Brawn GP takes Honda F1’s place on the 2009 F1 grid – official

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Jenson Button (left) will drive for Ross Brawn's team in 2009

Ross Brawn has confirmed that his new team Brawn GP will take over from Honda and contest the 2009 F1 season.

As has been rumoured in recent weeks the team will use the same Mercedes engines as McLaren and Force India.

Ross Brawn will be team principal of his eponymous outfit and Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello have been retained as drivers.

A statement from Brawn reads:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you – our fans, our partners and our media colleagues – for your tremendous support during the past few months. It has been a challenging period but we have now achieved a very pleasing conclusion to the strenuous efforts which have been made to secure our future. We have also been left in no doubt as to the level of enthusiasm for the team and our ambitions.

Our focus now is on preparations for the first race of the 2009 calendar in Melbourne on 29 March. Over the coming weeks we will bring you the very latest news and pictures from the build-up to the Brawn GP team’s debut season plus our plans for the development of

The team are expected to begin testing at Silverstone tomorrow. Pitpass has reported a rumour suggesting Mike Gascoyne, who left Force India last year, could be brought on board as technical director.

Honda has issued the following statement:

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the sale of the Honda Racing F1 Team (HRF1) to Ross Brawn, the former Team Principal of Honda Racing F1 Team.

The entire shares of the HRF1, held by Honda GP Holdings Ltd., the UK-based holding company for HRF1 that managed all operations of Honda’s Formula One racing, were sold to Ross Brawn. As a result of this sale, the team ownership has transferred to Mr. Brawn, who plans to have the new team compete for this year’s FIA Formula One World Championship.

Hiroshi Oshima, Managing Officer of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. responsible for Corporate Communications and Motor Sports: “Since announcing our withdrawal from Formula One racing on December 5 of last year, we have conducted various studies and discussions so that the team can continue its activities as a new team. We are very pleased that we could sell the team to Ross Brawn, with whom we have been partaking in the challenges of F1 competition, and are grateful for his decision. We offer our sincerest wishes for the new team which will be led by Ross.”

Read the full press release on Brawn GP’s official website.

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Update: Here’s a picture of the 2009 Brawn GP F1 car: Brawn GP tests its 2009 F1 car

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78 comments on “Brawn GP takes Honda F1’s place on the 2009 F1 grid – official”

  1. Yes,at last, just found this on the beeb, was about to post a link.

    Brawn GP, sounds like the best of the suggested options.

    & god bless all who sail in her.

    1. Excellent news I’m very happy F1 will have 20 cars after all. I hope they have enough funding in place to do the full season.

      1. @keithcollantine That, and maybe win both championships eh?

        1. @mashiat haha you beat me to it!

    2. I wonder if there is any Branson, connection, or money in this venture? Branson, was showing some interest earlier on.

  2. Very intriguing. I’ll admit I couldn’t stand RB when he was at Ferrari (mainly due to the boredom of the Schumi years) but I shall be supporting Brawn GP (even with Button! **sigh**) along with FORCE INDIA!

  3. Fingers crossed for another Jenson Button win this year! Wouldn’t surprise me either, considering they’ll be running the same donk as McLaren!

  4. If Brawn has enough money, it’ll be very interesting to see him leading the team of his own, like great team bosses such as Eddie Jordan and Peter Sauber, not to mention the greatest still active of those who have a team named after him: Frank Williams.

    It’s a pitty that it is a provisional solution, that’ll probably last only one season…

  5. Did anyone else notice how Nick Fry isn’t mentioned in the press release, didn’t get any of the ownership, and really hasn’t been heard from much recently? Could Nick be on his way out?

    1. Going on rumours alone I think it’s very likely.

  6. Finally a statement
    I’m glad we will have 20 cars back on the grid
    lets hope they can get a good car running soon

  7. From the look of the website, looks as if the livery will be white, black, and lime green. Nice!

    1. indeed, sort of a return to the Jordan/Minardi days in that respect :)

    2. Personally, it made me vomit! (And it’s fluorescent yellow, not green…!) I don’t think my eyes will ever be the same. I think their brains have gone wonky after a couple of years of wearing bright green trousers

      Though it would be funny if they won. Let’s wait to see what sponsors they can add to make it look nice. And all the best to F1’s newest team!

  8. Bernification
    6th March 2009, 1:14

    Well, blimey, I really coundn’t see that one coming.

