What was the F1 news on your birthday?

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Autosport November 5th, 1981 (click to enlarge)
Yesterday F1 Fanatic celebrated its fourth brithday.

By sheer coincidence a couple of days ago I came across the issue of Autosport that was printed on my own birthday: November 5th, 1981 (see picture).

This got me thinking – can we find out what the big F1 news was on the day (or week) of all our birthdays?

So, post your birth date in the comments below and I’ll do my best to rummage through the stacks of Autosports, Motorsports and other motor racing magazines I have piled up to find out what was going on in the F1 world on that day…

An Autosport cover without F1 on it would be unthinkable these days – but on November 5th, 1981 the lead story was the Ivory Coast rally.

But the Formula Ford Festival is mentioned at the bottom of the cover – it was won by Tommy Byrne, a rival of Ayrton Senna. Byrne went on to have a brief F1 career and you can read more of his story in the excellent book “Crashed and Byrned” which came out last year.

Autosport November 5th, 1981, page two (click to enlarge)
There was big news in the F1 world that week though. Carlos Reutemann, who had lost the 1981 world championship to Nelson Piquet in the last round of the season at Las Vegas, announced he was leaving F1. This left Williams with no drivers at all, as Alan Jones had already announced his retirement. Opposite page two was a story about Keke Rosberg leaving the tail-end team Fittipaldi.

Reutemann started the 1982 season with Williams but left abruptly, leaving them with Rosberg, who went on to win the title. On the same page is a story about John Watson turning down a drive with the team for 1982 – Watson remained at Mclaren and fought Rosberg for the title until the final round.

In other F1 news that day, Riccardo Patrese was finally cleared of wrongdoing in the accident that had claimed Ronnie Peterson’s life at Monza in 1978. Race starter Gianni Restelli was also foung not guilty by a court in Milan.

What was the F1 news on your birthday?

Post your birth date below and we’ll see if F1 Fanatic readers can find out what the F1 news was on the day you were born.

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1,072 comments on “What was the F1 news on your birthday?”

  1. My birth date is May 24th 1984. Its a nice birthday to have actually, as every once in a while I get a birthday Monaco GP (1998, this season). :)

    1. Hey; I am born 1 day and 3 years later.
      25th May 1987.

      And Monaco GP was on 25th in 2008; not 24th :P

      Its cool to have a birthday in the holidays, I feel. I have celebrated mine in atleast 10 different cities so far ( out of 22).

      1. My birthday just passed, June 26 1961

    2. That’s the EXACT date of my birthday!

    3. hello my day is 24th May 1978 , great bday mate!

      1. I’m kinda late to party but… 19th May 1988 (just like Kubica 88 number) i shall add.

        1. October 21, 1939

  2. 30th Nov 1991

  3. 6th February 1989

  4. 18th Sept 1975
    Niki Lauda became World Champion a week before, I think

  5. Friday 13th April 1984

  6. 30th April 1973

  7. Jan 3rd 1985… 4 days before Lewis’s, in a hospital a few miles south of Stevenage.

    I also share my birthday with Michael Schumacher, who would have been celebrating his 16th birthday.

    1. same here even me jan 3rd!!

  8. 10th January 1984 randomly the US and the vatican established full diplomatic relations. FACT. Need to get out more

    1. Just as well, otherwise there’d be a small crater in the middle of Rome by now.

    2. The small crater would be an ideal place to build a new track for the Rome GP.

    3. yep… the crater will make for a good oval ;-)

      1. Finally a new track with elevation changes….

  9. Oh everyone’s so young.

    2nd August 1972

    1. Uh uh I must be youngest
      3rd December 1995

      1. nope, 7 august 1998

        1. Nope 2000

        2. February 17th

        3. 4 Jan 1999

    2. 6 jan 2000

    3. Yea but I’ve realized it is a gift…age….better than not getting older. August 27, 1971. Spa baby.

    4. 2nd August 1973

  10. Like Pete I get the occasional Monaco GP or even Indy 500

    30th May 1974

    Also: Number-one song in the charts today
    In the USA:
    “The Streak” by Ray Stevens


    1. Same here!
      May 30th, 1970 though!

  11. Christian Briddon
    6th March 2009, 11:15

    12th November 1969.

    Am I the oldest person here? I don’t feel that old. :-)

    I never get a GP on my birthday but looking at this years calendar we seem to be getting closer!!

    1. No, I’m older,sorry to say. 18th March 1960. There has been f1 GP’s on my birthday but I’ve never seen them live, all offers of 2tickets for my wife and I to see the British GP would be gratefully recieved, thank you, lol.

    2. no was thinking everybody a bit young too, me

      17 nov 1957

  12. 20th January 1965. One of the eldest here it seems! The great Jim Clark had won the South African Grand Prix on the first day of January, in his bid to win his second championship, which he would finally get with a perfect score of 54 points (9 points for each victory, only the best six round results could be retained).

    1. Shirleen Riffe
      4th March 2012, 0:09

      I might have the honors. 19 May 1959

      1. Nope, August 17, 1951 here. Been an F1 fan since 1961 when I discovered Road & Track magazine and followed Phil Hill’s championship.

    2. I’m close, 16th january 1968

  13. September 12th 1988. I always get either Monza or spa around then. I like it as they are the best tracks on the calander (until they get replaced by some random arab race).

    1. Well, I got the same day but a few years older. 1975. I’m hoping next year they have the Italian GP on the 10-12 Sept so I can celibrate my 40th (eeck) at the race…

  14. 25th November, 1969! Pah, the F1 driver’s these days…they don’t know they’re born! Hay bails for barriers, 4 wheels off the ground… and that was just the Silverstone car park!

  15. 27 April 1975… cor I’m old and didn’t know it. :-)

    1. 22 July 1951! Is anyone older than that?!!

      1. Absolutely nobody!!

        1. You are in error. My birthday is March 8, 1951, plus I am a 1973 Tasman Championship winning mechanic.

          1. June 12, 1950 here :):)

      2. June 12, 1950 here :):)

      3. Yes just a bit younger but an old Lady never gives full details but enjoy F1.

      4. March 20, 1948. Been following F1 since the 60s!

  16. 16 march 1984
    (very soon :p)

    The past years I got a nice gift as the first race weekend of the year :D

    1. happy birthday in advance

  17. Mine…. Dan Gurney won at Brands Hatch, driving an Eagle-Weslake T1G ‘102. Ickx, Brabham and Bruce (McLaren) were there also…

    Oldest here, by the moment. ;-)

  18. Nah… qazuhb is older than me… I feel a big relief…

  19. Hey i am youngest here.except smitty.. yuppy
    my birthday on 2nd march 1985. Just celebrated few days back.
    Hey keith,tell me what happened in F1 on my birthday.

  20. 22nd November 1982.
    England won the Rugby World Cup on my 21st Brthday – the best present ever – not sure F1 can produce something that spectacular, but I’d be happy to be surprised. Although a late november GP would be fab, it might just extend the season too far.

    1. Oooh same day as mine – except mine is 1985, England won the Rugby World Cup on my 18th

    2. Johnny Wilkinson won the rugby world cup for England. Most scores were divisible by 3… but that’s a debate for another day and another website. :-)

    3. Go 22nd November!! Albeit 1991 but that rugby match was an awesome b-day pressie for me too

  21. Sush Meerkat
    6th March 2009, 12:06

    5th May 1981

  22. Hmm, well good luck finding F1 news on 24th December 1977.

    1. Scott Joslin
      6th March 2009, 16:03

      Ditto that, Mine is December 27 1979, not much racing then!

  23. Birthdate 28.6.1966. Started follow F1 in the 80’s

  24. Hey my birthdate is 01/11/1989 would be cool to know what the news was for me :P

    1. Blimey… that’s only a week before the Berlin wall fell… I remember that week!!

  25. Keith, how bout putting a brithday booth on the site, wishing F1F users on their birthdays…

    1. Not a bad idea! Will look into how I could do it…

  26. Nov 30th, 1984 for me Keith.

    1. same birthday………

  27. Rick DeNatale
    6th March 2009, 12:48

    You are all kids!

    I was born on December 8, in the same year Fangio won his first driving title.

    Only two seasons and 15 Formula One Grands Prix had taken place by the day I was born.

    1. I was born the same day, same month, like Jim Morrison ;)
      But I am 31 years youger than you, Rick DeNatale.

      Or say it other way – I am almost 2 years (except one day), older than Robert Kubica.

  28. I’m 13th Feb 1979!


  29. October 15th, 1989 :P

    probably you’ll find some championship being decided by the time

  30. 21st march 1978

    aryton senna was also born on 21st march in 1960

    the british formula one season in 1978 started on 24th march……..

  31. I was born on May 26th, 1977, 4 days after that year’s Monaco GP. But I wouldn’t know where to start looking for motor sport news from that exact day…

  32. I’m afraid I’m snatching the title of youngest here.
    15th Feb 1990. A month before the US Grand Prix according to Wikipedia.

    1. Afraid Richard a bit further up was born in ’91…

      1. And was born in ’96….

        1. My date of birth: 29th May 1971

          My guess is a Monaco GP fact.

  33. You really know how to hurt a guy, Keith – I am older than F1…

    .oO(I wonder if Autosport existed in 1948)

  34. November 30 1994. Dont know much what happened, but know it was the year of Senna’s passing, Schumachers first championship and speeds were greatly reduced by stupid chicanes everywhere.

    1. hey man we share same birthday although im 3 years older than you!

  35. March 8th 1981, your older than me Keith!

    1. Actually, no, I’m eight months younger!

      How do I do a smiley with the tongue sticking out… :-p

    2. Doh I got it wrong. A kind of Murry-esque moment for there then!

  36. Friday 13th January, 1984. Not usually a busy time for F1 news…

    1. 13th January for me too. :)

  37. It was my birthday yesterday too! :) 20th

  38. Let’s try: 19th july 1989.

    1. That’s mine too! :D

  39. 24th september 1989. Gehard Berger won in Portugal according to F1.com

    1. 24th September 1980!!!

      24th September 1995 David Coulthard won his first F1 Grand Prix in Portugal.

  40. Romulo Shortback
    6th March 2009, 15:00

    My turn: 9th january 1985!

    1. We’re almost nearly birthday buddies!

  41. October 7th, 1972

    A month after Emerson Fittipaldi won his first World Championship. :-)

  42. 22nd of September 1974 :)

  43. I was born during the Spanish GP Weekend 1986, on Saturday 12/4/86 to be precise. The news was probably Senna dominating everything, or the fact it was the first race weekend at Jerez!

    1. Scott Joslin
      6th March 2009, 16:07

      Amy Classic race that, one of the closet race finishes ever!

  44. 17 FEB 1983

    The Daytona 500 falls on my birthday every few years, but I really don’t follow NASCAR so I don’t get too excited about that.

  45. My date of birth: 21 February 1956
    In 1967, in glorious widescreen Cinerama, I saw the film “Grand Prix.” By that age I was already familiar with a few F1 driver names, by virtue of their participation in the Indianapolis 500. Among them were Jochen Rindt, Jim Clark, Dan Gurney, and Graham Hill.
    I enjoy F1 very much, as I follow it very closely.

  46. Andrew White
    6th March 2009, 15:56

    I think I’m the youngest here! 24th August 1993

    That was 5 days before the Belgian GP, which was won by Damon Hill.

    Last year I had the inaugural GP in Valencia on my birthday, shame the race was awful!

