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Ferrari changes car ahead of McLaren test clash

"Today the car is running at Vairano, a straight line aerodynamic test facility, with Marc Gene and new parts which convert wind-tunnel figures into reality will appear on the car next week in Spain. Different front and rear wings are being tried."

Updated configuration for the F60 in following tests – Costa

Ferrari's Aldo Costa: "We used a standard configuration for the aerodynamics here in Bahrain, with just some minor updates. The complete one we'll see at the next tests in Jerez and Barcelona."

Williams hope to leap forward in 2009

'Nico Rosberg said: "The rule changes are a fantastic thing for us, definitely. A really good thing for us. There's no copying to do, nothing. It's just your own ideas. You start from zero, from scratch, like every other team. You have this set of rules and you need to make the best possible car for it."'

A Friendly Message To The Media…

"If you know what’s good for you: keep away from Adria." Have STR crossed the line between playfulness and actually being threatening? Hmm…

Tapas and optimism from Williams

"One interesting undercurrent I picked up was that there is some muttering about the Renault engine. They were down on power last season and were allowed by the other teams to bring their motor up to speed with the others. This was done on trust through a FOTA agreement, whereby each manufacturer presented its power curve and they all agreed what Renault should be allowed to increase by. The implication is that perhaps the power curve they demonstrated at the start was a little lower than the reality….and so they may actually be a little ahead of the others now! This would also help Red Bull as they use the Renault motor." I heard the same thing from someone else in F1 recently.

Pit stop training at Enstone

Renault practising pit stops indoors.

Lewis: the new Jim Clark?

'As ever, Stewart chooses his words carefully. He doesn’t state that the reigning World Champion is the equal, and certainly not better than his much-loved old friend. But he has no hesitation in making it clear what Lewis might become – that he “could be another Jim Clark”. Wow.'

Hülkenberg targeting 2010 Williams race drive

Nico Hülkenberg on Willi Weber: "Really, I just think he sees a young driver with potential who could secure his pension."

Nick surprised by the small gaps

Nick Heidfeld: "I had expected that the new regulations would result in bigger gaps between the teams. On the other hand, we neither know what the other teams have been working on nor how much fuel they had aboard. Nonetheless, the teams seem to be clocking similar lap times right from the start this year."


"All we do know is that at approximately 180mph, the rear wing on Elio’s Brabham gave way while the Italian was thundering though the Verrerie curves – the high speed left-right kink at the end of the main straight. The BT55 cartwheeled over the barrier, landing upside down and trapping Elio inside. Unable to free himself, Elio sat there as his back began to burn from the smouldering wreck."

F1X runs into trouble

Dubai F1X theme park reportedly shelved.

No GP2 on BBC in 2009

The worst thing about BBC's F1 weekend coverage.

Future remains ‘bright’ say Williams

Williams CEO Adam Parr: "What you have to think about is this – when I came into the sport a few years ago, I was sitting across from people (in team principals' meetings) who said money does not matter to us. Now, we don't have discussions like that any more. In order for Williams to be competitive and be in the frame for the past two or three years, we have had to spend beyond our means. For the next two years we will not do that, and we will be paying off a significant chunk of debt. We are (now) seeing a scenario where our means are not dissimilar to the rest of F1."

On Viso and Dixon

"I just wanted to answer the question about EJ's number changing to 13. EJ has always liked the number 13 and therefore asked to change it; it also reflects his Italian heritage (it is a lucky number in Italy). Simple as that." Glad to see that some drivers aren't afraid of the "cursed" number 13.

When Dom Met Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton beatboxing (video)

Peter Windsor – Q&A Pt.1.

Irritatingly spread across multiple pages and multiple parts, but worth a read.

Peter’s blog entry for Feb 21

"Although we will sign an engine supply deal in the next few months, that supply deal will not begin until Jan 1, 2010, which means no testing in 09 and a conventional time frame in which to design and build the car. In the next few months our engineers will work from rented premises, finalizing drawings and detailed production plans, and in mid-09 we will move into our new headquarters."

American team bucks financial crisis to enter Formula One

"We will be a lean and mean operation and will viciously control the head count. We always said that we would officially go public once we started to hire people. That moment has arrived."


"Today ist the 1st anniversary of Paul Frére’s passing and what better way to remember the Belgian, than a snapshot from one of his 11 Grands Prix starts."

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11 comments on “F1 links: F60 updates and Renault pit stops”

  1. If BBC isn’t picking up GP2, does this mean ITV will continue to broadcast it?

    They may as well increase their efforts on it if its going to continue on ITV.

  2. I keep forgetting the F60 is the designation of the Ferrari (as opposed to ‘F2009’) and keep mistaking these headlines for the Enzo! (Yes, it should be obvious since it’s on an F1 blog regarding F1-specific news, but I still think it’s a confusing designation!)

    Nice message by STR :D

    1. Indeed, isn’t the Enzo the follow-up to the F50?

  3. “Save yourself the trip and stay away. Otherwise our friendly Security Guards, Doug and Dinsdale Pirhana might be forced to nail your pelvis to the floor with a cake-stand.”

    Harsh words there from Toro Rosso. I’m guessing someone, somewhere, will snap a picture of the new car though.

  4. Seems to me Ferrari are a bit nervous about the car despite what they may say. Roll on Oz for the first race of the season…

  5. Tapas ……
    Uncle Flav is a smart man. If Fast Fred does not win the WDC he will be very close

  6. StrFerrari4Ever
    27th February 2009, 16:31

    Haha Toro Rosso are being very secretive wonder if Newey has given them different bits than RBR cant wait for this season testing should be cracking then Oz my oh my its all mouth watering :P

  7. Its tasteless humour STR.

    1. I like it :)

  8. Sush Meerkat
    1st March 2009, 15:04

    at Gman, no, the Enzo is the Enzo, the follow up to the F50 would be the F60, but the Enzo Ferrari (its not the Ferrari Enzo, Enzo goes first) isn’t considered by Ferrari as the follow up to the F50.

    Enzo was commissioned by Luca as waiting over 20 years to win the F1 championship, which is why the chassis codename was F20. And why the track version is called the FXX
    XX being roman numerals for 20.

    the F series such as F40 and F50 are the 40th and 50th anniversary of Ferrari, as such we’ve missed the F60 time.

  9. I like the STR message, at least they are being honest and nobody can say they haven’t been warned…
    They probably aren’t going to Adria anyway!
    Worrying about GP2 coverage – who has Bernie sold the rights to? And does it also include the Porsche Supercup?
    Why isn’t there a Winter F1 Pitstop Competition somewhere to keep the teams on their toes and the fans happy? I have seen that NASCAR do something similar covering all Pit activiies (and with a lot less emphasis on the drivers too!)

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