interesting, hedge your bets by going 2 different ways on the 2 cars…

      This and, VJM02 the (Ex)Honda car both to be unveiled in the next week and a half… I’m more excited about these than any of the others..!!

  3. Where is it then?

    How hard can it be to repaint a Red Bull car? (admittedly it’s a fiddly paint job)

  4. They’re doing a formal launch at Barcelona on Monday.

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