F1 links: Spa’s $4.7m loss

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Belgium loses $4.7m

The Belgian Grand Prix last year lost $4.7m. The race day attendance was just 52,000, which was 10,000 down on the previous year.

'A wicked shame' if F1 consigns Senna to DTM

Bruno Senna's former GP2 boss Paul Jackson: "We really do believe he's a talent, but for some reason a lot of people don't seem to take him quite so seriously. They think he's there because of his name, because he's got access to sponsors and whatever. For sure, that helps him, but it doesn't make you drive the car quickly. He is a real talent and it'll be a wicked shame if that doesn't get seen in F1."

FOTA'S roadmap for the future of Formula One

McLaren add front wing device

The McLaren team has added new parts to its front wing, photos from Jerez testing have revealed.

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7 comments on “F1 links: Spa’s $4.7m loss”

  1. Bruno Senna is still a young guy and still has time to show his worth for a future formula 1 drive.
    I’m sure Rubens was given the green light for the brawn gp seat for 2 reasons.

    1. Senna was not a mature enough driver.

    2. Rubens is established and can help the team to catch up with testing and setting the car up for the new season. Something i doubt Senna would have been able to.

    From what i have read about Bruno Senna he needs another year of racing to show his talent and grow. And a year in DTM is not gonna stop the f1 teams from watching him. Or he could try another year in gp2 if there are any places left in that.

  2. Interesting new device on the McLaren front wing. But what about the back wing. Are they using the new regulation back wing full time now in testing. I’m getting quite concerned…

    1. How much of this is to keep the opposition guessing? Or maybe they need to make sure the new wing is as good as the old one?

  3. If those are the correct figures, the Spa race lost just over £90 per spectator. They would probably need to almost treble the attendance to break even on that basis. Not really possible.
    Lower charges and more money from Bernie?

    1. No, more sponsors. Ticket sales are only a fraction of track revenue. They need to sell advertising.

  4. Spa’s loss is just another example of why F1 finances need to be sorted out.

    As for the new part on the McLaren front wing according to some posters on F1 Technical Ferrari have had the same piece since launch.


  5. Keith, what tracks last year actually made it breakeven. If spa lost 10,000 spectators doesn’t this send a message out to bernie that he is losing money due to his greed.

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