    1. Andrew Smith
      7th March 2010, 10:39

      I’m second youngest here then.

      My birthday is 24th June 1998.

      I’m 2 months older than you.

      1. Andrew Smith
        8th March 2010, 17:52


        It’s 24th June 1993 not 1998

        Sorry that was my mistake

  47. Sebastien Bourdais was born on my birthday (or I was born on his birthday :). Funny thing is that my name is also Sebastien and the design of his helmet is almost the same as the one I designed about 13 years ago (I was a gokart racer). Coincidence or…? ;)

  48. Adam Dennehey
    6th March 2009, 16:06

    Thanks for that my birthday’s Nov 5th 1987, so it’s good to see already something thats happened on the 5th, i’ll do my own research on my actual date of birth and what happens with F1, no doubt Senna and Prost will be near enough the headlines in that one

    1. You’re exactly six years younger than me, and born in the same year as my brother!

    2. I’m born on Nov 5 too! Of 1992 that is.

  49. StrFerrari4Ever
    6th March 2009, 16:15

    wow i’m the youngest here 4th October 1995 :) good to see there’s alot of wisdom and knowledge though amongst us

    1. Yeah im not the youngest!

    2. HA I’m younger 13th August 1996.

  50. hamilton wc 09
    6th March 2009, 16:17


  51. Looks like you opened up a can of worms on this topic, Kieth.

    Nice to see all the ’84 babies!

    December 21 1984

    Same as Samuel L Jackson?, thats the best I got… and we’re all going to die before I get to eat cake on 12/21/2012…. http://www.december212012.net/

    Good luck.

  52. august 2, 1983

  53. I got the 25th September 1992, two days before Mansell won at Portugal.

    But more importantly, Alonso won his first championship on the my birthday. Shame that I’m a Raikkonen fan. :P

  54. 27th January 1989

  55. 13th July 1994

  56. April 2nd, 1991 – I share the day (though obviously not the year) with Jack Brabham, and the 1934 Monaco GP was on April 2nd

  57. Wow what a lot of responses! It’s going to take quite a while to find news stories for them all, but I’ll give it my best shot over the weekend. Keep the suggestions coming in…

    1. you know when you wish you hadnt asked….!! great to see what ages log on to see your site though!

  58. 07 Nov 1987.

    I know that my birthday has had a World Championship round or two, last in Adelaide in 1993.

  59. Hi Keith – as you said, it could be quite a mountain of work.

    How about “On this day…” where you clip various major events that happened 1 Year Ago, 2 Years Ago, 5 Years Ago etc bit like they do in the newspaper.

    Though that still strikes me as a bunch of work just for trivia, and I for one would rather you spend your energy on yet more new material for this season than bits of trivia.

    But if you’re researching 1978 for Gaz, check out 19th April ;)

    1. Will do, your holiness.

  60. 29th of october 1993 one of the youngest here i think, 12 days after Kimi Raikkonen’s b-day and 10 after Kovalinen’s also 2 days after Jenni Raikkonen’s b-day! see if anyone can find any more info on my b-day!

  61. 7/8/92 mansells year and williams domination of f1.

  62. Sep. 12th 1988

    Great initiative Keith. I hope you don’t get too swamped.


  63. October 28th in the year that BRM was founded !
    Now THATS what you call ‘old.

    1. Is that 1945?

    2. I hope it is! Otherwise I’d be the oldest… :D

  64. 26 December 79 — the Soviet Union was officially dissolved when I turned 12! A bit quiet F1-wise but I’m sure Keith can find something…

  65. 12th March 1980

    Coming 29 this coming Thursday, and after having a look at the other birthdays listed above, I’m now feeling decidedly old for the first time in my life! I don’t know why, but I just thought or presumed that older people than me would be reading and contributing to this site. Ahh well…

    Keep up the great work Keith!

  66. You’ve probably got way too many already, but I’ll throw my birthday hat into the ring… 7 June 1977.

    Which I’ve just found out is the exact same date as a tv personality in NZ who I see from time to time in my local supermarket. I wonder if I should point this out next time I see him. I’m sure he’ll be interested!…

  67. Snifff…here comes the grandma, 31 July 1962 :-(
    Normal cars is this time were seat 600 here in Spain :-(
    Something great for my birthday?
    Thanks Keith.

  68. 12th March 1983… one day later, Piquet won his home race in Jacarepaguá, the opening round of that season, en route to his second world title… well, lucky day for a brazilian to be born :D

    1. That’s two Daniels now, both born in 1983!

    2. he is older than me though!

  69. 20th July 1975 — British Grand Prix – ~Sliverstone

    I don’t think many finished…. sounds like a classic. Emerson Fittipaldi won the race.. I was born at 1pm, but not sure what time it started and finished.

    “The results were overshadowed by a heavy hail storm from Lap 53, which caused 3 out of the top 4 cars to aquaplane and crash in the same corner, bringing an early finish to the race, and a significant absence on the podium”


  70. 25TH JULY 1995
    StrFerrari4eva you beat me to youngest by 11 days

  71. 25th January 1980

  72. Hi Keith,

    Great idea, but i do think you have bitten off more than you can chew with this idea.

    But anyway my b-day is 13-06-1966.

    When i first saw the article i thought i was gonna be the oldest, lol how wrong i was.

    1. I might have to split the reply up across several posts I think!

  73. I be curious to know if anything significant happened on my Birthday, although I’m doubtful.

    10th Jan 1982

    1. hey your 2 years older than me!!! The only good thing about being a January baby is seeing the new cars being released!

  74. So easy for me, I was born 5th of March 1961!!!

    1. happy birthday!

  75. 11-11-1987. Surprised to see how young most people here are, and also that there have already been 2 or 3 November ’87 birthdays.

  76. Jan 17th, 1984

  77. March 24, 1986- Piquet won his home race the day before. Prost would win the title, and the New York Giants would win their first Super Bowl the following January :)

    This year the season starts shortly after my birthday, so it’s a good time in that sense. I must note that for my birthday in 1992 I got the video game Super Monaco GP for Sega Genesis, which gave me an early intro to F1 and paved the way for my current level of interest.

  78. Looks like I am the lone 18 August 1973 baby. And boy do I feel old, reading all of these 80 & 90’s dates !

    Since my birthday is in the middle of the season, something interesting might have happened around that time, you never know.

    1. And boy do I feel old, reading all of these 80 & 90’s dates !

      Tell me about it…

  79. 2nd Feb 1987…..

  80. January 26, 1994. The year of Senna’s death, sadly. :(

  81. Add me to the list:

    Nov. 29, 1988

    It’s certainly interesting to see the age range, and how you can tell that people are from vastly different regions simply by the way they note their date.

  82. Well a great idea Keith and Happy Birthday and many more good years ahsad on youre site – but I think my birthdate will be a bit hard to get any F1 – more GP if anything – anyway its 18th April 1949 – old black and grey tv – and films then – Alan

  83. Get me on this list!

    30th December 1986

  84. Well Keith,
    Get me on this list too! 21st Feb 1982

    And let me tell you one thing, I am from India and will be there in UK for 3 months or so. May be I’ll travel next week. I really really want to meet u!

  85. Yorricksfriend
    7th March 2009, 10:15

    haha doubt youll have time to me – but 05/10/1990 :)

  86. Hmmmm, nowt I can find for 15th November 1980, however these took place on my subsequent birthdays:

    Riccardo Patrese debuts for Williams at Australia, for F1’s 452nd GP. Gerhard Berger and Michele Alboreto made it a Ferrari 1-2 (woo! funnily enough I know I wasn’t in the UK to watch the race at that time) with Theiry Boutsen 3rd in the Bennetton. It was the 93rd win for Ferrari as a constructor, and it was a nice sunny day.


    F1fanatic publishes 2008 F1 season in statistics p1/2 :D

    Okay, now I could’ve just pratted on moer about the Australian GP and made it look like I knew exactly what I was talking about – but I’ll just give you the link so everyone can just look up what happened on their birthday!

    http://www.statsf1.com/ – then goto “Diary”. It’s pretty awful and inefficient usability as you have to keep clicking to get to the date you want.

    1. Thanks for the link, Loki. I looked it up and can say that I have the same birthday as Hans Binder (whom I had completely forgotten). This is what the Wilipedia has to say about him:

      Hans Binder (born 12 June 1948 in Zell am Ziller, Innsbruck) is an Austrian former Formula One driver who raced for the Ensign, Wolf, Surtees and ATS teams.

      He won the European Formula Ford Championship in 1972 and moved into Formula 2 in 1976. During this year he raced at his home Grand Prix and the Japanese GP. In 1977 he moved to the Surtees team and also raced three times for ATS. He then returned to Surtees before the end of the season. In 1978 he failed to qualify for his home grand prix with ATS before disappearing from the F1 scene.

  87. 29th january…,1988

  88. i was born 05 october 1983. in the recent calendars it either falls on the weekend of shanghai, japan, or in between those races. i wonder what f1 news was happening on my birthdate.

    you can also send it to me via twitter :)

  89. 16th August 1967 – born between the German (Nurburgring) & Canadian (Mosport Park), GPs! Share by birthday with Ulrika Jonsson. Elvis also died on my 10th birthday!

    1. And on my 9th!

  90. OK rather than try to answer all of these at once I’ll do a series of posts next week with them in.

    So far the age range covers 1945 to 1995! Keep those birthdays coming in and I’ll do my best to answer them…

  91. Friday the 13th ;P March 1981

  92. 1st. june, same as Martin Brundle and Ron Dennis

  93. Saturday March 28th, 1981

  94. AmericanTifosi
    7th March 2009, 16:46

    September 20th 1991

  95. Whewbacca the Cookie
    7th March 2009, 17:13

    July 16, 1972

    The day after Fittipaldi’s British GP win at Brands Hatch. July 16 was a day of some rather significant disasters (apart from myself being born):
    – The start of the East-West Schism
    – World’s first parking meter installed in Oklahoma City
    – Manhattan Project: Beginning of the Atomic Age. US successfully detonates a plutonium-based test nuclear weapon
    – Watergate Scandal
    – Saddam Hussein’s rise to power
    The list goes on and on :)

  96. Scott Joslin
    7th March 2009, 17:48

    Interestingly – or not. I was born in December 1979, and my mum was pregnent at the British Grand Prix at Silvstone in July of that year and thinks that is the reason I liked F1 so much. That was also the race Williams won their first Grand Prix.

  97. May 8th, 1986

  98. My Birthday was July 11th 1958 in Buenos Aires , Argentina

  99. 28/06/1993: In that year Prost won hia last Championship.

  100. Do I have to ask for mine in the same way as every or would I get mine down automatically? ;)
    either way it 5th June 1987 and please no one mention Sebastien Vettel!!!

  101. Yes Keith 1945 – war just ended !

    Clive – I was in my peddle car before you were born :)

  102. Heart of the Sunrise
    7th March 2009, 22:49

    24th November, 1989, if possible – off season unfortunately not long after the Suzuka controversy.

  103. What a fantastic idea! You’re gonna have your hands full.

    4th Dec ’75, if you’d be so kind. Cheers.

  104. the week i was born moss beat the sharknoses in monaco!

  105. Since I was born in January, nothing related to F1 happend. (Woah, that sentence sounds strange.)

    But on the day after, Michael Schumacher would celebrate his 14th birthday. So on my birthday, his family must’ve prepared the cake :]

  106. 20 September 1987….

    what happened on that day?

