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BBC head of F1 and football Niall Sloane has left his job only one week after the BBC’s ambitious F1 coverage plans were announced.

It follows the planned departure of director of sport Roger Mosey who takes charge of the corporation’s coverage of the 2012 Olympics.

Mosey was replaced by Barbara Slater, the first woman to hold the job. According to the Sports’ Journalists Association Sloane had been expected to take Mosey’s job.

Whether this will have an impact on BBC’s coverage of F1, which it resumes this year for the first time since 1996, remains to be seen. Sloane is expected to remain with the BBC for the first two races of the new season (Australia and Malaysia) before BBC sport website head Ben Gallop takes his place.

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9 comments on “BBC F1 boss quits”

  1. Mussolini's Pet Cat
    1st March 2009, 18:19

    good start……

  2. I think it’s because he was the one that okayed that dreary old Fleetwood Mac tune – it must have played on his conscience. Maybe he was being pressured to bring back Murray Walker – that would surely be a step too far!

    1. Paul Sainsbury
      1st March 2009, 22:03

      ‘Dreary old Fleetwood Mac tune’……

      Have you ever visited the planet ‘earth’?

  3. does this actually matter?

    1. Mussolini's Pet Cat
      1st March 2009, 20:07

      to us? not a jot.

  4. As long as we get the broadcasting that we were told about, I’m happy.

  5. Glad someone else can’t stand that dreary old song, mind you ITV’s wretched offering was definitely worse

  6. As he left the building Niall Sloane could be heard singing…

    “Lift me up, lift me up, higher now on my way…”

  7. Big Wally: Nowt wrong with Moby’s “Lift Me Up”, it’s an uplifting (pun intended) high speed tune, perfect for F1.
    The lyrics are “lift me up/lift me up/higher now Ama”

    Don’t mind hearing The Chain again, but I hope BBC coverage is as good as ITVs was over the last few years (minus James Allen). Martin, DC and EJ should make a great team!

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