F1 links: Honda rumours and overtaking

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‘Barrichello has deal with Honda’

"Rubens Barrichello has a new deal with Honda for 2009 and will be testing the car at Silverstone this week, GPUpdate.net has been informed. Chances of the popular Brazilian retaining his drive increased last week, with a management buyout of the team now looking more likely."

Michael predicts much closer racing

Sam Michael: "The ability to follow other cars through high speed corners was massively improved."

More Thoughts on USF1

Clive expands on the article he wrote for F1 Fanatic last week.


Spoof USF1 website

Promising GP2 line-up taking shape for 2009

Renault and Williams testers Romain Grosjean and Nico Hülkenberg among the F1 hopefuls competing in GP2 this year.

Double gold medalist comes to visit

"This week saw Lewis meeting with double Olympic gold medalist Eleanor Simmonds. The pair, who narrowly missed each other at last year’s BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards, came together at the McLaren Technology Centre on Tuesday."

Double R sign Daisuke Nakajima

"Raikkonen Robertson Racing have confirmed that Daisuke Nakajima – younger brother of Williams Formula One driver Kazuki – will join their British Formula 3 line-up this year."

USF1 starting from scratch — but with a plan

Ken Anderson on where USF1's money is coming from: "We have been recruiting investors to get behind this project for a long time. Most of our investment has come from Silicon Valley, where there is obviously a lot of enthusiasm for new technology and making sure that the United States stays on the leading edge of that." (Thanks to Gman for the tip!)

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14 comments on “F1 links: Honda rumours and overtaking”

  1. That TeamAmericaF1 site is great.

  2. great site!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Apparently Lewis finds Eleanor Simmonds a very inspiring motivation for this forthcoming season…

    1. TeamAmericaF1 is ‘quite something’, he says politely. I guess there’s something out there to suite everyone…

  4. what a great interpretation of what the Team America car could look like!

    1. I think they know somthing other teams dont, golden eagles is somthing mclaren would never have tested before

  5. I think that TeamAmerica is in rather bad taste.

    Especially the Stoddard item. I don’t think claiming that an Australian is from Austria is fun. I guess it’s nice for Americans to mock that everything outside the US doesn’t matter, but seriously, that’s just a lame attempt at humor.

    1. I think tongues are planted firmly in cheeks.

    2. It’s probably a lot more fun than being disrespectful enough to not spell Stoddart’s name right.

    3. If typos are disrespectful then I’m a terrible person…

  6. On the honda thing, just a thought, but a lot of comments were made yesterday about the distinct lack of mercedes logos on the Force India car. with honda having a deal with them (according to the BBC) could we see the logo appear on the Brawn/braun/fry/exhonda car?

    1. And on a similar note, as Honda are still putting money into the team, for a while anyway, will they be insisting that ‘Honda’ is part of the name?

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