  107. 27 July 1979. Clay Regazzoni had won at Silverstone the weekend before to give Williams their first victory

  108. Not a good idea to give out your birthdate online. It makes it easier for identity thieves. Be careful

  109. 10th May 1969 lots going on this year, will be at Barcelona

  110. I’m March 29th 1982. Yay i’m excited this year.

  111. 23rd Sept. 1969, time again for night race in singapore

  112. July 2nd 1991. Are they talking about the launch of the Ferrari 643? Because it’s 5 days before its racing debut.

  113. 9th October 1973. John Entwistle, John Lennon. That’ll do me! And still very young, thank you!

    To Clive and all the other “oldies” – if you were young when Rock’n’Roll was born, you’re still young. To put it a different way – if Dvorak was still kicking when you were born, then you’re OLD!

    I think I will relish answering this question myself. I suggest that (at least some) others do the same and post it here. Thanks for the inspiration, Keith!

  114. June 30, 1987. Same date as Ralf Schumacher.

    Probably would have been something to do with the lead up to the French GP, which was the weekend after. Most of the time I don’t get a GP on my birthday (always get a World Cup match though) as it is usually the date between two races.

  115. Keith: I believe ladies should be served first, followed by gentlemen in age order, from older to younger.
    (that way I won’t have to wait that much…;-) )

    1. :-) I’m a lady and from the 62 :-)I will be first than you ;-)

  116. My birthday, September 29, 1946, is before the modern era of F1.


  118. 12 july, 1983..pls find any news..also, good data you will have Keith to find age variance of the readers of the blog :)

  119. Am I the youngest one? I was born at 27th November 1991. It was the last year when Senna, Prost, and Mansell all raced on the track together. Anyway, please visit my blog. I made some car blueprints including the F60 & F2008. I need your comments :D

  120. 2 October 1966

    Jim Clark wins the US GP in a Lotus BRM.

  121. On my birthday, F1 cognoscenti were probably still discussing Nelson Piquet Sr.’s victory at his home race, which opened the 1986 season three days earlier (he took fastest lap en route).

    Less likely to have been discussed were Riccardo Patrese getting the 15th-fastest lap for a then-record-breaking 10th time and Piercarlo Ghinzani getting the 23rd-fastest lap for a then-record-breaking 5th time.

    Probably not the most memorable race ever, come to think of it…

  122. 22nd December 1982, I know it should be a great news, 1982nd season was one of the all time best.

  123. 20th July 1980.

    The best race by Rubens Barrichello in 2003 (British GP)!

    He was simply awesome.

  124. March 25, 1982

  125. 22nd Dec – 1982 – the winter solstice

  126. September 7, 1987.

  127. 4th May 1984.

  128. 27 february 194

  129. 27 february 1974

  130. Penelope Pitstop
    31st December 2009, 14:41

    7 August 1985

  131. Christmas Eve, 1976.

    A rubbish date to have a birthday!

  132. My birthday is Nov 26

  133. 29th January 1994

  134. 2 October 1990

  135. 20th May 1990

  136. February 17, 1983

    Not much F1 stuff happening that time of the year.

  137. 15th December 1990

    Great idea Keith :)

  138. 27th August 1991 :)

  139. 28th October 1993

  140. February 22, 1954

  141. 13th April 1984

  142. I was born on 21st May 1988, so in between Monaco and Mexico F1 races, both won by Prost. I always get a Monaco race around my birthday.

    Oh, and 21st May was Ferrari’s debut on F1 and Fangio’s first win! Although that happened 38 years earlier…

    Nice idea, Keith!

  143. 23rd May 1975 :)

  144. I can’t remember if I did this before or not :-S

    Anyway, my birthday is 5th August 1988

  145. December 9th, 1990. Great day, in my opinion

  146. March 8th, 1986. One year I even had a GP for my birthday!

  147. 6th of May, 1973.

    A rather horrible year for auto racing in the States. The month of May was absolutely horrific for that years running of the Indianapolis 500. 3 deaths, many injuries including spectators. In F1, Stewart won his final championship, but lost his teamate and friend Cevert at Watkins Glen. Tyrell pulled out of the race, giving the constructor’s title to Lotus, and Stewart announced his retirement.

    I only ever remember 1 GP being held on my birthday sometime in the mid 80’s, maybe Imola? I believe Prost won, but not 100% sure.

    I also remember a few years ago Super Aguri pulled out of F1 on my birthday too. I don’t think auto racing likes me very much… :P

  148. Keith,

    As I am a woman of a “certain” age…younger than Clive, for sure, but certainly old enough to have children older than many who have posted here. I will be happy to skip publicly finding out the F1 news for my birthday in order to maintain a bit of dignity…however, if you will be doing birthday wishes I will happily accept one on June 26th.

  149. 13th August 1996.
    My birthday is the same as my sister’s but she’s five years older.

  150. Well, I thought I was one of the oldest here. Seems I was right.

    My birthday, 1 January 1950. Seems of the folks posting, only Clive is older than I.

    That’s okay Clive, this is one time I’m happy to come in second. :)

    1. Hey dsob, now you’re third oldest – I’m 19th June 1942; the world was at war, no sport of any kind to speak of, but Paul McCartney was one day old!

      Can’t find any notable happenings as to hatches or despatches for my birthday, but I’m sure there’s one (or more) somewhere.

  151. My birthday is April 9. Same day as Jacques Villeneuve.

    1. I was born in 1994 by the way.

  152. 2nd December 1963 (not the oldest here… phew)

  153. 31/10/71
    Unfortunately on 24th Oct 1971, the Swiss F1 driver Joseph Siffert was fatally injured in his BRM at Brands Hatch.

  154. March 28th 1989

    The same day as this years Australian GP.

  155. April 6th ’80 here :)

  156. 8th of December 87… I doubt there’s much though…

  157. Mark Hitchcock
    2nd January 2010, 21:48

    I popped out on September 9th 1988.

  158. June 15th 1991.

  159. 12th March 1980

  160. 14th July 1994

    1. oh mine is 15th but 1987

  161. November 15th

  162. 25th of July 1985, same day as Nelson Piquet Jr and the year that Prost won his first championship.

    Here’s hoping there’s more pleasant F1 news from that day in 1985 than from last year!

  163. 19th of April 1992, woke up to the Chinese GP last year!

  164. july 11, 1984

  165. 24th December 1987

  166. March 9 1994

    At least I was alive for a couple months while Senna was still among us!

  167. I was born on June 15, 1987

    1. Oh I’m exactly one month younger than you.

  168. I was born the 29th of October 2009!! :D

    1. oops 1993 haha sorry!

  169. 28th June 1985!

    Smack bang in the middle of the F1 season!

  170. October 26 1985, near season finale.
    Have seen very little birthdays from october

  171. february 13th 1992 here :)

  172. 17th January 1990

  173. October 20th, 1989. Might be why I’m a Prost and not a Senna man!

  174. 5 September 1971, the day of the closest finish in F1 history at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. “The first five cars were all covered by 0.61s. It was the closest finish in the history of the World Championship and the fastest ever race, with an average speed of 150.75mph” http://www.grandprix.com/gpe/rr206.html

    I just found that out while looking up stuff for this post – cool.

  175. 29th january,1988..i was born when senna and prost rivalry started.nothing else i found any relationship about f1 and my birthday.

    1. Snap! But 4 years later..

  176. May 16 1982 for me

  177. 12th March 1983 — Keke Rosberg took first pole of the 1983 season.

    Similarly, my birthday has been on the first race weekend of 1993, 2000, 2006 and will also coincide with the first FP sessions of 2010. Can’t really think of a better birthday present! ;)

  178. 22 nov 1971 for me

  179. One of the younger ones here, 29th January 1992. Not sure what happened in 1992 but in 2008 Honda did launch their 2008 car!

  180. Yorricksfriend
    5th January 2010, 3:01

    5th October, 1990

  181. 28th July 1974

    1. You are nine years and one day older than me! :P

  182. Mouse_Nightshirt
    5th January 2010, 7:41

    25th Jan 1987 – not long to go!

  183. 1st February 1978!
    And i’m aboslutely thrilled to have the 2010 launch date on my day!!!

  184. 18th June

  185. 27th July 1983. :D

    1. German Grand Prix, Gerhard Berger’s last race win, and Benetton last also.

      Pity I didn’t get to see it though. Was in hospital and wasn’t allowed a telly! Booo!

  186. I wonder what happened on my birthday… 22nd September? Anyone know?

  187. 29th November 1990 – doubt you’ll find anything decent on my birthday, other than perhaps a driver signing / team announcement.

  188. 20 Jan 1985

  189. May 30th 1968.Memorial Day.

  190. i was born, January 10 1977. Buenos Aires Argentina.
    The day of my birth, there was an F1 race in my hometown of Buenos Aires. The race was won by Jody Scheckter in a Wolf-Ford.

  191. 24TH JUNE 1993

    24TH JUNE 1993

  192. 29th Jan 1979

  193. 10th Feb 1977

  194. Hi!

    I am born on 10 Apr 1980.

  195. 15th June 1993

  196. 04 October 2010

    1. Have you travelled back from the future or something!!!!! :D :P

  197. april 30th 1986

  198. Chris Gordon-Smith
    9th January 2010, 18:04

    Hi Guys,Girls
    First post but been watchin site all last year loved the prac,quali,race live blogs.
    I can’t stand the off season, this site helps keeps me saneish…

    I’m born 6th February 1977.

    Keep up the excellent work!!

  199. Feb 15 1976

  200. April 26th 1974

  201. My birthday is on 17th of January

  202. Old Fart Lurker here… January 19th

  203. It’s cool!
    I born on F1 holydays! Almost at Christimas:
    December 24th, 1989 :)

  204. 17 January 1971

  205. 19th April 1978

    It was a Wednesday, apparently, so I can’t imagine much happened. Indeed, a quick check of the Wikipedia entry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1978_Formula_One_season#Season_review) reveals an amazingly spread-out season: 15th January (Argentina) to 8th October (Canada)

    Seems the European Grands Prix were the standard 2 weeks apart by the fly-away races were sometimes four or even five weeks between green flags. Kinda unheard of these days, with back-to-back weekends and fanatics getting tetchy whenever there’s a Sunday without racing. :)

    Since I’m not a zealot of 1970’s racing I’m intruiged by the destinations too: not one but TWO races in USA, plus Canada. Oh how things have changed (for the worse). There was even a Yank World Champion (Andretti).

    And Ford powered 15 of the 19 teams on the grid. So:
    A) holy crap – NINETEEN TEAMS!!!
    B) Only Ferrari, Brabham (Alfa Romeo), Ligier (Matra) and Renault did not run with a blue oval under the hood
    C) That means names such as McLaren, Lotus and Williams were powered by Uncle Henry at the time.

    I’d heard the Cosworth DFV was legendary, but I’m still surprised.

    1978 was also a bygone era of smaller, independent teams. Count how many of the following y’all have ever heard of:

    There’s some famous surnames in there, which explains a bit. But seriously, Wolf (Canada!), ATS (Germany) and Theodore (Hong Kong!) – ***.

    I feel some background reading is required! :)

  206. 1st February 1982

    This year i get the first day of testing on my birthday…

  207. 25th February 1980

  208. 26th January 1982! Cheers.

  209. 30th March 1991

  210. 2nd Sept 1978.

    Anything exciting happen? Not that I remember!

  211. 15th January, so tomorrow :D

    Not much generally happens on this day, but have had some car launches in recent years.

