Honda ‘saved’ says Nick Fry

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Nick Fry has told the BBC that the Honda F1 team has been saved.

Fry said: “All the teams and their support have helped us preserve our team. So I, Ross [Brawn] and our 700 employees thank them.”

The team is expected to field Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello in its two cars, which they will shake down at Silverstone tomorrow. The outfit is tipped to be re-named ‘Brawn Racing’.

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21 comments on “Honda ‘saved’ says Nick Fry”

  1. Brilliant news for F1 if they come up with the goods!

  2. On a different note. I actually really like the new look BBC site, with Martin Brundle bloggin and even Jake Humphrey’s blog. I just cannot wait to be able to watch GP on so many formats. Roll on 21 days

  3. Good news…

  4. They could have called it BAR (Brawn Again Racing).

    Pity Fry’s still in the Picture :(

  5. Mystic Pizza
    5th March 2009, 14:49

    If the Times story is to be taken as gospel with regard to Jenson’s financial input to make this happen, then I hope to goodness his faith can finally be adequately recompensed with a decent car and not just “Media Hype” to improve the odds of being purchased as a going concern. Good luck to the team coz with a very short testing period before Australia, however, good this “package” is, there’s quite a mountain to climb from the back of the grid!

  6. Good news for fans of f1 everywhere it would seem.

    Except that is all the Nick Fry Haters, as it would seem he is still in place.

  7. I’m amazed (and delighted). I really didn’t think it was going to happen.

  8. OK chaps, where’s the car??? :-)

  9. It’s a shame that Brawn hasn’t sacked Fry. Still it’s nice to this farce over with a happy ending. I hope they make progress from the last 2 years they really deserve it.

  10. Hearing Nick Fry thank certain people soooooo specifically, it’s clear that the power battle that has been going on for the future of our favourite sport has been largely overlooked in all the rumour and counter rumour of the last few weeks. Perhaps my suggestion of last week that people on the inside were wise to resist Bernies money looks a little more logical today?

  11. Is their any news of transporter movement, if so thats gotta be the final piece of the puzzle. If they’re on the road to Barcelona its all systems go.

    A shakedown & a 4 day test may not be the ideal way to start the season, but with the weather problems at the previous tests they aren’t as far behind as they could be. Force India & Torro Rosso aren’t too many days ahead after all.

    Having been a big fan of Jenson since his F3 days, i really hope this all works out, the posibility of Jenson & Ross Brawn working together for the long term, has seriously great potential.

    As far as Nick Fry goes, i’m undecided about him. I prefered Dave Richards, but Nick Fry dived in the deep end & kept it all going, & helped woo Ross Brawn.

    With Ross running the team, Nick now (without having to ask the Honda board for approval), has the chance to show what he can do, give the man a chance, if he ain’t up to it, he won’t last long.

  12. ||Honda ’saved’ says Nick Fry|| – Well they aren’t exactly if they still have you :-?

  13. Although I take no pleasure in wishing anyone ill, but I’d hope Nick Fry’s new job is sweeping the floors.

  14. And have the jobs of all the workforce been saved too?

  15. Pitpass have a rumour that Mike Gascoyne has been appointed technical director at Brawn F1

  16. I’m still not sure Nick Fry has been saved. He wasn’t a participant in the management buyout, so there’s really nothing saying that he won’t get sacked next week. This is really the only thing of consequence we’ve heard from Nick lately, which makes one wonder how much of this he’s been involved with and how much he just found out about. Just because your boss has you talk to the media doesn’t mean you’re safe.

  17. i wonder if nick fry knows the views of all the fans when it comes to him?

    i bet he doesn’t care one little bit either

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