    I really had resigned myself to their unhappy demise, but they’ve managed the impossible! If rumours are to be believed, they waited the whole of the last 3 months and then 2 buyers turned up at once.

    Never really liked him much at Ferrari either, I always thought him a bit patronising, but really admire the courage of his convictions.

    Good luck guys. Here’s to some points!

  9. Excellent news, BrawnGP is equal BBB (Brawn, Button and Barrichelo).

  10. The Brawn GP F1 team needs sponsors so that they can survive in the F1 for a long term,team must start looking for sponsorships.
    or they have already got the sponsors? any rumours?

  11. what was the monetary value of the team? if jenson taking a 20M pound pay cut is a difference maker, it couldn’t have been much by f1 standards. even after the “honda $100M discount” where did RB find the money? my guess is “uncle bernie”

    no matter, good luck to brawn gp!

    1. I seem to remember a thread saying Honda were offering the team for £1 so that could be what Ross has done. Maybe he has promised not to make Honda look bad by doing a worse job than they did before him.
      NOthard to do lol

  12. wow brawn took the whole thing! nice, no more dip stick fry, i can only hope that gascoyne doesn’t go there or else brawn gp will still be in the sh-t.

  13. What that team needed is exactly what’s happening now. A proven winner, with multiple teams, as principle, get rid of the man that kept them from success, and as far as I’m concerned, the addition of Gascoyne is a blessing as well. Say what you will about the man’s temperament, he was pretty much responsible for both championship winning Renault’s. If the rumour is true, I will greatly enjoy seeing what he can come up with again working within a strong management structure. Either way, Brawn is a winner, and I would say that the only thing that could keep him from further success is funding.

    1. Indeed, if Brawn brings in Gascoyne, he must believe that he would fit well with the team and be a positive contributor. Don’t foget that Vijay inherited Gascoyne with the purchase of Spyker- no offense to either party, but I would imagine they diden’t get along very well. Ross woulden’t make such a move if he wasen’t 100% sure about it, but it should work if he makes it.

    2. Vijay claims that Gascoyne was stifling other key team members. Which is the same reason why Toyota got rid of him.

  14. Good news all around- here’s to the best for Brawn GP in 2009! I quite like the color scheme that they will apparently be using- black and yellow have been misisng from the grid for some time now.

  15. Good news. Now lets hope they can pull something out of the bag and do well all things considering…

    1. I’ve read a rumour that Button has been involved in an accident – injuries as yet unknown. I hope this is not true. Can anyone confirm or deny this please…

    2. The only mention I’d seen of that was over on F1Badger and it was a spoof news article featuring a picture of an F1 button on a computer keyboard that had been broken off…

      At least I hope there’s nothing more to what you’ve heard…

    3. I’ve been wondering about the rumours of Jenson giving up a portion of his salary to help keep the team afloat. I suspect he exchanged it for shares in the team. What do you think…

  16. Black, White, and Lime Green, reminiscent of the Minardis. Could be just an interim colour scheme, the eventual title sponsors would dictate the colour I believe.

    Who would put down the dosh for title sponsor would be an interesting debate. Petrobras have been pussy-fotting around the idea and they wouldn’t be a surprise if they commit. I’m currently working on a project for Petrobras and the last I heard, amid the credit crunch and all, they’ve increased their budget for 2009. Given their history with F1 and Honda, you never know.

    All we can be sure of is that Jenson will bring in Ray Ban and Seiko.

    It would be great if Ross takes on Eddie Irvine as his assistant. Eddie has been knocking around for a return to the paddock in a similar role for a while now, hasn’t he?

  17. A very refreshing announcement indeed. This along with the FOTA announcement, and USF1, gives me a lot of hope for the future of F1. While it’s nice to have the big corporations/manufacturers in the sport, I don’t necessarily like them to dominate it. I wish them luck and hope for some longevity.

  18. Great news. All the best to Tyrrell-turned-BAR-turned-Honda-turned-Brawn. I’d like to see teams named after owners again.

  19. Very very happy.
    Hope there is money enough do to a good full season.
    I’ll be a fan of them.

  20. Jay Menon, I do hope you meant to type in “Eddie Jordan” and not “Eddie Irvine.” What could the Swirve possibly assist Brawn in, other than picking up the birds and mouthing off? Not that I disagree with his mouthiness, but it’s hardly something that would further an F1 team or do anything but distract Brawn from the job at hand. Now Jordan, on the other hand would shine in some sort of PR/sponsorship role, but realistically speaking, would that pry him off his yacht just to get a paycheque in F1?