  212. hey everyone!!! 7th of august 1989

  213. 16th September 1996 it’s my birthday date

    1. What happened in this date?

      1. 1 week before you were born Damon Hill drove into some tyres at Monza.

        Murray said: “look, look, under the bridge there!” It was indeed Damon.

        1. Well, tha´’s a thing…. it’s curious that Italian GP it’s almost always in my birthday week

  214. Hi im Richard and my birthday is the 29th of May 1993 :)

  215. 22 January 1982.

    Highly unlikely that anything happened that early in the year.

    (I really just want my name in the daily round-up!)

  216. Jan 17th, 1984… don’t think anything important happened since it’s offseason?!

  217. Sebastien Carter
    18th January 2010, 0:47

    13th February 1990!

    I’ve always wanted to know what happened f1 wise on my birthday!

  218. 1st February 1982
    This year i get the first day of testing on my birthday…

    …and I get the second: 2nd Feb 1984 is mine :D

  219. 27th February 1979
    er… the day before Sébastien Bourdais was born!

  220. 6th July 1980

    1. Hamilton won in the wet at Silverstone on my 28th birthday and I was there.

  221. 05 Aug 1982. Best birthday in the world cos it was always in the school hols lol

  222. 3rd October 1986

  223. My birthday is 3rd July 19__.

  224. Jarred Walmsley
    30th January 2010, 21:25

    I’m March 5th 1993

  225. Horrible Horrible news on my birthday last year. The death of Henry Surtees.

    19th July 1991

  226. mine ins 1st march 1984

    1. And mine 2nd March 1988.

  227. May 12th 1985 is my birth date.

  228. Martin Stanley
    31st January 2010, 12:31

    Star Wars birthday for me.

    May the 4th be with you!

  229. Martin Stanley
    31st January 2010, 12:32


  230. my birthday is october the 6th, 1983.. what happened that day F1 speaking???

  231. 18th Feb 1988

  232. Oct 2nd 1991.

    Ghandi was born October the 2nd.
    can’t think of much to do with F1 right of the bat.

  233. 31 dec 1970 – definitely no races, no news, nada..:-)

  234. Jun 17th, 1970.

    AlvinK, fourth decade is not as hard as it sounds… I hope.

  235. 20th February 1971

  236. The Dutch Bear
    5th February 2010, 7:50

    My birthday is 31th May 1993

  237. My birthday is July 15 1987

  238. My Bday is 26th April 1985

  239. The Comedian 39
    8th February 2010, 16:06


    My birthday is the 19th of April 1994.
    16 this year :D

  240. 11/11/1989

  241. it is almost here lol february 13th, 1983

  242. I’m so dang old! My birthday is April 28, 1961.

  243. Mine’s the 11th July, 1990.

  244. 21st May 1976. First time I saw an F1 car was when I was like 15 and I didn’t like it. It just didn’t look like a real car. But then again I was in Uganda, see. The commonest car was a three door British Aid Land Rover!
    5 years later, I would be combing F1 car specs and all trying to understand the whole thing. It was as if I got an F1 injection and haven’t stopped since.

  245. My birthday is January 13 1984

  246. My birthday is tomorrow : 15th February 1995

  247. 18 February 1987

  248. My birthday is the 15th May – apparently the same as a couple of Mexican racers whose names escape me…however, it does mean that qualifying for Monaco is on my birthday his year. :D I’m thinking a British one-two in qualifying is a good birthday present for me?…

  249. 16 nov 1959

  250. My Birthday is 29th October 1981. Sadly the champion that year was Piquet, who I never really warmed to.

    I also would like to know if there has ever been a Grand Prix on my birthday, as they always seem to be the week before or after!

  251. 13 Mar ’76

    Its great having a B’day near the start of the F1 season :)

  252. May 29th 1971

    My guess would be something to do with the Monaco GP

  253. Mine is 21 February 1978
    Phiwe Dlamini

  254. 9th January

  255. 4th April, 1984 ;)

    I`m new one so I`d like to say: What a great site !!!

    1. Thanks d_omin! You’re on the list…

  256. 25th february 1989

  257. Mine is January 20, 1983. I HIGHLY doubt anything dramatic happened during the height of the offseason.

  258. Mine is 28th February 1987!

  259. My Birthday is 14-June-1978

  260. My birthday is on 20th of April 1994

  261. Birthday is December 8th 1983.

  262. My birthday is the 23rd of March 1990. i keep forgetting this year though cause i’m too excited about going to melbourne. only 3 weeks to go!!!

  263. My birthday is march 14th 1969.

    This year the first race will be on my birthday. How cool a birthday present is that? :)

    1. Nice one – I think my birthday was on the last race of the season in the first year I started watching F1.

  264. 23 July 1991
    Obviously I’m not as young as I thought I was!

  265. 2 September 1993 :)

  266. April 21

  267. Fred Schechter
    6th March 2010, 4:48

    don’t kno how I missed this.
    March 10

  268. Juan Pablo Heidfeld
    6th March 2010, 14:48

    22nd March :)

  269. I feel so ummmm “vintage”.

    June 26th 1956.

  270. 18th November 1979 only person on that date so far I think

    1. Indeed you are!

  271. 24 April 1956! Old man bragging rights?

  272. October 27th 1982

  273. My birthday is the 12th March, 1990.

    Yes, F1 is back on my birthday, it cannot get any better :)

  274. I think I have had two seasons in the last ten years start on my birthday :)

  275. Vinicius Antunes
    11th March 2010, 19:49

    My birthday is Oct-28 1985.

  276. Barney Gumble
    15th March 2010, 19:45

    I need to update my birthday details… it’s the same as before (obviously!), on May 20th, but I’ve changed my ‘cyber name’ from one Simpsons character (Ned Flanders) to another (Barney)… I just fancied a change!

    Also Keith I sent you an email a while ago about writing guest articles for the site, but you never replied. I know you’re probably busy with other stuff, and I’d completely understand if you weren’t interested, but I’d still appreciate if you replied… a negative response is still better than being ignored!

    1. BarneyDaGumble
      22nd March 2010, 12:17

      Ignored again, huh. I give in

    2. Sorry mate, I have got something shaping up on the guest posts front, expect a reply soon.

      1. BarneyDaGumble
        23rd March 2010, 0:43

        It’s ok, I was a bit impatient. Sorry if I was getting a bit rude!

  277. 23rd august. European grand prix last year was on my birthday, but nothing this year :(

  278. March 23rd 1974 – Great Year! (great day for my mom as well)

  279. The Genuine Jim
    18th March 2010, 0:22

    Mine’s the 28th of March 1990. The day after DC’s I believe – though he’s a bit older than me obviously.

  280. May 22nd, 1979

    (can’t remember if I’ve posted or not!)

  281. April 5, 1989. The most recent bit of news was the rain-hit Sepang GP on my birthday in 2009. Honestly, you wait 20 years for a GP on your birthday and you only get half a race….

  282. March 24th :)

  283. My birthday is April 2nd, 1985.

  284. 20 September 1984

  285. Guilherme Teixeira
    23rd March 2010, 19:44

    Hello Keith! My birthday is on March 25th 1991 =)

  286. I was just 3 days late to witness Nigel Mensell’s famous home race win at Silverstone.
    My birthdate is July 15th 1987.

  287. Hi Keith, I’m a huge fan of your website. I tried leaving several messages. My birthday was on March 15th, and I was wondeirng if you can give a belated birthday shout out!? THANKS!

  288. 19th april 1990

    1. great site btw very detailed and relevant info

  289. my birthday is 13 May 1977

    5 day earlier (8 May), Mario Andretti won the Spanish Grand Prix

    9 days later (22 May), Jody Scheckter took the Monaco grand Prix

    it also the year of Niki Lauda’s last season with Scuderia Ferrari

  290. Venturi Effect
    1st April 2010, 3:22

    my birthday is on 9th March 1989

  291. 26th of June 1979

  292. My birthday is 1st of june 1994. It was only about a month after Ayrton senna’s death, and i have the same birthday as both Ron Dennis and Martin Brundle!!! (Although they are different years!!!)

  293. JonathanProc
    7th April 2010, 16:17

    17th june .

  294. Hey, I was born 1/27/1981

  295. My birthday is 17th May. Thanks Keith

  296. Nathan Bradley
    25th April 2010, 12:08

    Hi Keith 4th June 1992, not sure whether anything interesting happened, would be good to find out!



  297. Would be great to know what happened on the 23rd of November 1993. Thanks!

  298. 3rd may is my birthday

  299. Mike Weilding
    29th April 2010, 11:56

    Hi there,

    My birthday is 30th April 1975

  300. I can’t remember if I’ve added my birth date or not, so… June 26th 1956.

    Cheers, Alex

    1. You had!

  301. 16th June 1986
    It was a monday, so no interesting F1 news on my actual birthday…

  302. Could I be the oldest here? 17 May 1947 !!!!!

  303. May 14th 1961. The day Stirling Moss won in Monte Carlo

  304. My birthday is just gone past – 6th May 1978.

    Elly (Live Blog Mod)

  305. Me berfday is 27th May, and as far as i know, the only F1 event to share this date was the Monaco Grand Prix of 1965… i believe

  306. Keith,

    My birthday is June 28, 1980

  307. Birthday Day: August 24

  308. inc0mmunicado
    1st June 2010, 2:46

    June 24th!

    Fangio’s b-day too!

  309. My birthday 2nd june 1991

  310. My birthday is 11th november 1995

  311. 17th June for me…

  312. 24th January 1990.

    Quiet happy to share birthday on the same month with Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. Growing up by watching Schumi competing(the 1st driver i know in F1) and later on Lewis bringing lots of fantastic action on the track. F1 has colour my life!

    Happy Birthday to everyone!!

  313. 7th June ’87 for me!

  314. 9th June 1994 was my BDay
    Luigi Faglioli was born 9th June 1898, and is famous for becoming the oldest person ever to win a grand prix, in France in 1951
    Also when Mclaren got their first win at Spa in 1968
    AND in 2001 in Canada was the first time brothers finished 1st and 2nd, with Michael winning ahead of Ralf

    1. Sorry, Ralf Schumacher 1st, Michael Schumacher 2nd

  315. Birthday: 20th June 1967

    1. No F1 on my birthday, but SPA was 2 days before.

  316. 22 jan 2000
    that be ma bday

  317. ‘hi keith,
    im born on 1st of september 1981

  318. I (and my twin brother as well) was born just before christmas on December 23rd in 1975, but i have no clue as to any interesting things apart from that happened.

  319. 3rd of August for me

  320. 20th September 1993 is my DOB. Alain Prost was champ for Williams, that year was his final of four titles.

    I see ‘Geemac’ is a 20th September too!

  321. 15th September for me.

  322. 27th February 1991, I doubt there was something interesting in terms of F1

  323. 23th august 1996 :)

  324. 23th august 1996

  325. My birthday’s on the 27th June (1982) and this year I get my very own street race! No doubt watched with a hangover…

  326. September 16th – always close to the Italian GP :)
    (I’m also editor of F1 Badger!)

  327. June 27th 1977, snap with Dan N, except 5 years wiser – I’ll have my hangover on saturday so I’ve got a 2 day recovery ;)

  328. Mine? July 12th, 1976. Some eight days after Hunt’s polemic disqualification on the British GP, and some three weeks before Lauda’s Nurburgring accident. And I do know that’s Guy Ligier’s birthday too…

  329. mine’s august 11th 1991..nothing extra special, just a big bunch of Hungarian GPs on the day or in the proximity

  330. 26th March 94 for me. Not sure what the news was… Hopefully good. :)

  331. 09/09 is my birthday. I don’t know any events on my b’day. But this year the italian GP starts the next day.

