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Mark Hughes analyses the testing form

"In the cooler conditions of Jerez, the Ferrari seemed to take a while to get its tyres up to temperature – repeating a pattern that’s been seen for some years now."

Q & A with Renault's Bob Bell

Bob Bell: "Moveable aerodynamics is completely new territory for all the teams, but we've got on top of it mechanically and have got the system working reliably, which is the most important thing. It's actually a very useful device for speeding up the development of the car as the driver can make wing adjustments on the circuit, rather than having to pull into the pits."

Inside the World of Red Bull

"You only have to spend a couple of minutes in the office of ‘Grandpapa’ – as Sébastien affectionately calls him – to understand exactly how Toro Rosso’s latest signing became a racing driver. Under Grandpapa’s influence, it would have been hard to become anything else."

Windsor Clarifies USF1 Name Change

Peter Windsor: "Our original logo was basically a placemark for a project in progress. Now that we’re in business, it’s important to create a logo and team name that is fully in accordance with FOM rules. This we are now doing. In the meantime, we’re diverting web traffic to one of the many domain names we registered some five years ago. We kinda liked USGPE because of the early FW days (referring to Williams Grand Prix Engineering). We’ll be back soon – bigger and better."

A good news day for F1

"Honda also deserves some credit because it seems that they have finally appreciated that, rather than spending millions on redundancy packages, it would be better to invest that cash into ensuring the team's survival, albeit in the hands of others. A good news day indeed."

BBC F1 team preview 2009 season

Video from the BBC's new F1 site

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