  21. I did mean Swirve..hahaha. I think Eddie Jordan will be happy with his cushy job at the BBC just now.

    I just thought I’d drop him in there since he’s been interested in forming his own team, this might be the perfect oppurtunity to get the some hands on experience…thats is of course, if he’s not busy chasing some skirt.

    I thought I’d be fun..haha..but it would be good to see ol’ Eddie back in the paddock

  22. Somehow Irvine and management just don’t seem to go hand in hand. Mind you, he apparently was not only one of the top earners, but also one of the top keepers and investors of his money, but still, I just can’t see him running an F1 squad.

  23. Well, you’d never know. I think Eddie is a pretty sharp chap, he just might pull it off.

    Who else better than Ross Brawn to guide him?

    We’re going on about this as if its going to happen..hahaha

  24. Off topic.
    I noticed a new engine cover plate on the Red Bull, during Jerez tests. Fin shaped but with new profile. Any picture of that?, Keith
    I saw something on last picture frames.

  25. Great news!
    Maybe The Virgin group will become the main sponsor?
    Could be why Branson was seen as a possible buyer.

  26. Just the news I’ve been waiting for! Great news the TEAM has survived. Such a crucial year for Jenson with the prospect of no drive would have been a career ender. Glad Rubens is on board too and I think thats more to do with Brawn and the realisation they need his input. Everyone remembers last years Silverstone for Lewis’s sterling drive but Rubens is the one that stood out to me. His call on the timing of tyre choice got them on the podium and a stellar drive from him. Looks like I need to buy some new team merchandise too ;) :D

  27. Great News ! ! !

    And best of Luck to Ross Brawn. This man has achieved everything in F1. Gone into retirement, come back, rescued a team as well. A victory in at least 1 race this season will be a perfect tribute to Ross Brawn :)

    1. Good news is they did manage at least 1 win

  28. Good news indeed!!

    would like to see the black and green of the “BRAWN GP website used on the cars livery could look pretty ace.

  29. i think this is my new favorite “other team”.
    but one thing stunned me that they are using M.B power? whatever happened to the Ferrari-Ross Brawn special relationship. and those ferrari engines were crackers with Torro Rosso last year.

  30. Great news, I was beginning to think it wouldn’t happen. I hope they have all the finances and resources to be a long term fixture in Formula 1. I think they will become a few peoples other team just like Super Aguri were.

  31. Congrats to them. With this new dawn, they can seriously cut off all the big egos there and operate a lean mean organization.

    I really now have my doubts about Gascoyne’s aerodynamics abilities. What did Briatore have to say about Gascoyne after he left Renault for Toyota, “After he left, we got faster”.
    At Toyota, all he seemed to do was just add fins and more fins to the car, almost giving the car more fins that some prehistoric reptiles I know, all this despite a heavy budget. By this time all the other cars on the grid were featuring those undercut sidepods but Toyota still had the square variety.

    I get the impression his policy is lets try everything, we may stumble upon something, rather than working with a clear and coherent design strategy.

  32. I’ve read rumours of a major sponsor coup on RealHondaF1 forum (which seems to have team members posting on it) – possible colours metallic blue with red and white flashes. Speculation is Pepsi or British Airways…

    Apparently there will be a proper team/livery launch on Thursday in Melbourne…

  33. good on them. I have supported Honda since the BAR days, really liked their set up. I hope that they do well this year, I certainly will be egging them on!

  34. is the website’s black and yellow theme a hint of the car’s colour scheme? =)

  35. @ iceshiel
    yeah i think the color of website may be transformed to the design of the livery.just a rumour.nothing concrete yet.

  36. Sush Meerkat
    6th March 2009, 12:29

    I’m glad they didn’t accept Bernie’s offer, Bernie F1, chortle.

    Anyway, he only put in a bid cos that would give him rights to be in FOTA.

  37. Yeah!

    It would’ve been really bad to see just 18 cars on the grid in Melbourne…

    There is just one thing – why Brawn GP? I know that there were several F1 teams named by the owner but for some reason it just seems wrong…

    I’m also wondering what’s in it for Brawn? Is he now the owner of all buldings, facilities, equipment and wind tunnels? If yes even I wouldn’t mind ‘buying’ and running the ex-Honda team :D

    1. if thats ther 2009 car that is a very advanced front wing definition

  38. Like it. The Brawn GP name is a great addition to Formula 1. Let’s hope the team in this guise accumulates some history to go with it.