  332. I’ll add mine before I forget to do it another time – 17th December 1990

  333. March 28th, 1985. F1 didn’t start until April back then, and it seems nothing interesting happened in the wider world on that day either…

  334. 24th July :D :D

  335. 30th of October

  336. 22nd April 1995

  337. 13th of August!

  338. july 2nd :D :D :D

  339. July 2nd. :D :D :D

  340. 13 july 1986 my birthday

  341. 29th July 1992…

  342. 29th of July 1996

  343. Magnificent Geoffrey
    4th August 2010, 5:41

    Oh, why not?

    14th October

  344. 21 March 1993 same birthday as AYRTON SENNA !

  345. My birthday is august 17th, I believe it[s the same as Webber and Nelson Piquet (father)

    1. 17/08/1982 actually

  346. Hey Keith,

    My birthday is coming up! It’s 18th August!

  347. 28th October 1995

  348. 29th August 1991, Belgian grand prix weekend!

  349. 31st August 1980!

  350. My Birthday is 7 april 1967
    So long before Spa look what i do filling my birthday forms!

  351. Hi I’m 19th October 1995

  352. not far off now, august the 20th :) spa free practice as a present too!

  353. Mine is soon too it’s August 24th

  354. Gary Richardson
    22nd August 2010, 16:20

    21st March. Same birthday as a certin driver

  355. 7th December 1992

  356. Mine is this Sunday, September 5th.

  357. Mine is september the 11th.
    Not a great day to have it on nowadays!

  358. September 25th 20 soon enough

  359. 14th October 80. Grrr big 30 looming.

  360. 31 January 1991 – sharan

  361. 23rd October 19**

  362. 18th December 95

  363. My birthday is coming up next week! October 27th (1955), although my brother with Down Syndrome will once again declare my age to be 21, as he does EVERY year! That’s one of the reasons I love him!! LOL!

  364. 26th November 1983

  365. Hi there, i’m a fan of F1 and get more and more happy with the contents F1 Fanatic bring to us every single day. It’s an awesome blog for sure…

    I was born at the 6th day of November in 1975…

    Hope to see my name there at saturday… =)

  366. Dermot Farrelly
    3rd November 2010, 10:45

    My birthday is 14th December 1978

  367. 2nd January 1982 here

  368. My Birthday is pretty close

    3rd December, next Friday.

    1. SAME! What year r you?

      1. I’m a 1988 baby

  369. Mine is 6th Jan 1981

  370. Don’t know if I posted mine yet but I’m getting old now! 25 Years young tomorrow.

    29th November 1985!

  371. Craig Woollard
    1st December 2010, 0:41

    8th April 1992, I had the Malaysian Grand Prix, Easter, and my Birthday all on the same day a few years back, BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER.

  372. 1 July 1994

    And I was born to an accountant… Let’s see how many of you pick up on why that’s so clever.

    1. Was it a good tax break?

  373. 3rd October 1986 (100 years after the invention of the car !)

  374. 30th december 1994 ;)

  375. 28 December 1992 xD

  376. US Williams Fan
    1st December 2010, 23:07

    Mine is December 2nd, 1981

    Doubt that much F1 racing was going on in December historically…. but you never know.


  377. April 9, 1943, That’s 67 yrs young, and still counting…

    1. I have a split f1 fanatic personality. I am 2 users by accident (I forgot I was mcmercslr for a bit) my bday tomorrow I am mcmercslr and not Oliver Queisser (even though I am if you know what I mean)

  378. My birthdate is May 30th 1980. Just the date was too short to place a comment ;-)

  379. June/23/1978 thanks Keith,keep up the great work!!

  380. 28th Jan 1984

    sadly f1 is always off during my b’day

  381. 20th Sep 1993

  382. My Birthday is on 2nd June and year born is 1992

  383. Christian Andrade
    13th December 2010, 1:49

    12 December 1976

  384. 18 August 1973 – right smack bang in the middle of the summer break so there is never any F1 news on my birthday :(

  385. November 6th 1985:). .

  386. i may be the youngest here yay!!! 6th of september 1996

  387. Hanan Zaikhan
    2nd January 2011, 2:13

    23rd February 1996

  388. Author: AS Mahesh
    06th November 1985

  389. 3rd January 1993 :P

  390. I’m on the 11th June 1983! :-)

  391. 4th October 1986.

  392. 12th May 1987

  393. 24th April

  394. 14th August 1989

    1. Seems like Keith has forgotten me this year. Better luck next year I hope…

      1. Sorry Dan I’m not sure how your birthday got overlooked. Hope you had a good one!

  395. July 24 1966 … and this year i have the German GP on my birthday.

    But i am celebrating a week earlier as my Wife Alison has got me 2 tickets (Platinum) for the British Grand Prix and we have 3 Day Club Tickets ….. Plus we’re camping there also. Hope all the new buildings, pits and grand stands as mentioned for this years race are completed on time!

  396. My date of birth? July 12, 1976. I know that Guy Ligier and Paul Morgan (one of the dudes that founded Ilmor) were born at the same day (diferent years, of course), and I was born eleven years before the famous overtaking mavouver of Nigel Mansell over Nelson Piquet in Silverstone. What a birthday gift, to be honest!

  397. Hey Keith,

    It’s my birthday tomorrow!
    January 13 (1976)

    Hope I make it onto the round-up. Mum will be so proud :)

  398. April 16th 1987 :)

  399. July 11th 1984 – Always around the British Grand Prix yet still waiting for someone to buy me tickets as a present :(

  400. 28 Feb 1981

  401. 8 Feb 1951

  402. 26th Feb 1985

  403. August 18, 1994

  404. 11th of February 1992 – hopefully it is not to late to be included today :P

    1. Afraid it was, sorry!

  405. 22 April 1952 – blimey I feel ancient!!

  406. 23/12/1997

  407. May 9 1984. Occasionally I get the Spanish GP as an exciting and memorable present…………!

  408. September 22, 1973.

    On the day i was born, Ronnie Peterson put his Lotus on pole at Mosport.

  409. 15 Februrary 1994

  410. 3rd July 1959.

  411. 29th November

  412. March 12, 1980

  413. My Birthday is March 16th, hope i get a mention! :D

  414. My B-day is today March 7th 1997

  415. I was born 3rd April 1989.

    Which is in a couple of weeks, cannot wait.

  416. Gary Richardson
    20th March 2011, 20:52

    21 march tomorrow yesssss!

  417. March 31st!!

  418. Aug 28th 1969

  419. February 19th, 1976

  420. 2nd January here, thanx

  421. 5th April 1988

  422. 26th of june 1920…………..april fools!!! In fact its 73 years after that in 1993 and the Europian grand prix is on my birthdayr1

  423. 27th of December, 1996

  424. 6th July 1980

  425. My birthday was yesrrsay. April 16th. Well… Year 1987

  426. 20 oct 1978

  427. 13th July 1995. Probalby the youngest here…

  428. 22nd October. Great, sandwiched between Korea and India.

    Who says Bernie is just after money from the subcontinent?

  429. 8th May 1977

  430. 4th of May 1982

  431. 21 May 1991.

  432. 24th may, 1984

  433. 6th july 1989

  434. Since its coming up soon – 6th July 1980!

  435. 28th July

  436. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    10th June 2011, 17:00

    I was born in Lima, Peru on Aug 13th, 1984. Please add me to the birthday’s list

  437. 20th August

    1. 1 day after Kozo Higashi here: Aug 21.

      Evidently nothing F1-related happened the day I was born, but it appears that a lot of the big name American drivers I idolized as a boy were racing in a Champ Car race that day :)

  438. I was born on June 21st 1984. My mother was also born on a June 21st, but 59 years ago.

    I’m José Carlos Costa and She’s Rosalina Costa.


  439. 28th October 1993. In Launceston then moved to Adelaide in November of 1994.

  440. 27 August

  441. Elliot Horwood
    29th June 2011, 0:19

    Hey my Birthday is on 6th July and im 18 :)

  442. 19th July 1992!

  443. My birthday is on July 18. I love having a summer holiday in Canada.

  444. 13 July 1996

    1. Same as Jarno Trulli

  445. A-Safieldin
    7th July 2011, 1:33

    Nov 12 1993

  446. 01 Sept ’81

  447. July 21, 1986

  448. Younger Hamii
    21st July 2011, 18:03

    24th July 1996

  449. 6th August 1958.
    The Everly Brothers were in the middle of a 7-week run at the top of the UK charts with All I Have To Do Is Dream.

    Has there always been a summer break in F1?

  450. 11th December 1991. If Bahrain had been moved to October the Indian GP would have been on my birthday.

  451. Hey :)

    20th September

  452. Mine is 10th January 1994 , unfortunately I was too young to be able to watch ayrton senna before his tragic death, but an amazing film, BTW KEEP F1 FREE TO AIR, ON THE BBC, Forget about sky

  453. 7th August 1998

  454. Hello,

    My name is Steven Winer, I am from Massachusetts USA. I LOVE this site, it is my home page both on my phone as well as my pc.

    My birthday is December 22 1972, I would love to be added to the list please.

    Thank You,

  455. 14th August 1990 :)

  456. 14 January 1992

    I’ve been watching every race since I was 10, just wish that I had started earlier then maybe I could have got my dad to get me into karting and from there who knows what may have happened lol.

    I might have to miss the sky sports races next year aswell, hope they can find some compromise before the start of next year.

  457. 14th March 1965

  458. 6 November :D

  459. 13th August 1977

  460. 19th August 1979… been following F1 as long as I can remember, love this site – keep up the good work Keith!

  461. 17th March 1995

  462. 21 Aug 1979

  463. 22 august 1994 yeah today

  464. Born on the 14th of september 1979.
    I wasn’t interested in F1 at the time, i can’t remember if there was something interesting on that day…

    1. wow, the same birthday as me!

      1. (not the same year though :\ )

  465. mine is on the 14th September 1995 :)

  466. My birthday July 2nd 1986… Wish I knew what was the f1 news on that day, but as I think it was a wednesday, I don’t think much happened… anybody know?

  467. 25 September 1993

  468. Lucas "Mr. Veloce"
    2nd September 2011, 9:51

    Mine falls on the day of the season finale this year, November 27th. I was born in 1996 so that will make me 15.

  469. 13th November 1988
    Prost wins for McLaren’s 1-2 at Adelaide finishing almost perfect season for the team. Last race for turbos as well.

    There was a GP on my 6th birthday too, unfortunately as we all know not the most pleasant.

    This year Abu Dhabi GP will be on my birthday. Should be interesting.

  470. 5th of september, today, the same as David Brabbham! :D

  471. 15 September 1993!

    I’m new here, congratulation for this site :)

  472. October 13, 1956 right between Japan and Korea GPs!

  473. April 23rd, 1968. I’m the oldest duck on F1 Fanatic!

  474. 28th October, 1986. I don’t know what exactly happend that day!

  475. 30th August 1993. One of the youngest here?

  476. Born on November 5, 1992

  477. Not sure if I already did this, but here goes :P

    6th January 1988

  478. It’s 26th October for me. Would be awesome to be included in the round-up.


  479. 12 October 1989, seeing as its close I thought I might see if any body has any thing to offer!

  480. 14-June-1978

  481. 16 November 1989

  482. My Birthday? 18th January..

    What do you mean, you want the year aswell? Every year!

