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F1 iPhone app (click to enlarge)
F1 iPhone app (click to enlarge)
An F1 application for the iPhone has been launched featuring news headlines from F1 Fanatic.

It also offers race day countdown and weather forecasts, drivers and constructors championship standings, event information, team data and more.

According to the team behind the application: “We are now the number two most popular sports application in the UK, number one in a few European countries, and in the top 20 in the US”.

IPhone users can also access F1 Fanatic via the website as normal.

You can download F1 2009 for the iPhone from the Apple store.

Press release:

Gourmet Pixel have just released their latest app for the iPhone, “F1 2009”.

F1 2009 – The Ultimate Guide to F1, brings a huge amount of information about this year’s Formula One season to the palm of your hand. Get the LATEST DAILY F1 news and updates, results, rumors, highlights and reviews. Watch videos of the latest 2009 team unveilings, interviews, even F1 legends of the past.

Director, Darren Lynch said:
“We are very pleased with F12009, and believe this is the most in-depth and feature packed iPhone app of it’s type. We are currently looking to adapt the app to cater for other sports, such as NASCAR, WRC and MotoGP, and hope to have news soon.”

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Lifelong motor sport fan Keith set up RaceFans in 2005 - when it was originally called F1 Fanatic. Having previously worked as a motoring...

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14 comments on “F1 on the iPhone”

  1. It would be nice to see a live timing application since formula1.com livetiming is not working on the iPhone.

  2. Wow! Great stuff! I can’t keep up with all these accolades…

  3. Cool… Now all I need is a couple of hundred bob and 999 more reasons to buy an iPhone!

  4. There was an application like that for Windows Mobile devices too. I wonder who cares really. You can download track info, race results … ehm yeah that’s what regular people use websites for.

    I tried to make my own live timing app for WM. I wanted to be able to get live timing when visiting a race. Unfortunately I never found the time. I hacked the live timing feed and left it at that. I assumed back then that someone else would pick it up, but that’s quite a few years back already.

    1. Hi patrickl, where can i download this app for WM device?

  5. For a few seconds there I thought ‘brilliant’ but just been to the app store and it’s £3.99 – I’m sorry, I don’t care how good it is but that’s just not on!

    Should be free or a nominal 59p before the season at least.

    Websites work brilliant on the iPhone so this app doesn’t fill any purpose…well not £3.99 worth or purpose!

    1. Hey, it’s priced like F1 grandstand tickets. :-)

      Now if it were general admission, I might bite.

    2. Good analogy RaceTripper – I wonder if Bernie gets a cut of the 3.99!

  6. Well, I tried a few F1 apps on my iPhone, some free, some 59p, and they where just rubbish!! Other peoples RSS news feeds put into an app…now that is cheeky.

    So I dug deep and bought this, and I gotta say that you do get what you pay for, it’s loaded with info, stats and great videos. Compared to a magazine for example, I think its an OK price – stop being so stingy!

    1. Stingy!? The cheek! From using the app store, it seems that some big, professional apps such as playstation quality games are 5.99 which is fine because you get a lot for your money.

      3.99 for essentially the same thing you’ll find on many a F1 website is not reasonable at all but hey that’s my opinion!

  7. Mussolini's Pet Cat
    5th March 2009, 16:48

    lol, iPhone, why bother….

  8. Dave Mitchell
    19th April 2009, 15:59

    You might also be interested in F1 Insider.

    It features live commentary, as well as all practice, qualifying and race results:


    Its the top F1 iPhone App on the AppStore at the moment, and 2nd in the UK Sports chart :)

    1. An officially-sanctioned app was made available on iTunes before the Turkish GP. It’s getting good reviews so far as you can follow the whole race from a helicopter view of the circuit.

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