  39. Brawn could cut costs next year by taking the new FIA approved Cosworth V8 engine and gearbox and the new cost-reducing parts and reduced prices. Ditch Mercedes units and millions could be saved. Brawn GP could be the first to embrace this new measures. If he can make it through this season without too much hassle and get decent (for what he has) results, then next year the team could have access to engines, gearboxes and software/hardware etc that would help trim the inflated budget of an F1 team.

  40. No Fry, no Honda, just Ross and possibly Gascoyne. I wish them well. They seem to be assuming the role of a latter day Minardi, albeit with a slightly better chance at success.

    cCn’t wait to see how they test next week.

  41. Pete Walker
    6th March 2009, 13:51

    There’s another image now on

  42. Really fantastic news, what a relief! I can only wish
    Ross Brawn and his new team the very best for 2009 and beyond. He really is the best man to lead this
    reunited team forward, and has made a good decision in
    keeping Button and Barrichello onboard.
    What we must remember, is that Brawn played a massive part in winning the five championships for Ferrari and
    Michael Schumacher. He is one of the smartest people on that pitlane.
    I will laugh my socks off if this team enjoys more
    success without the Honda millions than with. That would be the perfect tonic wouldn’t it?

  43. more testing images on

  44. All I can say is: it’s about darn time!

    I couldn’t stand the rumours and speculation anymore!

    Now we can look forward to Australia with 20 :)

  45. That front wing looks very interesting. I really hope that they’re at least a front running team. You have to be impressed with the car they’ve knocked together through all the doubts and strained. I wonder if they have a KERS system.

  46. I should think they could easily get hold of a McLaren KERS to go with their gearbox and engine.

  47. Oliver, don’t forget that Gascoyne had two teams of designers, each one working on the following year’s car, so while the one team was refining the 2005 car, the next team had already started on 2006. So, if they were faster after Mike left, I believe he still gets credit for Renault getting faster after he left. Besides, I’ll take anything Briatore says with a grain of salt…..

  48. KingHamilton
    6th March 2009, 16:21

    Excellent news.Wish they could of thought of a more interesting name though, but Ill still support them.

  49. StrFerrari4Ever
    6th March 2009, 16:38

    Great news finally its confirmed and 20 cars at Melbourne sounds just about right i dont know about you but from these pictures it certainly looks as if it’s going to be fast hopefully at the Barcelona test they can have some good pace and continue with it to Melbourne i wonder what sponsors they are going to have on that car? now i’m waiting to see the Str and then that Barcelona test should be a cracker :)

  50. Seeing Jenson at the tests at jerez from the 15th to the 17th !! cant wait!! anyone want to tell him anything lol im writing a congrats card and giving it to him at Jerez! lol im a little board! Gr8 news though i saw it coming!

  51. I think that is good. I dont see them being competitve but I hope they can grow and prosper.

  52. Brawn knows what he is doing-having led Ferrari to the top.
    I hope this removes the roadblocks to progress that seemed to be present with Honda.

  53. well done to ross brawn and i hope this is the beginning of a fantastic era for RB. and i am also happy they reatained to of f1 most honest true racing drivers.

  54. I think that if the rumours about EDDIE IRVINE are right then hown is he any better than NICK FRY?

  55. great news for f1,glad jb still has a drive.Wish all the best to brawngp.
    Looking at pics of m schumacher this week looking bored at testing,will he be joining brawn soon??

    1. Maybe he’ll come out of retirement and partner Jenson in 2010

  56. This really is good news. And with the touted inclusion of USF1 next year, we may yet see some decent grid sizes. And I am very glad Rubens got the nod, it would have been awful if he was just left out in the cold.

  57. I wonder if BrawnGP will be using all the mercedes stuff on their car aswell as the engine, like the gearbox and kers system too or did honda already come up with their own kers.

  58. Great news, good to see that Button will be staying in the sport, hopefully this new and improved team will see jenson get back on the points ladder where he belongs after suffering at the hands of an unreliable honda team for a few seasons.

  59. I am just still amazed that Brawn and Button are leading the way…! great for British Motor Sport though.

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