    My first birthday was 1996 though, so I was born 18th January 1995..

    Yes, I am a youngling..

  483. I was born on March 20, 1984. That’s 5 days before the F1 racing debut for Ayrton Senna.

  484. 31 October 1988

  485. oct 21, 1974. sadly no racing news to report, but i do share a birthday with kim kardashian and alfred nobel.

  486. 14 August 1987, two days before the last Austrian GP in Osterreichring

  487. 10th November 1988 :DDDDDDDD I’m a Scorpio too :)

    1. I’m born on the same date as Eddie Irvine… he’s on November 10th 1965 :d

  488. My birthdate is 16th December 1996… I’m a young un…

  489. I was born today!!

    October 24th, 1986!

    I believe the 05 Brazilian GP was that day, Montoya’s last victory in F1.

  490. November 2nd, 1988.

  491. Well, I was born on 20th Febraury, 1994. Prost had just retired and Senna had taken his spot at Williams, alongside an increasingly popular Damon Hill. Well, we all know what happened that year…

  492. 29th march

  493. 19th of October, 1987. Black Monday.

    In the world of F1, it was the day after the Mexico Grand Prix. Nigel Mansell had won it, giving him a fighting chance of becoming that year’s WDC. An accident in qualifying in the next round, the Japanese Grand Prix, put him out of that race and the season finale at Australia, handing Nelson Piquet his third and final championship.

    Heikki Kovalainen was celebrating his sixth birthday :)

  494. April 16th, 1990. Paul Di Resta was turning 4!

  495. 29th January,1988

  496. 09 March 1972

  497. 3rd December 1996

  498. November 29, 1976

  499. August, 08, 1991

  500. argh…August 10, 1991. -.-

  501. 4th December 1987

  502. 7th January 1995.

  503. 21st of August 1991. I see 4 days later would have been Michael Schumacher’s debut.

  504. Yeaa 8th of December ’94

  505. I was born on 31st May 1980. I don’t know what the motorsport gossip was on the actual day, but Carlos Reutemann had just won the Monaco GP a couple of weeks earlier.

  506. 7th January ’84

  507. 14th June 1989 exactly 10 days after senna’s win in the US gran prix & 4 days before Prost’s win in the canadian gran prix

  508. 22nd December 1994; don’t know what happened that day but Nigel Mansell had won the Australian Grand Prix a month earlier.

  509. 30th December 1993 – No idea.

  510. 6th february 1992

  511. 31 Dec 1970 – hope something big happened on that day. Happy new year everyone!!!

  512. 21 February 1978

  513. I was born on 6th June 1988 – the anniversary of the D Day landings :)

  514. August 27, 1966

  515. December 21, 1992

  516. Dimitris 1395 (@)
    8th January 2012, 0:39

    11 september 1995. Quite young, but I have an extraordinary archive of F1 races

  517. February 8, 1988

  518. 18th April 1968 – 11 days after the Great Jim Clark lost his life.

  519. 1st February 1973

  520. Tom Haxley (@)
    10th January 2012, 8:39

    19th July 1984

  521. My birthday is the 29th of March, 1994, Near the start of the season.
    I was born 2 days after the Brazilian GP, tho now it coincides mainly with the Australian Grand Prix(did so in 2009, but I most unfortunately missed the race because I was holidaying in the Sunderbans delta near Bay of Bengal, at the time.)

  522. January 16 1987. It’s usually in the off season so the only race I could find that happened on my birthday was the 1955 Argentine GP at Buenos Aries. Fangio won from pole in his Mercedes in a race that was the equal hottest ever (40 degrees C). Fangio was one of only two drivers who managed to finish the race solo which is a pretty good effort as it took three hours to complete.

  523. January 18th Every year..

    But I was BORN January 18th 1995..

  524. 3rd Oct 1986 … the cars were invented a exactly a century earlier.

  525. It’s Stealthman here Keith, I changed my name to reflect my online alias on other sites. Just for the sake of reminding, it’s January 26, 1994… cheers! :)

  526. 21st January, 1988

  527. 02 February, 1954

    wow, I am old…just an old hippie war photographer who has always loved F1

  528. Another 1954 – in my case 14 June

  529. February 6th 1996

  530. February 16th, 1990. Started watching since only my dad remembers!

  531. 21 Feb 1982.

  532. 7th February 1995!

  533. 29th August 1992

  534. 17th December 1991

  535. It’s my birthday tomorrow! With the testing going on, it’ll be a pretty exciting February 9th this year, by F1 standards.

  536. 10 dec 1984

  537. 6th September 1976

  538. 24th Feb ’93, doubt much happened in F1 history on that day

  539. 17th Feb 1989

  540. found nothing on my b’day on 28th October 1991 but at least i’ll have a birthday Indian GP this year xD

  541. 5th March 1994

  542. 8TH March 1982!

  543. 17 oct 1990, same birthdate with kimi! :)

  544. April 7th 94!

  545. 4th July 1985

  546. ShaneB457 (@shaneb12345678910)
    11th March 2012, 1:10

    22nd of march 1996

  547. April 17th 94! :)

  548. 12th August 93 :D

  549. Mine is Nov 9th 1962… god iam old

  550. Arijit (@arijitmaniac)
    28th March 2012, 6:33

    July 20th 1989. :)

  551. I was born on the 21st of April 1992.

  552. 29’th of March 1975 is my birthday.

  553. 7th Jan 92.

    Same day as Lewis Hamilton!

  554. 21st October. Piquet won on that day.

  555. 9th April 1972. Life begins at 40! Which is a bit worrying given how busy it’s been up to now!

  556. 23rd of April 1991

  557. 18th November 1993

  558. May24th 1991….

  559. Mine is tomorrow, 19th April. 18th Birthday this year :)

  560. muz (@murray1964)
    19th April 2012, 8:34

    28th April 1964, I startred following F1 when Niki Lauda won his first F1 championship. The fist ever poster I remember having on my was was of him in a Ferrari.

  561. 4th May 1985 ..4 days :)

  562. 28th April 1989. I started watching F1 at age of 6, became a huge fan of MS (after GP in Jerez 1997 almost changed my mind), ferrari-fan until 2009, after 2010 fan of Mercedes GP.

  563. May 5, 1992. So… It’s off to Spain this time of year right?

  564. 11 May 1990!

  565. 26 July. The day a KERS powered car first won a race in F1.

  566. 20th May 1993.

  567. 30th November 1990, thanks Keith!

  568. 15th August 1994

  569. 29th May 1993 =D

  570. 14 December 1995 … find something for me aswell :)

  571. Sept 3rd 1986

  572. 16th June 1977

  573. My birthday is April 29, 1964

  574. Dec. 29, 1982

  575. jin
    19 june 1989

  576. 20th may 1991

  577. 21st June 1984

  578. July 1, 86.

    Usually interesting things happen on July 1, as it’s the exact middle point of the year; Hong Kong being returned to China for example.

  579. hey mine is the 30th of august 1994.

  580. 22 June 1985

  581. themagicofspeed (@)
    25th June 2012, 23:01

    March 17th, 1991

  582. 19th July 1992

  583. 5th July 1975

  584. 13 August 1987 Nelson Piquet last champiosnship. Is all I know about that year in F-1

  585. 18 July 1976

  586. 03 January 1978. I often receive a card from Michael because he is so chuffed to share the same birthday as me. Or is it the other way round? hmmm LOL!!

  587. Brian Munene
    5th August 2012, 0:52

    28th September 1991

  588. 25th November 1997

  589. David Knutson
    13th August 2012, 0:13

    My birthday is 13 August, 1953.

  590. 14 May 1989. I tend to get a Catalunya F1 race on my birthday.
    Oh and i was born on mothers day here in australia. had to spoil mums lunch plans :D

  591. My birthday is November 5th 1969

  592. 09 of January 1986

  593. February 2nd.

  594. 1st Jan 1990! Sounds a bit special?

  595. 1st June 1991.

  596. September 5th 1994 :) Anything interesting happen then?

  597. September 18, cant wait for austin!

  598. My Birthday is 25th December 1987 :) x

  599. 11th September. A lot of races in Monza happened that day and I can remember one at Spa

  600. June 7, 1978

    My 30th birthday was spent watching qualifiying with my best mate in Montreal – the next day we saw Robert Kubica win his first and only GP.

  601. 8th November 1984.

  602. 12th September 1995, just missed it!

  603. 7th of October 1990! (Just in time! ^^)

  604. March 12th, 1980

  605. 7th August 1984

  606. 20th January 1998

  607. 7th November 1991

  608. 5th November 1957

  609. 30th May 1987 as far as I can tell the only interesting thing that happend is that philips unvield the CD to the world

  610. Monday July 17, 1967 Just two days after Jim Clark won the GP of Great Britain… I could only find one occurence of the GP actually on my birthday though, Great Britain (Silverstone?) in ’71.

  611. Mine is 24th November – I get a Brazilian GP next year on my birthday :) Now I just need a ticket :))

    1. Woo mines the 24th of November as well, going to the Melbourne GP thanks to it!

  612. Michael Brown (@)
    17th November 2012, 1:51

    Mine is February 2, 1995.

  613. August 13th, 1990

  614. 21 nov 1989 . . .

  615. 27 Dec 1996

  616. @keithcollantine – I don’t know if I’ve ever commented here (and I don’t know how to search a page on my mobile), but my birthday is actually tomorrow, November 29. Sorry for the very late warning.

    1. @prisoner-monkeys Yeah you’re already on the list.

  617. Mine is 1st November 83.

    Btw, I’ve been on F1F for 4 years now but haven’t been wished once! :(

  618. I have forgotten to say what was happening in January 20th 1998. Jolyon Palmer was celebrating his 7th birthday, whilst the late Marco Simoncelli was celebrating his 11th

  619. 13 December 1990

  620. Abdurahman (@)
    11th December 2012, 2:32

    12 January 1974

  621. Long time lurker born on16th December 1969 :-)

  622. 6 January 1996, I feel really young…

  623. 22 December 1983. Cheers Keith

  624. Heh, I thought I added my birthday last year already, guess I didn’t: it’s the same as @bascb‘s: 23rd of December, 1975.

  625. February 5th 1995

  626. how about 29 08 1990?

  627. Hey everybody, my birthday is coming up – 31 Dec 1970..a day to cap off a great racing year that 2012 is..and also we survived the Mayan prophecy :-)

  628. These days my birthday falls around the British GP, not sure how long that’s been the case though.

    Next year I’m chuffed to be attending my first GP on my 30th birthday weekend, the day after my birthday. (27-06-1983)

  629. 4th January 1992

  630. 18 March 1983

  631. March 31st, 1994; keep up the great work @keithcollantine – from all of your fans in Oz :)

  632. October 27th 1991 In Adelaide just before the GP weekend and just across the road from the track.

  633. 13th May 1972 – which makes me exactly ten days older than Rubens Barrichello! (I look younger…well, I have more hair!)

  634. 21st of January… Same as Emma from the Spice Girls! LOOOOOL

  635. 15th of December: which I hate because it is far too near Christmas!

  636. 3 July 1962 – exactly the same day as Tom Cruise, but he’s richer than I am. And I’m not a scientologist. I’m also a bit taller and fatter. Although I am Australian I never dated Nicole Kidman either. Apart from all that, we are sort of birthday twins.

  637. 17th of March !!!!

  638. February 11, 1959

  639. 3rd December

  640. My birthday is on 9th Dec, 1993! I wonder if anyone can figure out any F1 news on that day!

  641. March the 17th here.. There’s got to be something good in that !

  642. 13th June 1996.

  643. 23rd March, I figure it’s about time I added myself to this list :P

  644. May 15th 1976. The next day Niki Lauder won the Belgian Grand Prix at Zolder and increased his lead in the championship

  645. 5th of March

  646. 11 March 1965

  647. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
    10th March 2013, 8:08

    June 2, 1992.
    Wondering what happened on that day…

  648. dodge5847 (@)
    10th March 2013, 16:48

    12 march

  649. 05 May 1990.

  650. Mines 21st March 1996. Same day as Ayrton Senna :)

    1. Traverse (@)
      26th March 2013, 0:52

      You sir, ARE A GOD!! *Salute*

  651. Traverse (@)
    26th March 2013, 0:50

    The day the Earth stood still, and the gods shone a light on this god forsaken planet was the 9th April 1988. XD

  652. 22nd July 1998, Youngster

  653. Becca Blue (@)
    12th April 2013, 18:54

    1st March. Patron Saint of Wales day. Think leeks and dragons.

  654. 2nd of August 1990!
    – Named after Gilles Villeneuve, true story!
    – Born the day the Gulf War started (War child!)
    F1 Facts:
    – That year Senna won his 2nd title. I was born 4 days after Senna won in Germany!
    – But 10 days before my fellow countryman Thierry Boutsen won his 3rd GP in Hungary from Pole!
    – There have been 6 GP’s on my birthday so far. Al German Gp’s.
    (1) 1953 – Giuseppe Farina // (2) 1959 – Tony Brooks // (3) 1964 – John Surtees (fatal accident: Carel Godin de Beaufort) // (4) 1970 – Jochen Rindt (just 0.7sec in front of BELGIAN Jacky Ickx) // (5) 1981 – Nelson Piquet // (6) 1998 – Mika Häkkinen

    I love F1 facts :-D

  655. Danny Olmstead San Francisco, CA May 29, 1972

  656. 2 May 1992!

  657. 22nd of May 1994 :D.

  658. August 7 1996, right in the middle of the summer break!

  659. 1 May 1999 – Just got into F1 in 2008, when Lewis Hamilton won the championship! He’s my fav driver of the lot.

  660. 20.6.1994 F1 fan since 2002

  661. 7th May 93

    1. 7th of May 1992!

  662. 19th of May 1995. Only 2 days til I’m 18! Schumacher giving me a great present driving round the Nurburgring

  663. 13th of June 1997
    Occasionally get Canada on my birthday

  664. My birthday is 23 November 2013

  665. 5th June is my birthday :D

    1. 1995

      forgot to add the year

  666. My birthday is the 30th of june 1986
    I know the 30th is also ralf schumachers birthday as it was on an old f1 calander I had around 98.

  667. 27nd July 1986

  668. 19th June…

  669. 18th June…today!

  670. 20th May 1989

  671. 23rd June.

  672. july 13th, 1986 :)

  673. 29 July. Alonso lapped me twice.

  674. September 28th, 1989, fan since ’97.

    1. Found my Autosport:

  675. March 29th, 1994.

  676. October 17th, 1994

  677. January 6th, 1981

  678. Agaust 22nd, 1978.

  679. 11 August 1989

  680. August 17th – this Saturday ;)

  681. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
    13th August 2013, 11:16

    Mine is april 3 :)

  682. 25th January 1998, one of the younger/youngest users of F1F?

  683. Wow we share the same Birthday Keith, 5th Nov 1995

  684. September 13, 1984!! I

  685. 17 February 1989

  686. 26 October 1986: The exact sunday Alain Prost claimed his second F1 World Championship. He’s French, I’m French, no coincidence.

  687. 11th April, 1993

  688. 13 September 1992 is mine!

  689. September 15th
    Child of the 60s, would love a shout out this weekend ;-)

  690. My birthday is on 4th February 1988, unfortunately that’s the off season of F1

  691. Sept. 26, 1979

  692. October 28th, 1970.

  693. 25th of January 1998

  694. My birthday is 14 october 1976

  695. 15th November

  696. 27th of August 1984. Alain Prost won the Dutch Grand Prix the day before. It’s also the same date with Mark Webber’s birthday!!!

  697. 14th of October 1976

  698. Today is my birthday!! 14 October 1976

  699. 30th October 1973!

  700. Mine is 25th Nov 1991 !!

  701. 20 Oct 1969?
    Thanks Keith, great site… Always my main info source!

  702. 31st October 1979

  703. 15th Sep 1989

  704. 27th December, I doubt anything interesting happened in F1 on that date?

  705. 19 November 1988

  706. 26th March 1984

  707. 18th october 1983

  708. November 2

  709. 13 November 1984. Comming up soon. Great site. Been following for a long time, but registered just today.

  710. Mine’s today! Born 12/11/80.

  711. 15 December 1971

  712. December 1957, I am certain not much is happening except reindeer in that month. Matt looks like I have you beat.

    1. @translog What day is that?

  713. 19 Feb 1993

  714. 23rd November

  715. Hi, my birthday is 29 January 1983

  716. Born on 29/11/1992

  717. My birthday is 2/2/98

  718. 6th june 1971

    1. 6th that nothing.
      Born on 20/june/1971

  719. My birthday is on 13th September 1990.

    I had quite the 8th birthday present in Schumacher winning the 1998 Italian GP, but Raikkonen had less luck for Ferrari in 2009. Hopefully the 2015 Italian GP will be on my birthday and I can go.

  720. Born the 19th Septmeber 1994 :)

    Fun fact: Carlos Sainz, Jr was born 1 September 1994, so only a few days seperate us.

    Also Stuart Lewis-Evans died September 19, 1958 in the Moroccan Grand Prix.

  721. i was born the 12th of december 1993

    never heard of any f1 things that happened on that exact date. another reason to dislike being born in december.

  722. 3rd July 1974

  723. 23 December 1952. Harry S Truman was president of the US, so that was a long time ago.

  724. My birthday is on Christmas eve 2003.

  725. My birthday is 6th February 1989 :)

  726. Will be thinking of Schumi on my birthday tomorrow and wishing him a happy birthday and a speedy recovery!

  727. My birthday is today (4th of January)
    Meant to do this the past 2 years but i finally remembered this time.

  728. Like Bosley above me, I’ve been meaning to add my birthday for years.
    Might be too late for this year, but either way, its 10th January 1985 (this Friday).

  729. 14th June 1999 for me. Any one else with the same birthday?

    P.S. I got 850th comment :p

  730. 28th January 1996

    Hopefully I’ll get a birthday shout-out in a few weeks!

  731. 13 January 1979. In just a few days :)

  732. My birthday is on 5th October 1986

  733. 19th July 1994. This year it’ll be right in the middle of “Zee” German GP weekend!

  734. 13 December 1968

  735. sridhar gopalkrishnan
    26th January 2014, 12:10

    My birthday is 30 Jan.

  736. June 26, 1993

  737. 13 June 2000. Now beat that!

  738. drew (@the-speedster)
    2nd February 2014, 14:47

    November 20 1998

  739. 11/2/94
    20th birthday tommoow

  740. March 1st 1991

  741. Might as well add my 21 April onto the list.

  742. June 26th 1990

  743. December 15th 1993. I don’t think much happened on that day – the season would have long ago wrapped up by then.

  744. My birthday is June 9th, right around Canadian GP time, sometimes on race days

  745. May 13, 1996

  746. I have a Birthday coming up. I was born on April 2nd, 1972. I have been an F1 fan since age 6. I remember watching the races with my dad. He bought our first Ferrari in 1977 (330 GT 2+2) and we have pulled for the Scuderia ever since. :)

  747. March 28, 1983

  748. Traverse (@)
    8th April 2014, 13:44

    9 April

  749. My birthday is April 21, the day of Senna’s first win, it was in Portugal which makes it even more special!

  750. December 16th 1997

    1997 being the year Jacques Villeneuve won the WCC :) (I know my stuff)

  751. Adrian Cheng (@raikkonenf12008)
    6th May 2014, 10:28

    It’s an honour to share the same birthday as Ken Tyrell. ;)

  752. 18 May, 1999.

    30 years before this, a Monaco GP was held and apparently it was awesome.

  753. 23rd September 1983 hard core F1 fan for 16 years…….

  754. July 18th 1953 for me

  755. 28 June 1997

  756. July 11th, 1993

  757. Just remembered that 5 days ago was my birthday…

    June 25, 1973

  758. July 7th 1993 :)

  759. 18 July 1992

  760. Fotache Sergiu
    10th July 2014, 3:32

    Young and happy! 26th of August 1989

  761. 26th September
    the day The Beatles released Abbey Road,

  762. 26 September 2000 ( I know I’m just a youngster).

  763. 18 September 1986

  764. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    7th August 2014, 4:19

    Just in case, my birthday is next week on Aug 13th

  765. Hi Keith my birthday is October 16, 1971

  766. 19th August 1972 (Tomorrow)

  767. Hi recently came across this website and would like to take this chance to say it is one of the best Formula One websites I have ever come across!! I would also like a birthday shout out if possible? my date of birth is 18th October 1984

  768. 8th September 1999

  769. 7th September!

  770. July 22, 1943 and I am still watching Formula One live every chance I get or I at least record it.

  771. 16 Sept 1954. Thanks Keith

  772. I’m not sure if I’m on the list, so just in case: 4th October 1986.

  773. 15 october 1992 México city

  774. 8th March 1995, typically just before the start of the season!

  775. 12 January, 1997

  776. 21 December 1975.

    Not usually a busy time for F1 news.

    James Hunt had just recently signed for McLaren

  777. Gwen; October 27th, 1955!

  778. Mine is 11th February 1984

  779. April 23, 1992

  780. 26-7-2001, german gp practice.

  781. 9th November 1998, I know that the Brazilian GP is on my birthday this year but i dont know any F1 history of that day

  782. 19th May 1977

  783. 22nd March 1983, 5 days before John Watson won the Long Beach Grand Prix from 232nd on the Grid! Legend! (so was John Watson!!)

    1. Lol 22nd on the grid, not 232nd!

  784. Eoin Harrington
    19th November 2014, 16:30

    15th June

  785. 30th of September 1980

  786. 24th August 2001, when Both Mercs reach the climax of their clashes this year

  787. Blythe Schembri (@)
    1st December 2014, 11:38

    1st December 1992

  788. December the 7th, 1982. No F1 for my birthday, but, december 8th is a holiday here in argentina, so my hangover is always peaceful :D (it’s Virgin Mary day.. but i rather call it “The Day After Matías”. It makes a lot more sense

  789. December 5 1977 !!

  790. December 31 1983. I get to finish my birthday with a huge party every year!

  791. Mine is 25th January 2000.

  792. Dan (@dsivanesan1)
    8th January 2015, 7:56

    1st December 1996

  793. ehsansatti (@)
    20th January 2015, 11:47

    21 jan 1993

  794. Lalit Palaparthy
    25th January 2015, 4:53

    Hi my birthday is on July 23 1968, wonder what went on in the wonderful world of F1 then…

  795. 2nd April 1994

  796. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    28th January 2015, 13:18

    23rd December 1987

  797. 26 JUNE 1968
    It was a Good year for Australian F1,but what happened on that day? (have a good memory, but not that good!)

  798. February 16, 1985

  799. Colin Forsyth – you were born on my 32nd birthday!

    I was born on Feb 16th 1953. I hope that you’re enjoying being young!


  800. Mine’s on 10th June 1999.

  801. February 28, 1968

  802. I’m not sure my dates have come up before, mine is 12 September 1975.

  803. 13th March 1995

  804. 12th December 1991

  805. 1975, April 23. Spanish GP was on the 27th. I can’t recall of any GP on my birthday. Hope to see a hat trick this year. Americas, México and Brazil.

  806. October 12 1974

    Piero Taruffi
    Nation : Italy
    Born the 12 october 1906 – Albano Laziale
    Die the 12 january 1988 – Rome – 81 years
    First Grand Prix :
    Italy 1950
    Last Grand Prix :
    Italy 1956
    Best result :
    Best grid place :

    Frank Armi
    Nation : USA
    Born the 12 october 1918 – Portland (Oregon)
    Die the 28 november 1992 – Handford (Californie) – 74 years
    First Grand Prix :
    Indianapolis 1954
    Last Grand Prix :

    Best result :
    Best grid place :

    Robert Paul Hawkins
    Nation : Australia
    Born the 12 october 1937 – Melbourne
    Die the 26 may 1969 – Oulton Park (Grande Bretagne) – 31 years
    – Accident durant le Tourist Trophy sur Lola
    First Grand Prix :
    South Africa 1965
    Last Grand Prix :
    Germany 1965
    Best result :
    Best grid place :

    Bertil Roos
    Nation : Sweden
    Born the 12 october 1943 – Gothenburg – 71 years
    First Grand Prix :
    Sweden 1974
    Last Grand Prix :

    Best result :

    Best grid place :

    Duke Dinsmore
    J. Carlyle Dinsmore
    Nation : USA
    Born the 10 april 1913 – Williamstown
    Die the 12 october 1985 – Daytona – 72 years
    First Grand Prix :
    Indianapolis 1950
    Last Grand Prix :
    Indianapolis 1956
    Best result :
    Best grid place :

    Taso Mathieson
    Thomas Alastair Sutherland Ogi Mathieson
    Nation : United Kingdom
    Born the 25 july 1908 – Glasgow
    Die the 12 october 1991 – 83 years
    Driver who only take part in non world championship Grand Prix.

    Eugene Martin
    Nation : France
    Born the 24 march 1915 – Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine)
    Die the 12 october 2006 – Aytré (Charente Maritime) – 91 years
    First Grand Prix :
    Britain 1950
    Last Grand Prix :
    Switzerland 1950
    Best result :

    Best grid place :

    X Gran Premio de Mexico
    12 october 1986 – Mexico
    1st win for Gerhard BERGER
    50th Grand Prix for Piercarlo GHINZANI
    1st win for Benetton
    9th win for BMW
    50th pole position for Renault

    XXIV Japanese Grand Prix
    12 october 1997 – Suzuka
    27th win for Michael SCHUMACHER
    100th Grand Prix for Michael SCHUMACHER
    Williams is World Champion
    113th win for Ferrari
    Morbidelli has suffered a big crash in qualifying and was injured.
    The Italian did not take the start of the race. He had achieved
    the 18th fastest time. This accident marks the end of Morbidelli
    career in F1.

    XXX Japanese Grand Prix
    12 october 2003 – Suzuka
    Michael SCHUMACHER is World Champion
    7th win for Rubens BARRICHELLO
    60th podium for David COULTHARD
    50th Grand Prix for Kimi RAIKKONEN
    50th Grand Prix for Juan-Pablo MONTOYA
    156th and last Grand Prix for Heinz-Harald FRENTZEN
    Ferrari is World Champion
    167th win for Ferrari

    XXXV Japanese Grand Prix
    12 october 2008 – Fuji
    21st win for Fernando ALONSO
    10th fastest lap for Felipe MASSA
    35th and last win for Renault
    140th pole position for McLaren
    115th win for Renault engine

    III Russian Grand Prix
    12 october 2014 – Sochi
    31st win for Lewis HAMILTON
    1st fastest lap for Valtteri BOTTAS
    Mercedes is World Champion
    26th win for Mercedes
    112th win for Mercedes engine

  807. July 6th. Hamilton won the 2008 race at Silverstone, probably his best ever drive.

  808. 25 April, sharing this with Felipe Massa among other F1 drivers!!

  809. April 22…I shared my bday on the other form, but I guess you missed it yesterday.

  810. May 16 1999

  811. Mines 1st of nov – mexican quali!

  812. 13th July 1986

  813. Dawson Johnstone
    3rd August 2015, 18:26

    Aug 12 1984!

  814. Saurabh (@sksahukanker62)
    7th August 2015, 6:43

    My birthday is on 6th June & the special thing about that day is that Isle of Man Senior TT races are held usually on 6th, like last year. I wish i could spend the whole week on that island with family n friends. :)

    1. Saurabh (@sksahukanker62)
      7th August 2015, 6:44

      6th June 1989

  815. August 21, 1935… soon to be 80! The good thing is that everything still works, though some parts are a bit slower than others.

  816. August 31. No F1 this weekend, but I do get WEC.

  817. Victor (@victorandrei1999)
    1st September 2015, 7:00

    26 August 1999

  818. 20 April 1994

  819. 5 October 1995
    I should start racing about 15 years ago to be in F1 now :P

  820. Mine on 28-02-1994

  821. Nick (@theawesomefish)
    21st September 2015, 1:34

    21st September 1992

  822. Hi,

    My birthday is 27 November.

    Many congratulations for F1 Fanatic’s 10 years.

  823. 21st November 1989

  824. 26 October 1972

  825. 9th November 1966

  826. 14th June 1999

  827. My birthday is 27th October 1953 and although TV coverage of Formula 1 was a bit poor here in Australia until the Championship was won by Alan Jones in 1980 I have been a follower since Jack Brabham’s 3rd Championship in 1966.

  828. 29 December 1994.

  829. I was born on 30th October 1991, I’ve had a few races fall on my birthday, maybe next year I will have race day on my birthday

  830. 3rd January 1997. I share my birthday with Michael Schumacher out of all people.

  831. 9th December 1993

    I share my birthday with Ben Pon. Coincidentaly he’s also Dutch. He had one of the shortest F1 careers ever. The only GP he started was the 1962 Dutch GP and he had a massive crash after only 2 laps. He was lucky to escape unharmed after rolling the car.

  832. 21st May 1993 Monaco is pretty close to my birthday most years.

  833. My bday is 12 January

  834. My birthday is 20th January!!! Please shout me out!!

  835. My birthday is 26th March 1959

  836. Gerulf Dösinger (@)
    6th March 2016, 13:49

    Birthday: 12th March 1984. Woohoo!

  837. 10th April

  838. 21st March

  839. Justin (@vivagilles27)
    26th March 2016, 0:38

    27 March – Partially responsible for my childhood obsession with Gilles Villeneuve (#27) and subsequently my membership in the Tifosi.

  840. Lowell Reed
    6th May 2016, 3:11

    This Sunday 8 May is my birthday.

  841. 15th July 1985. Old!

  842. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    4th July 2016, 0:44

    4th July, 1985. I was late!

  843. Youngest by an absolute mile.September 8 2004.Don’t ban me or something else cuz I’m young. I love F1 so I joined here.

  844. 9th august 1987. I believe the Grand Prix of Hungary was held that day.

  845. 20th August, normally just a week before F1 returns from the summer break!

  846. 26 April 1989 here. Third anniversary of Chernobyl.

  847. Born 12 October 1995 :)

  848. on 22nd September 1990. Thanks

  849. 22nd of April 2002

    thanks for making this site btw

  850. Great site! My birthday is December 20, 1972, and I would like a shout out, just for fun.

  851. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
    5th January 2017, 10:46

    5th Jan 1984… Today! :D

  852. I came on 19 Feb 45

  853. I was born on 16th December 1990.

    On my birthday Lotus founder Colin Chapman (54) died prematurely of a heart attack. 😳😳

    As the boss of the iconic Lotus team, perhaps only Enzo Ferrari would rank above Chapman in terms of his influence.

  854. 30th May 1990!


  855. June 12, 1978.

  856. Majed Almadani (@)
    7th February 2017, 8:45

    14th December 1983

  857. My birthday is februari 8, 1990

  858. February 23, 1988

  859. Wow just reading my previous comment on here made me think for a second…I predicted my own future by actually being at the Mexican GP 2016 on my birthday. If only I’d known that was actually going to happen instead of me dreaming about it happening back then I could of been more prepared financially but it was worth it.

  860. June 7th 1986 🎈

  861. September 30th 1994

  862. September 15, 2001

  863. 02.11.95 – same day as Massa won the Interlargos 2008 and Lewis Hamilton was crowned world champion (on the last corner of the last lap of the last race)

  864. 16th May 1953 The same birthdate as Luigi Villoresi but many years later.

  865. I suspect I’m the oldest here…born on June 12, 1950…I’ve been attending the Canadian Grand Prix since 1978!

  866. Seymour Butts
    April 1 1969

  867. March 20 1948

  868. November 9th 1966

  869. January 5th 1984

  870. September 1st 1953

  871. September 1st 1996. I have the same birthday with Carlos Sainz Jr. and hopefully i’ll get to share a birthday with an F1 champion in the future :)

  872. Most commented post! 24 September is my birthday!

  873. my birthday is on every single day of the year because i dont know when i was born

  874. 1963–1968 i dont know

  875. Took place yesterday on September 26th. (or today from my US point of view)

  876. Since mine is approaching, November 19th 1980 is my birthday. Not sure if something interesting happened around that date, since it was way off-season.
    I’ve just discovered from Wikipedia that Spanish GP was disputed outside F1 rules and results as a non-championship race, interesting!

  877. Here is my birthday: 11 December (1974)

  878. 16 November 1987

  879. Christmas Day, 1985!

    Not sure i’ll Get a shoutout on f1f ever given @keithcollantine needs a break too :-)

  880. 1st of July 1998

  881. Thomas Lindgren
    16th March 2018, 19:11

    25th of Match, 1975

  882. July 28th, 1953.

  883. 2nd of October 1966

    The day of the US Grand Prix in Watkins Glen which was won by the late Jim Clark who died 50 years ago today.

  884. 2nd of May 1973

    I finally realize I need a birthday shout out :)

  885. 30th June, 1952 and still remember as a young kid watching the TASMAN Series at the old Levin Race-track down here in New Zealand way back in the 60’s

  886. March 12th, 1987.

    The F1 season was just started, I think.

  887. June 28th, 1983 :D

  888. My Birthday is 1 of June

  889. 26th april :)

  890. 19 December. Cheers!

  891. 4 January

  892. My Birth date is 20 January. All I know is I share the same birthday with Jolyon Palmer. :))

    1. And the day after Jenson Button!

  893. apex (@f1fanaticlin)
    22nd March 2019, 12:58

    My birthdate is 26 August, being racefans’ fan for 3 years.
    thank you Keith for building this community and i may start my website in China to gather all those native to-be-lifelong race fans and motivate true passion for life.

  894. Tez (@thecatthatcan)
    20th April 2019, 17:18

    My birthday 28th April.

  895. May 9th


  896. March 20, 1948!

  897. 13th December 1990

  898. 10th October shared with the real F1 legend Murray Walker

  899. isaac (@invincibleisaac)
    18th August 2019, 20:51

    Tomorrow! 19th of August, born in 2000. The first F1 race I was alive for would’ve been Spa with Häkkinen’s famous pass on Schumacher for the win.